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U.S. judge: ICE said Austin raid was because of sanctuary policy 24 Pennsylvania 22 hrs ago
AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government 10 Immacolata 22 hrs ago
Art of the Deal *snort* 2 KAT 22 hrs ago
Trump's healthcare reform - FLOP 13 Tiphill 22 hrs ago
after eight years of a black democrat president... 19 obamateur2 22 hrs ago
Senator Whitehouse made an interesting point, we should replace the current tyranny of the 0 Dumper 22 hrs ago
Tell us, Lefty...If the 2nd Amendment only covers muskets, [View all] 66 Fred Sanford 22 hrs ago
How 'bout a thread commemorating those who haven't posted since election week, 2016. Last posts... 10 Gamle-ged 22 hrs ago
Republicans Close To Trump Say President Is Showing Signs Of Mental Illness 36 Lazarus Long 22 hrs ago
It Took a Freshman GOP Congresswoman To Pull The Mask From FBI Director Comey 9 MumblyPeg 22 hrs ago
The Five Dumbest Questions Put to Gorsuch 7 MumblyPeg 23 hrs ago
Does anyone here understand what is happening? 16 joefriday6 23 hrs ago
Gorsuch calls same-sex marriage decision settled law 5 Juan Rico 23 hrs ago
Top 10 Most Segregated American Cities Are Considered the Most Liberal and Inclusive 4 Tin Ear2 23 hrs ago
When Shock and Awe happened.. 5 Attera 23 hrs ago
UPDATE: Key witness in Preet Bhararas Russian probe just fell from fourth floor of building 23 Maya 23 hrs ago
Manafort Apparently in DEEP DOO DOO 18 wonderwarthog 23 hrs ago
Republican budget to eliminate Meals on Wheels. How low can they go? [View all] 96 Moe Zarella 23 hrs ago
DUlesional Dummies at it again 21 Cynical 23 hrs ago
Happy B[arry] Day? Nope. the Ill legislature declines to make it a holiday. 2 Dumper 23 hrs ago
State Legislator in Illinois Introduces Gun Confiscation Bill 3 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Day 62 NY Times- Neil Gorsuch has a web of ties to super shy Billionaire Philip Anschutz 14 graham4anything4HC45 Yesterday
Sen Graham hit Sen Feinstein and her crew with a near knockout punch. 2 Dumper Yesterday
Confessions of a Climate Change Denier 18 Dexter Morgan Yesterday
No healthcare reform 6 def_con5 Yesterday
write in candidate wins seat in pennsylvania legislature 7 rampartb Yesterday
Are you against or pro universal healthcare? (Poll) [View all] 66 Attera Yesterday
Al Jazeera Paid Georgia Democrat Over $5,000 in Past 15 Months 6 MumblyPeg Yesterday
how's that impeachment coming, lefty?? 14 obamateur2 Yesterday
Anthony Weiner Placed In Protective Custody. Will Turn States Evidence Against Hillary 23 Da Mannn Yesterday
DU concludes most Bernie supporters are Russian bots; Believe DU itself is under Russian siege 10 rh24 Yesterday
if you donated money to meals on wheels... 41 obamateur2 Yesterday
Sen Leahy is coming across as the "Emperor without [clothes] a functioning brain." Senility. 12 Dumper Yesterday
President Trump inspires Team USA to World Baseball Classic championship game! 15 Fred Sanford Yesterday
this is pretty pathetic... 11 obamateur2 Yesterday
What did we learn from Comey testimony? Nothing that hurts Trump 8 Boston Yesterday
If programs that care for the poor are so absolutely critical to the survival of so many... 1 NeoKhan Yesterday
Gorsuch very impressive, leaves confirmation hearing with bag of democrat skulls. 21 Fred Sanford Yesterday
Liberal lies and the liberal liars who tell them.... 7 oldenuff35 Yesterday
Arnold bashes Trump 8 Tiphill Yesterday
For political points, Du pounces on the statements of a grieving father: 0 Konservative Yesterday
Never Seen Such Of A Disaster Rollout For U.S HEALTHCARE, You?? 18 REALtoldYouSo Yesterday
Infowars publishes "fake news", a handful of people switch their vote to Trump 1 TendiesForBreakfast Yesterday
Whats with "2 for price of 1" Clinton fans whining about Ivanka? 4 Boston Yesterday
Wikileaks says CIA Malware can mimic Russian Cyberhacking 3 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
They're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime... 2 TendiesForBreakfast Yesterday
Which Dem Senator was the 2nd dumbest at yesterday's hearing? I say 2nd dumbest because we can all 1 Dumper Yesterday
lefty tries to lecture us on science... 13 obamateur2 Yesterday
Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire convicted pedophile and Friend Of Bill AND Trump back in the news! 0 Boston Yesterday
even morning joe doesn't take stuart, er, al seriously... 2 obamateur2 Yesterday
One wag said Trump's rallies remind him of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." He overheard one 0 Dumper Yesterday
USA Prez. Putin speaks better English than Trump speaks Russian. 2 RATFINK_5.0 Yesterday
Former DNC Official Partnered With Convicted Bomb Maker To Investigate Trump 3 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Good evening 28 Tiphill Yesterday
Fred had a hearty LOL when Franken pulled out that tiny "law book" 10 Fred Sanford Yesterday
@Dems: What will happen to the Democratic Party if nothing comes from their 'Trump!'/Russia thing? 16 Konservative Yesterday
Judge Gorsuch just made reference to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". 17 JaimeBondoJr Yesterday
Hits keep coming for disabled pedophile Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald: 0 Shkreli Yesterday
Lawyer for Sergei Magnitsky's family has been "thrown from 4th floor of his apt in Moscow" 18 Maya Yesterday
Events just aren't going the Don's way, and he ain't even been President for three months now 6 archives Tuesday
North Korea missile launch fails. Is the alt-right happy people like 5 gowiththrottleup Tuesday
Paul Manafort faces fresh accusations in Ukraine after document find 8 New Deal Democrat Tuesday
Are we seeing a good example of cointelpro right here 4 Lazarus Long Tuesday
Who is the most intellectually honest poster here? 34 Konservative Tuesday
When righty starts posting about women's fashion, you know Trump is floundering 7 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
"His Daughter" is the most intellectually honest poster 10 Aldar Tuesday
To the Fair, Honest, and Patriotic Conservatives here... 31 wonderwarthog Tuesday
James Madison comments on Neil Gorsuch... 5 ProgressiveTaxation Tuesday
What most likely cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election? 16 TendiesForBreakfast Tuesday
Wait, so the Left's whole argument is Russia rigged the election by hacking Podesta's email 20 Shkreli Tuesday
If cons rightly hate "anonymous sources" - who are Trump's wiretapping sources again? 40 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
Russia doesn't owe the US a "free and fair election" like we don't owe one to any of the other 6 Shkreli Tuesday
I think Judge Gorsuch did well. 12 Scratch Tuesday
Tic Toc 14 Maya Tuesday
Fact Checker Analysis Are 80 percent or 0.1 percent of the 9th Circuit Courts decisions overturned? 1 Letmypeoplevote Tuesday
The Don isn't even pretending to follow precedent when profit enters the picture 5 archives Tuesday
Local officials brace for a surge in homelessness if the Killer Trump budget 21 Moe Zarella Tuesday
Judge Gorsuch: Better, worse or about the same as Justice Scalia? (Poll) 8 myohmy Tuesday
Did our election get hacked, or was it just a careless (non-governmental) political party? (Poll) 2 Konservative Tuesday
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