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Bodium Castle

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A happy coincidence occured last night. As I have mentioned in previous posts I am moving from our old house to a new one due to be completed in approximately two months. As I was rummaging through our scarce closet space in this old friend I found one of the boxes in which I keep photographs. In my ongoing effort to reduce some of our stuff I quickly went through them with an eye toward discarding duplicates, blurry images, and poor compositions. Along with with an inordinate number of photos of a longtime pet (1991-2008) I discovered some photographs of one of my trips to the UK to see a friend when we had non-stop London service. Some of those photographs I saw again last night in a copy of Inside the Medieval World, a National Geographic publication sold at the Hudson store in the airport. In particular, the cover photograph of Bodium Castle caught my attention.

Bodium Castle stands near Robertsbridge in East Sussex. Construction began in 1385 when Edward Dalyngrigge was granted licence to fortify his manor. Although a somewhat fancy castle by military standards, it was still a formidable presence in southeastern England with it's large towers, battlements, and a considerable moat.

While the exterior is intact the interior is largely in ruins having been destroyed or slighted during and after the English Civil War (1642-1651) to prevent it's use by enemies of the crown. I am fascinated by the alcove in which are found stone benches on three sides for the residents to sit and peer out the windows. If you look closely (below) you can see the alcoves on the wall near the right edge of the photograph.

And for Monty Python fans, Bodium Castle is the image used to open the swap castle scene in The Holy Grail where Sir Lancelot storms the fortress and slaughters the wedding party while the lord's son is held captive in the tower pining for love that does not involve his arranged wife and her huge tracts of land.

And a bonus item. This pillbox c. 1940 (below), built in anticipation of a Nazi invasion, is just a short walk from Bodium Castle which readers can see on the left edge of this photograph.

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