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N.J. students' art depicting police brutality upsets police
In News - By Attila Gorilla - 42 min ago

ISIS would love to do a terror attack on US homeland
In Politics - By Trainman95630 - 3 hrs ago

A little song my friend Alex Chilton wrote about me
In Fun - By Satan - 3 hrs ago

Several arrests made as protesters flood Cleveland streets after officer's acquittal
In News - By Bronxbomber - 4 hrs ago

( b. May 24th, 1941) - Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan !
In Culture - By Phlegm Monger - 5 hrs ago

Carson wins early GOP straw poll
In Politics - By Da Mannn - 6 hrs ago

Secret Pentagon report reveals West saw ISIS as strategic asset Anti-ISIS coalition knowingly sponso
In Politics - By Let it go - 7 hrs ago

Are you all, "Jiggy with it?" (Poll)
In Fun - By Da Mannn - 7 hrs ago

Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting Updates: 14 Police Officers Fired “thousands of rounds”
In Politics - By ConservativeDemocrat - 7 hrs ago

'We're not Australian': Norfolk Islanders adjust to shock of takeover by mainland
In News - By Banshee 3 Actual - 7 hrs ago

Taking the chicken out of the egg and the cow out of meat
In News - By Let it go - 7 hrs ago

Smart gun leader is in chapter-11 style restructuring
In Culture - By Juan Rico - 8 hrs ago

Saudis refuse to donate blood to Saudi Shiite bombing victims
In News - By Thorson - 8 hrs ago

If EVERYONE carried a gun, would society be more polite? (Poll)
In Culture - By DrunkTeddy - 8 hrs ago

'Supergirl' Pilot Leak: Theft Or CBS Marketing Ploy?
In Culture - By Juan Rico - 8 hrs ago

Can we all agree? Al Sharpton = Rush Limbaugh (both despicable race baiters)?
In Politics - By moneyshot - 8 hrs ago

GOP primary thread. Who do you support? (Poll)
In Politics - By moneyshot - 9 hrs ago

Some talk about DU folks. Let's check on our con friends on CC, who post here:
In Culture - By Strange Luck - 9 hrs ago

The Art of Avoiding War
In News - By Troll2 - 9 hrs ago

'Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country' (Poll)
In Politics - By Konservative - 9 hrs ago

"trumad" seems a little well, mad.
In Fun - By Doctor_R - 10 hrs ago

Who Is Worse: Hardcore Religious or Hardcore Atheist?
In Beliefs - By City Kitty - 10 hrs ago

Awwww, Trumad has a sad about Discussionist
In Life - By Butchie_T - 10 hrs ago

Same-Sex Marriage Wins in Ireland by a Landslide, Breitbart Says “Why Didn’t the Muslims Help Us?”
In Politics - By smokingman - 10 hrs ago

Shiite militia, Iraqi army launch counteroffensive at Ramadi
In News - By Attila Gorilla - 12 hrs ago

Ben Carson wins SRLC straw poll
In Politics - By smokingman - 12 hrs ago

Yet another Antarctic ice mass is becoming destabilized, scientists report
In Science - By Attila Gorilla - 12 hrs ago

Oh my god! You godpods STILL believe in this religious nonsense? (Poll)
In Beliefs - By ReTooled - 12 hrs ago

Municipalities ticket for trees and toys, as traffic revenue declines
In Politics - By Strange Luck - 12 hrs ago

For you Discussionist types...
In Politics - By ReTooled - 12 hrs ago

and in other Irish news ...
In News - By i verglas - 13 hrs ago

Who is worse? A dumbass teen who stole cigarillos? Or one who was a repeat sexual molester? [Poll] (Poll)
In Politics - By ConservativeDemocrat - 13 hrs ago

"Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding."
In Fun - By smokingman - 13 hrs ago

Chelsea Clinton's new book:
In Politics - By Borscht - 13 hrs ago

"I just carried on in my own wicked way."
In Fun - By smokingman - 13 hrs ago

How do you feel about having had children or the prospect of having them? (Poll)
In Life - By Juan Rico - 13 hrs ago

Would you rather have Michael Brown or Freddie Gray as a son? (Poll)
In Politics - By Konservative - 14 hrs ago

France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities
In News - By Banshee 3 Actual - 14 hrs ago

Mother Nature Celebrates Ireland's Marriage Equality Law In The Best Way Possible
In Culture - By R2D42 - 14 hrs ago

Was Winston Churchill secretly GAY?
In Culture - By smokingman - 14 hrs ago

Just to Be Clear: Bobby Jindal Isn't Running for President
In Politics - By Argentina - 14 hrs ago

