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Well gang, Lefty wants to rid us of the scourge of yoga pants. 9 Fred Sanford Tuesday
DUmmies want to nominate TURNIP in '20. 3 PrescientWon. Tuesday
Floridians Should Agree to Restore Voting Rights for People with Past Convictions 12 Letmypeoplevote Tuesday
Rachel rushed to the door and the NBC security guard handed her a package. 4 PrescientWon. Tuesday
Republicans relieved Trump eased up on voter fraud claims 11 Letmypeoplevote Tuesday
U.S. charges Philadelphia's top prosecutor with corruption 0 Doctor_R Tuesday
Manafort, Flynn.. How MANY more Dots R needed with this Russia Coup of US Politics? 14 REALtoldYouSo Tuesday
Breaking: NC Court Rejects Law Changing North Carolina Board of Elections to Help Republicans 4 Letmypeoplevote Tuesday
Kellyanne...ROFLMAO! [View all] 96 Maya Tuesday
Nobody wants their name on the Republican health care bill 27 Letmypeoplevote Tuesday
today should be another good day for president trump... 6 obamateur2 Tuesday
This is powerful 41 def_con5 Tuesday
Trump wouldn't shake hands with Angela Merkel. 47 Maya Tuesday
Lefty doesn't see the humor I see in these pics: 4 Konservative Tuesday
Merkel isn't "intimidating", she is fucking disgusting. Why shake hands with a dalit? 23 Shkreli Tuesday
Trump Now Blaming FOX News(?) For Crazy Tinfoil Hat Spying Conspiracy Debacle! LOL! 8 REALtoldYouSo Tuesday
Hey Democratic senators: Neil Gorsuch hearts voter suppression guru Hans von Spakovksy! Filibuster! 9 Letmypeoplevote Tuesday
Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams President Trumps Approval Ratings: You Got Swamped 3 Letmypeoplevote Tuesday
Wow. Gorsuch is schooling Cornyn 19 Lazarus Long Tuesday
WaPo: So far, Trump has been mercifully incompetent. 20 liberalguy Tuesday
Sexual harassment is a symptom of the patriarchal rape culture of sexual entitlement 4 NeoKhan Tuesday
trump's approval rating continues to climb... 15 obamateur2 Tuesday
Mars hacked the election 4 TendiesForBreakfast Tuesday
TOP Dem Agrees: We Should Halt Trump Actions Till We Find Out "whats goin on"! 20 REALtoldYouSo Tuesday
SCOTUS confirms that Obama overstepped his authority for appointments... 8 Oldgeezer Tuesday
So apparently Putin personally got 62 Million Americans to vote for Trump (LW ''thought'' process) (Poll) 17 Banshee 3 Actual Tuesday
Day 59: Obamacare still in effect, Trump golfing. [View all] 50 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
Donald Trump Exposed As A Hopeless Conspiracy Theorist By Basically Everyone Who Matters 22 Maya Tuesday
is it true that... 7 obamateur2 Tuesday
the only COLLUSION in Election 2016 was perpetrated by Dems. 4 PrescientWon. Tuesday
Holy Shite! 16 Maya Tuesday
every day is a good day... 7 obamateur2 Tuesday
Fox yanks Napolitano off the air - but the USA is still stuck with Trump. Go figure. 26 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
Ryan's Health Care Plan, aka Obamacare Lite will pass? (Poll) 2 joefriday6 Tuesday
Poll: DID Obama collude with Israeli anti-government groups (Poll) 4 PrescientWon. Tuesday
If Trump didn't collude with the Russians, will you abandon the Democrats? 12 Konservative Tuesday
Sen. Graham (R) shoots an impeachment warning across Trump's bow 39 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
I'm okay with a RICO investigation of Trump's Russia dealings, if the FBI opts for that 28 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
Trump/Russia Ties Coming Out TOO Fast! Can't Keep Up..LOOK!- 10 REALtoldYouSo Tuesday
I suspect that the market thinks... 5 ProgressiveTaxation Tuesday
Russian Elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings - AOL 31 wonderwarthog Tuesday
