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French Reporters Stunned At Obama’s Ignorance: “He is an Ass*ole! An Ass*ole!”
In Politics - By opspec2c - 56 min ago

Former Intel Head: Matter of Time Before a Paris Style Attack in the U.S.
In Politics - By It Guy - 1 hr ago

Emboldened by Silver conviction Bharara to Indict Cuomo Jan.2nd
In Politics - By Banshee 3 Actual - 1 hr ago

Trump must have some kind of arterial blockage
In Politics - By orson - 3 hrs ago

I worry for the Castro boy if he faces Ted Cruz in a VP Debate.
In Politics - By Randy4anything4EW45 - 3 hrs ago

Obama creating 107 K jobs a month! Adults demanding $15/hour to make a fast food job pay their bills
In Politics - By Konservative - 3 hrs ago

Wall Street Journal - Job creation Obama 107,000/month, Clinton 240,000, Bush only 13,000
In Politics - By moneyshot - 3 hrs ago

Fmr. NYC police chief on @realDonaldTrump's 9/11 claim:
In News - By Let it go - 4 hrs ago

What guns would a Trump Presidency confiscate?
In Politics - By Ohio Joe - 4 hrs ago

Wary of Donald Trump, G.O.P. Leaders Are Caught in a Standoff
In Politics - By AmandaMatthews - 4 hrs ago

In News - By AmandaMatthews - 4 hrs ago

If men gave birth instead, women would be absolutely appalled at abortion
In Politics - By shortviking - 4 hrs ago

UnitedHealth CEO regrets entering ObamaCare
In Politics - By Let it go - 4 hrs ago

At teen's murder trial, medical examiner describes brutal attack on teacher
In News - By Let it go - 5 hrs ago

DU: Hillary Clinton pastes Rosa Parks into campaign logo, Twitter users disgusted
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 5 hrs ago

We've been told by choicers that abortion should be 'legal, safe and rare'...
In Politics - By Konservative - 5 hrs ago

Try as I might, Palin is the only possible VP that could pair up with Trump if he gets the
In Politics - By neweyes - 5 hrs ago

House Dem Tulsi Gabbard: Obama may lead US into nuclear war with Russia
In News - By joefriday6 - 5 hrs ago

Corporate clout backs climate deniers
In Science - By stupidicus2 - 6 hrs ago

New Study Exposes True Extent, Influence Of Climate Denial Echo Chamber For First Time
In Science - By stupidicus2 - 6 hrs ago

(S)Hillary Clinton details plan to defeat ISIS, defends ties to Wall Street
In Politics - By AmandaMatthews - 6 hrs ago

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder
In Culture - By mrwordsworth - 6 hrs ago

Donald Trump Met with Pastor Who Believes Starbucks Lattes Contain the “Semen of Sodomites”
In Politics - By R2D42 - 6 hrs ago

Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country
In Politics - By Let it go - 6 hrs ago

Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks
In News - By Doctor_R - 7 hrs ago

House Dem: Obama Could Cause ‘Devastating Nuclear War’ With Russia
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 7 hrs ago

Supreme Court Hands Obama Small But Important Win In Immigration Fight
In Politics - By graham4anything4HC45 - 7 hrs ago

Hillary Clinton Explains Why Wall Street Loves Her: 9/11
In Politics - By AmandaMatthews - 7 hrs ago

Twitter threats to black Kean students made by black alum, police say
In News - By Qukid - 7 hrs ago

Who plans to attend the GOP convention in Cleveland? An early show of hands, please ... (Poll)
In Politics - By Lumster - 7 hrs ago

What do you know? It turns out the Planned Parenthood murderer was an anti-abortion religious nut.
In News - By JacoBukowski - 8 hrs ago

the dark side of political correctness
In Culture - By island4diver - 8 hrs ago

Real or Artificial XMAS Tree (Poll)
In Life - By MedusasRage - 8 hrs ago

President Obama Issues World AIDS Day Video
In Culture - By travelman90069 - 9 hrs ago

20 Pictures Showing Nature Photographers Have Best Job Ever
In Life - By MedusasRage - 9 hrs ago

Here's the Palestinians cheering the 911 attack.
In News - By joefriday6 - 9 hrs ago

Hillary Clinton is getting crushed on social media, captured in one word cloud
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 9 hrs ago

Donald Trump’s Black Publicity Stunt Draws Fifty, Including Trump Staffers
In Politics - By Phlegm Monger - 10 hrs ago

Analysis: US support for ISIS 'unprecedented'
In News - By Let it go - 10 hrs ago

A simple way to know if climate change is a scam
In Politics - By shortviking - 10 hrs ago

