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" Undocumented worker " sues San Francisco for violating Sanctuary Law. 9 Grumpy Pickle Jan 28
"'There Are No Moderate Rebels' Tulsi Gabbard Destroys The Deep State's Syria Narrative 6 Badsamm Mar 1
"Democracy Dies in Darkness" of the drawn curtained, subdued lighting MSM whorehouse 0 Troll2 Feb 25
"Direction of the Country" polls continue to improve since Trump's election 5 Troll2 Feb 23
"El Chapo" Guzman being extradited to the U.S. 4 Aldar Jan 20
"Islam as an Ideology does not allow Freedom" 21 MumblyPeg Mar 7
"Moderate" jihadists using US TOW missile or another $58,908 down the drain 5 TerroristSlayer Thursday
"The genie will not go back into the bottle," say European far-right after Trump win 3 Bronxbomber Jan 22
"There Was No Russian Invasion"- Marine Le Pen talking to CNN's Amanpour 1 TerroristSlayer Feb 21
"To enhance public safety in the interior of the nation..." Trump to remove federal funds from... 26 Gamle-ged Jan 26
"We will build our own pipeline, we will build our own pipe, like we used to..." 28 Gamle-ged Jan 26
#DayWithoutImmigrants Leads To #ImmigrantsWithoutJobs 6 Tin Ear2 Feb 22
#Spirit Cooking - Instructional video : 7 Grumpy Pickle Nov 2016
#Vault7: Pocket Putin CIAs covert listening tool revealed 5 TerroristSlayer Mar 10
"peacefull" pipeline protesters vs. "violent" malheur occupiers. 3 safestuffer Nov 2016
"Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia"? 6 wonderwarthog Oct 2016
''I'm not Nostradamus here': Man behind Trump's wiretap claim says he can't prove Obama did it 13 NotAWineSnob Mar 6
'46% of Palestinians support Jordanian-Palestinian confederation based on two states' 6 Kristopher09 Oct 2016
'A huge mistake': Trump booster Joe Walsh says president doesn't even know what's in Trumpcare bill 4 muon 10 hrs ago
'Bored' RAF pilot sent 187 passengers into a nosedive 'while playing with his camera' 3 Banshee 3 Actual Mar 10
'Britain will be ready for WAR against Russia' UK defence boss squares up to Putin 6 Cyberpunk Nov 2016
'Carlos the Jackal' in court again 2 Agent_86 Mar 13
'Clock Boy' Loses Big in Defamation Lawsuit 12 def_con5 Jan 14
'El Chapo' judge assassinated while jogging outside his home 5 Doctor_R Oct 2016
'It's over for Obamacare!' Trump explodes as 'Affordable Care Act' premiums are set for DOUBLE DIGIT 18 Troll2 Oct 2016
'Make Muslims of them ALL’ Radicals call for ‘Islamification’ outside Swedish Parliament 15 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
'Military' convoy with Trump flag rolls through 17 Strange Luck Jan 31
'Murder Trump ASAP' Graffiti Found on Free Way Wall in San Diego 7 Maine Sunday
'People's Court' Judge Joseph Wapner Dead at 97: Report 6 Doctor_R Feb 26
'Phase three' of Wikileaks election coverage imminent 12 Troll2 Oct 2016
'Posturing' Russians to send aircraft carrier and fleet along the English Channel 24 Doctor_R Oct 2016
'Radicalised Muslim' is shot dead at Paris Orly airport 7 Troll2 Saturday
'Sorry, I've forgotten my decryption password' is contempt of court, pal US appeal judges 7 Troll2 Yesterday
'Stubborn' swan blocks M27 at Fareham 2 Agent_86 Feb 21
'That's not how it works': Trump's grasp of Nato questioned 6 Isidore Monday
'The industry is dying out': Madam claims dating apps like Tinder are taking away brothels' 'bread a 2 Troll2 Feb 25
'The senator from Kentucky is now working for Putin': John McCain slams Rand Paul for blocking Monte 6 Troll2 Mar 15
'Trump won’t be permitted to win' - Assange interview with John Pilger 12 bpilgrim Nov 2016
'We are losing control of the streets' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness 12 Bronxbomber Nov 2016
