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The Republican Boy Who Cried Wolf 1 swifty Mar 5
Session's/Russia OP's appear to save assumed 'Hillary will win!' status among Lefty here. 0 Konservative Mar 5
Oh my gosh....Look at what CNN and Wasserman want Kellyanne to apologize for...... 42 ibtruthin Mar 5
Is obama running a shadow government? 18 Aldar Mar 5
Putin's the most Perceptive world leader ever? I ask this because when he's alleged to have started 5 Dumper Mar 5
bad democrats must be allowed to lose 12 rampartb Mar 5
March 5- Day 45 I disagree 100% with any of Mike Pence's politics...however- 17 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 5
Arnold Schwartzenator 0 Docbroke Mar 5
Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance 23 fszwfnj Mar 5
36,635 dead lose their right to vote in West Virginia 8 Doctor_R Mar 5
Thanks to Dumbya's PATRIOT Spy on America Act wiretapping is now perfectly legal 22 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 5
Russia investigations a 'witch hunt'? Not according to polls 31 TexMex Mar 5
I'm good with Investigations ... Russia, Repubs and Dems 1 Boston Mar 5
Statement from the White House Press Secretary: 18 rh24 Mar 5
Trump angry and frustrated at staff over Sessions fallout 7 wonderwarthog Mar 5
As anticipated: Most Say Democrats Hurt Themselves With Anti-Trump Strategy 11 Gamle-ged Mar 5
Republican Divided over whether to embrace Russia or not 0 Moe Zarella Mar 5
Dayum! While not yet 'eating', they're at least starting to nibble at their own Queen: 1 Konservative Mar 5
With the NYT corroboration of Obama treachery, do you think LE is keeping an eye on him 16 Shkreli Mar 5
The one good thing about the pending Obama imprisonment is it would break the Democrats backs. 5 Shkreli Mar 5
at the trump rallies, lefties once again prove they are savages... 3 obamateur2 Mar 5
sessions is still the attorney general... 8 obamateur2 Mar 5
They were in rapture just two days ago: 4 Konservative Mar 5
Wow, those at the DUmp really do live in a buble of their own world. 1 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Mar 5
Sessions has a new job more suited to his skills. Glad to see Trump realize he was in over his head 16 joannadufrane Mar 5
Iranian dissident: Islamism "always starts with the unity of Leftists & Islamists 0 rh24 Mar 5
This stuff just keeps getting bigger by the day 18 archives Mar 5
Yes, you are: 6 Konservative Mar 5
Prediction time 27 Tiphill Mar 5
Lynch Obama'a Attorney General, 6 Dumper Mar 5
Report: Justice Department Extorts Companies to Fund Left-Wing Activists 7 DoDaMan Mar 5
Donald Richard Nixon Trump is Not Me..but,but But 100% of the time, Not Me was guilty. 9 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 5
Czechs debate gun rights amendment to ensure EU can't tighten rules 1 Juan Rico Mar 5
Trump's Lies vs. Your Brain: Who will win? (Poll) 3 myohmy Mar 5
Tens of people rally for Trump across the country 13 Andronikos Mar 5
I was never a Gary Hart fan. Would never and did not vote for Gary Hart 18 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 5
NYT confirms the Criminal Obamas wiretap scheme. Will he flee country like African dictator? 10 Shkreli Mar 5
The disconnect by Lefty is mind numbing: 6 Konservative Mar 5
I am glad the AG recused himself from fake news drivel so now he can prosecute Barry and Shillary. 1 Carl Mar 5
Rick Saccone Is Running For Senate Because God Wants Christians To Rule Over Us 4 Strange Luck Mar 5
Finally, the Russian Connection smoking gun! 1 Dumper Mar 5
Best wishes to our Liberal brethren who are apparently under the weather and/or chose this AM 6 Dumper Mar 5
Here is Hillary meeting a college-aged Lib who isn't a skank.;):) 4 Konservative Mar 5
The MSM Media and Entertainment Complex is cashing in 'Bigly' on Trump! 0 Dumper Mar 5
Trump administration to propose 'dramatic reductions' in foreign aid 5 Dexter Morgan Mar 5
The CBC is "Movin on up!" 1 Dumper Mar 5
Here's how Trump & his supporters just gave best case for his impeachment & 4 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 5
The idea that FISA could be used against political enemies always seemed far-fetched. 3 Let it go Mar 5
If the FISA warrant used to tap Trump just specifies a bank server as target, it's all over 6 Let it go Mar 5
Orange is the new Barak 1 Shkreli Mar 5
Wire-tapped: Should President Trump provide us the evidence? (Poll) 39 myohmy Mar 5
Remember when Ted Kennedy asked the Russians to 'interfere'? 0 rahtruelies Mar 5
Obama bugged me too... 2 ibtruthin Mar 5
green candidate denied ballot line in pennsylvania special election (Poll) 3 rampartb Mar 5
Trumps Lament That He Inherited A Mess of an Economy? False! Sad! 7 Strange Luck Mar 5
Democrats flip zero seats in 4 blue state special elections. 14 Fred Sanford Mar 5
Where is tRumps proof of election fraud? 8 KayDog Mar 5
Obama Scandal: Illegal Surveillance/Election Tampering 3 MumblyPeg Mar 5
Venezuelans Are Separating Food from Waste as More People Forced to Eat from Garbage 15 Dexter Morgan Mar 5
Collapse of the American party system 3 Troll2 Mar 5
Trump supporter shoots peaceful Sikh man in own driveway then yells "Go back to your own country!" 19 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 5
Lie after lie after lie after lie after lie.... 18 ProgressiveTaxation Mar 5
When is the Press Conference schedule to explain plagiarizing Michelle's speech? 4 KayDog Mar 5
Here is Hillary in her deep depression. ;( :( 45 Maya Mar 5
Serious question: If the wiretaps don't exist, is Trump sane? 27 The Big Red Machine Mar 5
Overheard outside a polling place in California - 11/6/2018 0 JaimeBondoJr Mar 5
The witching hour 1 Horsefeathers Mar 5
We have to get women out of the military. This is terrible but not surprising: 13 Shkreli Mar 5
"hate crimes" are ridiculous. I hate both Christianity and Islam. Is that a crime? (Poll) 13 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 5
So...the Jewish Bomb Threater is a LW racist 6 Jenny Fromdahood Mar 5
Russian oligarch's plane followed Trump to 4 different cities 17 NotAWineSnob Mar 5
Republican Strategist Hit Trump With The Truth That FBI Has Warrant To Investigate Russia Ties 23 wonderwarthog Mar 5
Forum Poll: Why does Trump refuse to provide proof of his wiretap allegation? (Poll) 34 The Big Red Machine Mar 5
Pence uses AOL 8 DigitalBobby2112 Mar 5
Weak president trump cedes land to Russia. 20 Slayer Mar 5
This message was self-deleted by its author 8 PrescientWon. Mar 4
White House trying to interfere in the investigation 7 NotAWineSnob Mar 4
Reagan Advisor weighs in on trump 36 NotAWineSnob Mar 4
Trump should wiretap Obama. 12 Konservative Mar 4
A little history on Sessions. 'Gun for hire': how Sessions used his prosecuting power to target Dem 3 Lazarus Long Mar 4
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