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Will the young sign up for the ACA more frequently now 7 gowiththrottleup 1 min ago
Democracy is inherently incapable of preemptively solving problems 4 Troll2 1 min ago
Spicer: Now Democrats Must Own Collapsing ObamaCare 12 MumblyPeg 3 min ago
Obamacare is not failing. 16 liberalguy 6 min ago
"Is this really a good bill?" 2 MedusasRage 7 min ago
The Republicans not helping people on the ACA is immoral and illogical. 3 rondan 12 min ago
Republicans Warn Theyll go NUCLEAR if Democrats Filibuster Judge Gorsuch 4 MumblyPeg 15 min ago
Have you noticed 10 Aldar 20 min ago
and in global warming news... 3 obamateur2 21 min ago
Trump: "I repealed Hillary". 9 TheyLostTheirForums 34 min ago
Should President Trump try to forge a center coalition? (Poll) 5 myohmy 38 min ago
What's good for the goose... 14 Lazarus Long 43 min ago
What happened yesterday in Congress 6 Aldar 51 min ago
will granny run again in 2020... 8 obamateur2 58 min ago
Trump flop 0 Tiphill 1 hr ago
Are republicans simply not intelligent enough to run government ? 30 Docbroke 1 hr ago
Are liberals happy with the hope and change Obama brought? 9 Kristopher09 1 hr ago
Day 65 On a beautiful Saturday morning,I again congratulate President Obama,Nancy Pelosi,Joe Biden 6 graham4anything4HC45 2 hrs ago
democrats own failing obamacare 15 Aldar 2 hrs ago
Predictions anyone? Will Trump's presidential approval numbers now go, down or stay the same? (Poll) 11 maxrobes3 3 hrs ago
Cost of healthcare should be controlled by someone or something. [View all] 110 Attera 3 hrs ago
POLL: All Of The Democrats Leading Candidates For 2020 Beaten By SOMEONE NEW 5 MumblyPeg 3 hrs ago
Meet us half way tRumpies! 1 KayDog 5 hrs ago
Sadly the Freedom Caucus gambled and crapped out. What good are principles, 7 Dumper 5 hrs ago
BREAKING: Gunman opens fire on civilians in Lille, France. Casualties reported. 13 Fred Sanford 6 hrs ago
Donald Trump: "I never said repeal and replace Obamacare." 21 Maya 7 hrs ago
Will obama go back to Kenya 25 Aldar 8 hrs ago
I give up... 19 jimiray 8 hrs ago
Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great! 0 LOLingAtTrumpVoters 8 hrs ago
LOL Conspiracy Nutbird Alex Jones apologizes for spreading Pizza Gate Conspiracy 11 LOLingAtTrumpVoters 8 hrs ago
Trump, you MAGNIFICENT BASTARD. 33 PrescientWon. 8 hrs ago
The Trump-Obama WIRETAP SAGA Continues: Rosen Claims SMOKING GUN Coming Soon 0 MumblyPeg 8 hrs ago
Trump said we would EASILY have "great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost. " 6 LOLingAtTrumpVoters 9 hrs ago
Did Trump just say he wants to let the country's healthcare explode? 46 swifty 9 hrs ago
No #winning 0 TexMex 9 hrs ago
ACA architect Gruber says goal of Cadillac tax is to discourage employers from providing health ins 7 Let it go 9 hrs ago
I'm proud of Republicans by gosh! 10 swifty 9 hrs ago
What a bunch of sick, hate-filled people. 31 Doctor_R 9 hrs ago
When Republicans are leading the race and pulling away, the "news" is RUSSIANS! When there's... 11 Gamle-ged 9 hrs ago
Not Just Trump: How Bernie Sanders' Campaign Also Had Deeply Imbedded Russian Connections [View all] 59 Letmypeoplevote 10 hrs ago
Trump has played the liberals beautifully....again. 47 Fred Sanford 10 hrs ago
Rasmea Odeh, convicted terrorist and organizer of Day without a Woman, deported 6 TendiesForBreakfast 10 hrs ago