'WE WILL DESTROY YOU' US Army chief Mark Milley fires terrifying threat to Russia over Syria 31 Cyberpunk Oct 2016
'We're Dying Like Flies': Sick, Retired Coal Miners Betrayed by GOP Senators 43 Salaam Oct 2016
'Weaker,' 'smaller,' 'less intelligent' women deserve less than men, Polish MEP states 5 Troll2 Mar 5
(2013) CBS "Eyewitness" Admits He Lied About Benghazi Attack While Bashing Critics 5 Strange Luck Oct 2016
(UK) With so few people going to church, they may no longer need to hold Sunday services 12 Strange Luck Oct 2016
***BREAKING NEWS*** Infowars releases Benghazi video 6 BuzzClik Nov 2016
***UPDATE-Stepson shot him*** Mo. KKK leader was shot, Mrs Wizard is in custody. 18 Qukid Feb 13
+++ Dutch election - live updates +++ 3 Troll2 Mar 15
1,500 Syrian rebels, families leave last opposition stronghold in Homs (VIDEO) 0 TerroristSlayer Saturday
10 dead, 23 others wounded in Chicago shootings 2 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
100 days of Trump claims: in 56 days in office: "we've counted 219 false or misleading claims."-WaPo 2 muon Thursday
13 pounds of horse genitals concealed in woman's luggage; claimed it was for medicinal purposes 0 Doctor_R Feb 16
14 shot in Chicago over weekend as violence continues to outpace last year 5 Doctor_R Feb 28
146 more DC rioters indicted by grand jury. 209 total out of 230 arrested facing charges. 6 cologeek Feb 10
15 Year old girl killed 9 bruiserboy Mar 5
15-year-old daughter of Olympic runner Tyson Gay dies in shooting at Cook Out 22 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
150 of the 160 arrested in LA ICE raids had prior convictions for child sex crimes and 33 Grumpy Pickle Feb 13
16 shot, 3 fatally, in Chicago violence on Tuesday 4 Tin Ear2 Friday
16 Year-Old German Boy Stabbed to Death by Refugee While Sitting With Girlfriend by Water 5 Tin Ear Oct 2016
16.7 million non-citizens voted in the last election: Trump Won Legal Popular Vote. Real News . 35 Social_Justice Jan 24
17 Brothers return home 5 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 17
18-year-old man shot and killed by Baltimore police during pursuit 30 Tin Ear2 Feb 10
18-year-old serial offender shot dead a fraction of a second after pointing his gun at a cop 19 Juan Rico Feb 12
2 dead, 3 wounded in Chicago shootings 5 DoDaMan Jan 30
2 flavors of Oreo Fudge Cremes recalled for undeclared milk allergen 2 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
2 KKK Grand Wizards and are now Gone: Friends Mourn: Now is the Time to Make America Great Again! 34 Social_Justice Feb 13
2 men arrested for robberies of church leaders, beating of priest 4 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
2 police officers killed in 'ambush' attacks 36 Muddling Through Nov 2016
2 scientists forfeit US citizenship, become first foreign CAS academicians 8 Troll2 Feb 22
2 teens charged with murder after accomplice killed in botched robbery 1 Juan Rico Mar 2
2 US soldiers stationed in South Korea charged with smuggling $12m worth of crystal meth 13 Daves Not Here Man Friday
2 World War II-era grenades found, nursing home evacuated 3 Doctor_R Feb 25
2,059 convicted criminals arrested in ICE nationwide operation - 2015 was the 5th Cross Check 11 Troll2 Feb 15
2,626,418 people died in 2015 under Obama 11 ibtruthin Mar 9
2-Year-Old Located In Woods After Amber Alert 4 Bronxbomber Feb 6
200,000 US Troops Deployed To 177 Nations 0 Badsamm Monday
210 Million beiing cut from sancuariey cities. 4 bruiserboy Saturday
220 thousand jobs created last month under President Trump!!! 23 black rifles Feb 5
25-Year-Old Fake Dentist Ran His Own Dental Clinic After Picking Up Skills on YouTube 2 Bronxbomber Feb 4
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