Finland tells 900,000 reservists their roles 'in the event of war'
In News - By Banshee 3 Actual - 14 hrs ago

A unicorn ballet dancer and her dog celebrating one another.
In Culture - By joefriday6 - 14 hrs ago

[Poll] Would You Rather Have Michael Brown or Josh Duggar as a Son? (Poll)
In Politics - By Argentina - 15 hrs ago

Ireland votes 62.1% in favour of legalizing same-sex marriage
In News - By Runner Dude - 15 hrs ago

Virginia Lawmaker Joe Morrissey Distributes Bizarre Photo With 19-Year-Old Girlfriend And Their Son
In Politics - By MedusasRage - 17 hrs ago

FOX, MSNBC and Cognitive Breakdown
In Politics - By Zutak - 17 hrs ago

Bill O'Reilly Says Video of Him Kicking Puppy "100% False"
In News - By EEO - 17 hrs ago

"Pawn Stars" Rick Harrison comes out in support of Marco Rubio
In Politics - By kNockYourPunkassDown - 17 hrs ago

Ark. police destroy Duggar's record
In News - By Strange Luck - 18 hrs ago

Should Boy Scouts Allow Openly Gay Scout Leaders? (Poll)
In Politics - By starcat - 18 hrs ago

MSNBC preaches a consistent, hard Left message. Why is it tanking so badly?
In Politics - By Konservative - 18 hrs ago

Jonesboro Radio Group scales back Soldier Salute due to ISIS threats
In News - By Strange Luck - 19 hrs ago

Irish voters back gay marriage in 'social revolution'
In News - By smokingman - 19 hrs ago

More than 70 exotic dancers to be asked to join class action lawsuit against Roanoke nightclub
In Money - By LaughingGull - 19 hrs ago

Not Guilty Verdict in Cleveland Police Shooting Case
In News - By Crazy D - 19 hrs ago

Louisiana House Passes Elementary Gun Safety Education In Landslide
In News - By WhiskeyMakesMeHappy - 19 hrs ago

Another perspective on the Waco shootout
In News - By Tolk - 19 hrs ago

Baltimore cop: Morale ‘in the sewers’ since Freddie Gray riots
In News - By Bronxbomber - 20 hrs ago

Gun battle on Mexican ranch leaves at least 42 cartel members dead in THREE HOUR bloody siege agains
In News - By Bronxbomber - 20 hrs ago

2 'homegrown' jihadists nabbed in California on way to join ISIS, say officials
In News - By Bronxbomber - 20 hrs ago

Student Sues College After Gun Rights Sign Needed ‘Special Permission’
In Culture - By Juan Rico - 21 hrs ago

Texas Professor To America: You Can’t HANDLE Gun Ownership
In Culture - By Juan Rico - 21 hrs ago

Buffalo & Springfield .. Mr. Soul ...
In Culture - By RATFINK_5.0 - 23 hrs ago

Been an interesting week ... midwestern motorcycle gang Japanese GRRL Pop-Wow ..
In Culture - By RATFINK_5.0 - Yesterday

Take that! America!
In News - By LexTalionis - Yesterday

Healing The Sick? Josh Duggar’s Controversial Faith-Based Sex Abuse Treatment Center Revealed
In News - By Strange Luck - Yesterday

Hillary Clinton forgets what state she's in.
In Politics - By kNockYourPunkassDown - Yesterday

Why are lefties happy about Bernie's campaign?!?
In Politics - By Centennial - Yesterday

British 'bomb maker' identified by fingerprints on roadside IEDs
In News - By Banshee 3 Actual - Yesterday

Condolences on the passing of DU poster jeffR
In Life - By graham4anything4HC45 - Yesterday

Question for the Tech Savvy
In Politics - By kNockYourPunkassDown - Yesterday

'Óró Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile"
In Fun - By smokingman - Yesterday

King Henry I, like Richard III, could be buried in a car park, say archaeologists
In Culture - By smokingman - Yesterday

Las Vegas tycoon Sheldon Adelson to face graft accusations in US court
In News - By smokingman - Yesterday

Open Carry, HB 910 Substitute, in Texas Senate now
In News - By WhiskeyMakesMeHappy - Yesterday

The great northern biker war
In Culture - By orson - Yesterday

Gov. Scott signs Florida emergency concealed carry bill
In News - By WhiskeyMakesMeHappy - Yesterday

“Family values” creeps have a tough week
In Politics - By smokingman - Friday

Which of these is the worst affront to feminist/progressives?
In Politics - By LexTalionis - Friday

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