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Forbes announces billionaire list 2017. Trump is on it. 2 Pennsylvania Monday
Time for Lefty to put their money where their 'care' is: 14 Konservative Monday
Tom Brady's stolen jersey found IN MEXICO! 0 Pennsylvania Monday
Interesting comments on Gorsuch 0 GoodKraic Monday
Cons, once again you have silenced/censored your opponent (KCCI) rather than won the argument [View all] 114 Fatuous Fatwa Monday
Win THIS, suckers! Russians involved in the election, no taps on Trump... 7 Scary Red Monday
And under the bus goes Manafort and Flynn 0 Ohio Joe Monday
Jill Stein recount money..... (Poll) 0 Horsefeathers Monday
2 immigrant students who 'raped a fourteen-year-old girl in a bathroom' arrived in US months ago 14 Dexter Morgan Monday
Lefty: "Noun. Verb. Russia. Neener neener!" 1 Cyberpunk Monday
Presidential Approval in the Second Month of Office 24 AmandaCMatthews Monday
Q: "Is Russia an adversary to the United States?" 29 btw Monday
Exxon Pwns USA. 15 John Q Citizen Monday
When Hillary was brokering uranium deals for Russia, did she register as an agent of Russia? 13 Badsamm Monday
Anyone know how many illegal Irish immigrants there are? 22 Konservative Monday
Day 60: WH in crisis. Wiretap claims debunked by FBI, back sore from golf. 4 The Big Red Machine Monday
Exclusive: Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported - Reuters poll 10 Doctor_R Monday
Did the level of DNC corruption revealed in their emails influence the U.S. election? (Poll) 2 Konservative Monday
Appeals court refuses to stop oil in Dakota Access pipeline. 9 Dexter Morgan Monday
TOON: Is Nothing Private Anymore? 0 Cyberpunk Monday
Comey/Rogers- Russia had inside help in the biggest attack against America in American history 11 graham4anything4HC45 Monday
What did Russia actually DO to influence our election? 38 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Monday
@Lefty: We're you ok with Obama working with a country openly hostile to America? See: Iran (Poll) 11 Konservative Monday
So, NO Proof of Obama Wiretapping Trump OR Being Born In Kenya?? C'mon!! 8 REALtoldYouSo Monday
Comey said there was no evidence Russia hacked voting machines in any state. 5 Konservative Monday
John Wayne: Message to lefty 11 Iron Condor Monday
Comey claims that Wikileaks source was NOT Russian. 9 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Monday
230pm EDT- Comey, Rogers- Wikileaks tool to cause dissention to help Trump campaign & Republicans 6 graham4anything4HC45 Monday
Key Democratic Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion 11 Andronikos Monday
Rush today says there was proof of collusion 4 mrwordsworth Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 rh24 Monday
It's what's for breakfast... 4 Lazarus Long Monday
Forum Poll: If/when Trump's presidency unravels, who should lead the GOP? (Poll) 13 The Big Red Machine Monday
Great story about Keith Richards and Trump (Keith won, of course) 10 The Big Red Machine Monday
trump's approval is climbing again... 3 obamateur2 Monday
Trump Russia claims: FBI's Comey confirms investigation of election 'interference' (BBC Headline) 8 Lazarus Long Monday
The swamp is indeed deep. 3 Konservative Monday
Just think, If Obama would have 9 DoDaMan Monday
Russia influenced our election by the simple method of revealing who Democrats really are. 5 Konservative Monday
BREAKING NEWS, Trump impeachment date announced 1 Aldar Monday
So much for the "special relationship" between Trump and Putin: 8 rh24 Monday
Comey Confirms Russia Inquiry, Rejects Trump Wiretapping Claims (Bloomberg Headline) 4 Lazarus Long Monday
Is the FBI investigating if the U.K. or Israel tried to influence the election and or 0 Badsamm Monday
Good afternoon to you 2 Tiphill Monday
With Trump DOWN To 37% and FALLING. When Will DI Trump Folks Start Jumping Ship? 16 REALtoldYouSo Monday
So that's it? An investigation? 8 Pennsylvania Monday
So far this morning we have discovered our President is a fucking liar 29 Lazarus Long Monday
This Trump is bound for failure, this Trump.... 13 The Big Red Machine Monday
Can the FBI and the NSA catch the person that leaked Flynn's name 9 Badsamm Monday
So sorry, libs 20 Andronikos Monday
is today the day that impeachment proceedings will begin?? 6 obamateur2 Monday
Anyone else watching the live confirmation hearing of President Trump's nominee Neil Gorsuch? 0 The More You Know V2 Monday
Comey- Putin & Russia wanted and worked to elect Donald Trump 1156am edt 6 graham4anything4HC45 Monday
How Will The WIC Program Be Affected By Trump's Budget Proposal? Cuts Are Expected 12 Immacolata Monday
Rumor has it Trump prefers a much warmer shower with the ladies, but enjoy the video nonetheless 11 The Big Red Machine Monday
Trump Complained About Obama Golfing..When Will He Complain About His Own?? 6 REALtoldYouSo Monday
consumer confidence skyrocketing... 4 obamateur2 Monday
Dims/Media don't care:Three IT specialists fired for rooting through House Democrats sensitive files 0 MumblyPeg Monday
I've got friends in safe spaces... 1 Doctor_R Monday
I have finally arrived at a rational descriptive equivalence to.. 6 frankt8242 Monday
i'm sure we can all agree... 10 obamateur2 Monday
Comey: Investigation into Russian interference in the election has been going on since July 2016 0 rh24 Monday
Another prime example of hatred from the left: 42 Fireant16 Monday
George Takei on Trump 10 Immacolata Monday
Ebony and Ivory: A tip of the cap to two great Americans, Chuck Berry and President Clinton 5 The Big Red Machine Monday
Lefty, livin' in the real world, keepin' it real 9 NeoKhan Monday
How would you like to be... 0 frankt8242 Monday
White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to be Trumps eyes and ears 4 Immacolata Monday
Man Claims NYC Bar Denied Him Service Over Pro-Trump Hat 18 Doctor_R Monday
Sleepless in Seattle, and other places: Trump-induced insomnia stalks blue-state America 5 Doctor_R Monday
With 14 vacation days already, Stumpy the deadbeat stiffs Palm Beach 3 Ohio Joe Monday
So, What Is Trump Hiding? 35 wonderwarthog Monday
Denmark Just Trolled Trump With A Bus. The Wheels on the bus go round and round. 42 Maya Monday
re: MealsOnWheels.... PoS Boomers probably shouldn't have tried to screw their grandkids eh? 18 Shkreli Monday
Which is supported by more evidence? (Poll) 18 swifty Monday
I can't help wonder wether libs are worked up about the wall to help wetbacks, 18 Dumper Monday
Many playing "A Day Without a '___" ended up playing "A life Without a job." 2 Dumper Monday
weiner and huma... 3 obamateur2 Monday
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