If "Benedict Donald" colluded with the Russians, will the RW abandon him? 17 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
Trump will be exonerated today and then we will get onto [View all] 56 DoDaMan Tuesday
Where are the countless women that accused President Trump of rape or sexual abuse 3 The More You Know V2 Tuesday
Stumpy the serial liar now lying about former advisors 4 Ohio Joe Tuesday
I again remind outraged progressives today that Hillary did NOT promise to appoint Garland. nt 24 Dumper Tuesday
Tex is a liar. [View all] 77 Konservative Tuesday
If Clinton stuck a cigar in (What Trump calls female genitalia), would he be worse than Trump? (Poll) 32 Konservative Tuesday
For Democrats, no clear leader 7 Dexter Morgan Tuesday
SCOTUS puts limits on Trump appointment powers 27 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
Day 61- Trump credibility down to nothing after the world saw Trump untruth & untruth again 13 graham4anything4HC45 Tuesday
Shouldn't ALL WH/Trump Actions Be Stopped Till We Figure Out "Whats Goin On"?? 23 REALtoldYouSo Tuesday
New documents show Trump aide laundered payments from party with Moscow ties, lawmaker alleges 19 News2Me Tuesday
For disabled pedophile Kurt Eichenwald, he has managed to get GIF's classified as "deadly weapons". 8 Shkreli Tuesday
So, should probably consider a primary challenger for Feinstein. 5 Fred Sanford Tuesday
Funny, the conservatives have their man in charge, control both Houses of Congress, 11 archives Tuesday
C'mon Lefty, get someone smarter than this Klobuchar broad to question Gorsuch. 12 Fred Sanford Tuesday
Funny how those posts about locking up Obama for wiretrapping Trump have subsided 2 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
When will trump deliver on corporate tax reform? 26 Docbroke Tuesday
SCOTUS puts limits on presidential powers due to Obama's executive overreach: 15 Konservative Tuesday
If Trump grabbed your daughter's (what Trump calls female genitalia) would you still support him? (Poll) 25 Lazarus Long Tuesday
Can we just make Gorsuch Chief Justice and demote Roberts? 1 PrescientWon. Tuesday
So what did the Russian "conspiracy" actually accomplish 15 LovetoSki1978 Tuesday
I agree with Rush on trumpcare 13 Docbroke Tuesday
This whole trump thing would be funny 17 Docbroke Tuesday
@Righty: We need to resurrect the title of 'Goldfish'. 0 Konservative Tuesday
Democrats blast FBI director after revealing Trump investigation began in July 2016 23 rh24 Tuesday
Just in DU wasn't hacked but shut down by the Administration when they learned 21 Moe Zarella Tuesday
All the Presidents Lies 3 News2Me Tuesday
today in fascism 24 Fatuous Fatwa Tuesday
I'm going to assume that uponit7771 is mentally disturbed. 5 Carlos W Bush Tuesday
so it seems we now have a one party system... 5 obamateur2 Tuesday
who remembers? Paris Climate Agreement and Trans Pacific Partnership 0 M411 Tuesday
typical lefty wacko... 2 obamateur2 Tuesday
Flashback- Kellyanne Conway, Oct. 2016: Most honest people I know are not under FBI investigation, 25 Phlegm Monger Tuesday
Secret Service had removed alarm sensors from fence intruder scaled 6 Let it go Tuesday
Democrats: You desperately need help understanding your world. This will help: 6 Shkreli Tuesday
Advertisers bailing on fake news outlet Breitbart. Good to see 9 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
After WIREtapGate, Some Are Saying That Trump Is Further Along With Dementia As Reagan Was 14 REALtoldYouSo Tuesday
Not only did Rogers and Comey humiliate the Don yesterday, 16 archives Tuesday
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