Is Trump celebrating his latest defeat by golfing again? 5 Tiphill 10 hrs ago
"We had no Democratic support. They weren't going to give us a single vote." 7 liberalguy 10 hrs ago
The positions of the Freedom Caucus were totally correct, 22 Dumper 10 hrs ago
Crowdstrike co-founder is Sr fellow at Atlantic Council, think tank funded by Ukrainian Billionaire 3 Let it go 11 hrs ago
Did Trump tank TrumpCare on purpose? 6 swifty 11 hrs ago
Paul Ryan: Obamacare is the law of the land 11 joannadufrane 12 hrs ago
lefty wants our president to fail... 42 obamateur2 12 hrs ago
Why is the Trump presidency such a rolling disaster? 37 Letmypeoplevote 12 hrs ago
Trump unhappy Jared Kushner took a powder on the ski slopes as health care bill floundered 3 Letmypeoplevote 12 hrs ago
Conservatives won't sign on to a flawed bill. Democrats declare victory. 5 Da Mannn 12 hrs ago
DI CONs seem to have a hard on for Letmypeoplevote [View all] 84 btw 12 hrs ago
Children as Young as Three Detained 500 Days and Counting in Disgraceful Immigrant Prisons 37 Moe Zarella 12 hrs ago
The great deal maker, the art of the deal, 7 archives 12 hrs ago
Trumps list of under-reported attacks contains 0 perpetrated by white supremacists or Islamophobes [View all] 63 Letmypeoplevote 12 hrs ago
Obama IC scandal is reports were generated from the comms intercepted showing intent to surveil 12 Let it go 13 hrs ago
If the Healthcare vote fails, Plan B is to let Tom Price gut 0bamacare like a fish 6 Da Mannn 13 hrs ago
Forum Poll: Trumpcare's failure is the whose fault? (Poll) 26 The Big Red Machine 13 hrs ago
Local officials brace for a surge in homelessness if the Killer Trump budget 33 Moe Zarella 13 hrs ago
The fat cat president in video before today... 5 Lazarus Long 13 hrs ago
Remind me again you Rhodes Scholar Trumpies 27 KayDog 13 hrs ago
Note: Big Red Machine passed this along as legit: [View all] 96 Konservative 13 hrs ago
Out of Trump's own mouth today - he has no clue how Congress works 8 LOLingAtTrumpVoters 13 hrs ago
Time for some morning WINNING! BREAKING: Keystone pipeline APPROVED! 19 Fred Sanford 13 hrs ago
The GOP is fucking worthless. 28 Carlos W Bush 13 hrs ago
The TrumpCare bill had crap support from citizens 2 Docbroke 13 hrs ago
If the AHCA vote fails... let ObamaCare stand! 36 PrescientWon. 14 hrs ago
Conservatives/Repubs/Indys 6 blue 14 hrs ago
The Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound... 18 PrescientWon. 14 hrs ago
Nebraska Democrats include voter registration forms in 'refugee welcome baskets' 1 Gunslinger201 14 hrs ago
Did the door just open a crack... 12 ProgressiveTaxation 14 hrs ago
Bloomberg tweeting Breitbart article? Wow. Ryan in trouble. 5 Let it go 14 hrs ago
Trump. It's a great game, and you are #LOSING! 6 Andronikos 14 hrs ago
Nunes fucks with investigations, undermines the investigation and then apologizes? 39 btw 14 hrs ago
Folks, ObamaCare will not explode 14 Docbroke 14 hrs ago
Repeal and replace is now collapse and replace. 4 Let it go 14 hrs ago
Steve Pieczenik: Neocons Want To Destroy America/Gorsuch Is Dangerous And Can't Be Trusted (Video) 0 Cyberpunk 14 hrs ago
Trumps COLOSSAL failure 20 LOLingAtTrumpVoters 15 hrs ago
Bernie is my hero. He's still fighting for the people, just as he 40 John Q Citizen 15 hrs ago
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