Violence – Where it starts
In Politics - By Isidore - 10 hrs ago

Republican Excuse Falls Apart As Clerk Admits Error In Planned Parenthood Shooter’s Registration
In Politics - By Trevor - 10 hrs ago

Mother Drugs Baby To Make Him Sleep (Suboxone on Paci)
In News - By MedusasRage - 11 hrs ago

LAST TIME: Emails Are NOT "Classified" till AFTER Hillary Receives Them
In Politics - By REALtoldYouSo - 11 hrs ago

Defense Secretary Carter: Special Ops Force to Iraq to Fight ISIS
In News - By Doctor_R - 11 hrs ago

Trump mulls charging CNN $5 million for debate appearance
In News - By Tin Ear - 11 hrs ago

Hillary Classified Emails about to hit 1000
In News - By Gunslinger201 - 11 hrs ago

Venezuela's harried opposition eyes landmark win
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 12 hrs ago

Trump is totally playing the media on the 9/11 celebrations
In Politics - By Let it go - 12 hrs ago

Rudolph Giuliani Cites 9/11 Celebrations, but Disputes Donald Trump
In Politics - By Let it go - 13 hrs ago

Man Mentions ISIS, Leaves Bag Behind Causing Scare At Sterling Heights Meijer
In News - By Doctor_R - 13 hrs ago

Aloha Snackbar.
In Life - By Jack Burton - 13 hrs ago

Chicago police chief fired
In News - By Attila Gorilla - 13 hrs ago

Saudi Arabia plans to build the world’s tallest skyscraper
In Culture - By Bronxbomber - 13 hrs ago

8 Killed, 20 Wounded In Thanksgiving Weekend Shootings Across Chicago
In News - By Bronxbomber - 14 hrs ago

Ok Kids, I'm Back !!!! .... Dirty Boots
In Life - By RATFINK_5.0 - 14 hrs ago

Obama's remarks about the Planned Parenthood shooting, in Paris...
In Politics - By Duke Lacrosse - 14 hrs ago

Looks like the New York Post scrubbed an article that proved Trump right
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 14 hrs ago

Arrest made in slayings of homeless couple; deaths shock friends, family
In News - By Bronxbomber - 14 hrs ago

Could an 'accident' by Janet Yellen derail Clinton?
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 14 hrs ago

Why don't gun grabbers love gun hoarders? They keep large amounts of guns secured and off the street
In Politics - By Konservative - 14 hrs ago

U.S Marine Ken O'Keefe Exposes Paris Attacks Hoax (Redsilverj)
In Politics - By joefriday6 - 14 hrs ago

O'Malley to Trump: "When you start your registry, you can start with me"
In Politics - By Ms.Eloriel - 15 hrs ago

Name a poster from the other political side you respect.
In Politics - By Konservative - 15 hrs ago

Dollars given to illegals the Lib's want helped are dollars not given our poor the Lib's want helped
In Politics - By Konservative - 15 hrs ago

Jail survey: 7 in 10 felons register as Democrats
In News - By Tin Ear - 15 hrs ago

Wendell Berry: Censors on the Flagship (University of KY Mural Controversy)
In Culture - By MedusasRage - 15 hrs ago

Nearly 1,000 Clinton emails had classified info
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 15 hrs ago

More segregated cities spend less on parks, roads and sewers
In News - By Tin Ear - 15 hrs ago

Cheap Gun Opportunity: Clearwater Florida, 12 December, 2015
In News - By Juan Rico - 15 hrs ago

Obama names new ISIS adviser, counter-terror measures
In News - By Doctor_R - 16 hrs ago

Pssst! Hey pal. Wanna see some dirty pictures?
In Culture - By orson - 16 hrs ago

Hey science deniers (AKA global warming alarmists)
In Politics - By bfox74 - 16 hrs ago

Birds Inherited Their Nesting Habits From Dinosaurs
In Science - By Bronxbomber - 17 hrs ago

Mayor of Juneau, Alaska, found dead; police address rumors
In News - By Bronxbomber - 17 hrs ago

Uncle of student arrested for making terroristic racial threats that shut down the Univ of Chicago
In News - By Grumpy Pickle - 18 hrs ago

Boston Marathon bomber’s lawyers to argue for new trial
In News - By Bronxbomber - 18 hrs ago

Suspects accused of beating, robbing victim who suffered seizures during attack
In News - By Qukid - 18 hrs ago

Children told that art is 'unislamic', teacher disciplinary panel hears
In News - By Bronxbomber - 19 hrs ago

Truth seeping out, Trump is right
In Culture - By Gunslinger201 - 19 hrs ago

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