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Trump Blames Jewish People For Threats And Attacks On Jewish Community Centers [View all] 141 Letmypeoplevote Mar 7
What should the DC Bar do to Sally Yates? [View all] 131 357blackhawk Thursday
60,000 flee Mosul as trumps Iraq strategy fails. [View all] 128 Slayer Mar 7
Strange Luck just got hide number five for saying people of faith are the problem. [View all] 119 Sebastopolitan Mar 12
Cons, once again you have silenced/censored your opponent (KCCI) rather than won the argument [View all] 114 Fatuous Fatwa Monday
Trump voter-fraud allegations start to look deranged [View all] 108 Letmypeoplevote 19 hrs ago
Kellyanne...ROFLMAO! [View all] 96 Maya Tuesday
Republican budget to eliminate Meals on Wheels. How low can they go? [View all] 96 Moe Zarella Yesterday
To all the Israel boycotters: please eat fatty foods. [View all] 94 NeoKhan Mar 12
'Job bills' don't create jobs. Demand for a product or service does. [View all] 92 Konservative Mar 9
Why don't Cons understand freedom? Poll (Poll) [View all] 92 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 6
Cons win here, and that is just fine with me [View all] 91 Strange Luck Mar 14
Note: Big Red Machine passed this along as legit: [View all] 88 Konservative 2 hrs ago
GOP lawmaker: Poor people would have health coverage if they didnt spend money on that new iPhone [View all] 84 Dexter Morgan Mar 8
Cost of healthcare should be controlled by someone or something. [View all] 83 Attera 11 hrs ago
Righty: If you can't afford health care, you should just die. Am I wrong? [View all] 78 Sebastopolitan Mar 9
Tex is a liar. [View all] 77 Konservative Tuesday
A small request to conservatives: Advocate policies you believe in - don't report on what's on DU [View all] 77 The Big Red Machine Mar 9
BOOM THERE IT IS! [View all] 75 Let it go 18 hrs ago
It is obviously tragic, but an interesting fact coming out of today's events in London [View all] 75 archives 15 hrs ago
If there is no FISA warrant than what is anyone investigating? [View all] 75 Let it go Mar 7
Trump needs to apologize immediately to Obama or present evidence in support of his accusations [View all] 75 The Big Red Machine Mar 5
Hey Rubes when the Republicans come to you begging for money [View all] 74 Moe Zarella Thursday
Shouldn't we cut aid to Israelis before Meals on Wheels funding? [View all] 74 The Big Red Machine Sunday
There is no way government healthcare insurance is going to work well [View all] 73 oflguy Mar 14
How big does the lie have to get [View all] 72 Slayer Mar 7
If Trump would be removed for any reason, it would instantly become a hot civil war. [View all] 72 Shkreli Mar 11
NanceGregg is a clueless loon, a DUmmy of the highest grade. [View all] 69 PrescientWon. Mar 7
If we let Democrats ever have power again, they will punish normal Americans for Trump. [View all] 68 Shkreli Mar 15
A solution to the health care crisis of uninsured people: [View all] 68 Konservative Mar 8
According to the news on the radio: Maddow's reveal was the 1st time she saw Trump's filing [View all] 68 NeoKhan Mar 15
How do you stand on Biblical Creationism vs Darwinian Evolution? (Poll) [View all] 68 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 5
Trump claim of being first in his class at Wharton was another lie: report [View all] 67 Letmypeoplevote 18 hrs ago
Trump said he was wiretapped, but he needs Congress to find the evidence??? [View all] 66 The Big Red Machine Mar 5
Tell us, Lefty...If the 2nd Amendment only covers muskets, [View all] 66 Fred Sanford 22 hrs ago
Are you against or pro universal healthcare? (Poll) [View all] 66 Attera Yesterday
And you shall know them by their slacken jaws and empty eyes: [View all] 65 Shkreli Mar 11
Notice how righties and Trumpettes are getting nastier around here? [View all] 65 Scary Red Sunday
Top Poster Appreciation Moment: Today we honor Strange Luck [View all] 65 The Big Red Machine Mar 10
Donald Trump spends 31 percent of time on vacation, plays golf 8 times in 6 weeks on taxpayer dime [View all] 65 Letmypeoplevote 2 hrs ago
Keep abortion safe and legal [View all] 65 Tiphill Mar 9
Should the government guarantee people have food, clothing, and shelter? (Poll) [View all] 65 swifty Mar 13
why does lefty lie and call the travel ban a "muslim ban"?? [View all] 64 obamateur2 Friday
why does lefty refuse to call an unborn baby a baby?? [View all] 63 obamateur2 Mar 9
Trumps list of under-reported attacks contains 0 perpetrated by white supremacists or Islamophobes [View all] 62 Letmypeoplevote Mar 14
donald trump is your president, lefty... [View all] 62 obamateur2 Mar 8
Lefty fails again - Ivanka Trump clothing line reports record sales [View all] 61 Cesare Mar 8
DI CONs seem to have a hard on for Letmypeoplevote [View all] 60 btw 58 min ago
The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion [View all] 60 Lazarus Long Mar 12
lefty no want to talk about february job numbers... [View all] 59 obamateur2 Mar 8
alerting and ignoring... [View all] 59 obamateur2 Mar 13
Immature pres trump has the nuclear codes [View all] 59 Docbroke Mar 5
Democrats: Why do you side with illegals/refugees over the majority of your countrymen? [View all] 58 Konservative Saturday
Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon [View all] 58 Lazarus Long Friday
Do all CON men gather up their millions of "spilled seed" and cry over all of those deaths? [View all] 58 btw Mar 10
Day 58 President in exile Resistance Leader Hillary ready to lead the rebellionThe force is with her [View all] 57 graham4anything4HC45 Sunday
i now know why lefty loves abortion... [View all] 57 obamateur2 Mar 8
We're a Christian nation [View all] 56 Maya Mar 13
Trump supporters went out looking for trouble...THEY FOUND IT! Now I've gotta [View all] 56 DigitalBobby2112 Mar 5
Trump will be exonerated today and then we will get onto [View all] 56 DoDaMan Tuesday
Is Discussionist over-heated right now? [View all] 55 Scratch Mar 7
Will real conservatives emerge to oppose Trump's socialized medicine plan that essentially [View all] 55 The Big Red Machine Mar 7
if you think an unborn baby is not human... [View all] 53 obamateur2 Sunday
MORE WINNING! DOJ Drops Obama-Fueled Opposition on Texas Voter ID Law [View all] 53 MumblyPeg Mar 6
24 million people will lose their WELFARE health insurance as a result of the repeal of Obamacare [View all] 52 Konservative Friday
Why did a Russian pay $95M to buy Trumps Palm Beach mansion? (and other BREAD CRUMBS) [View all] 52 Lazarus Long 22 hrs ago
who is the one poster who you would not want to meet in real life?? [View all] 52 obamateur2 Mar 15
Today in liberal fascism [View all] 52 bfox74 Tuesday
can you imagine if barry had been president when 9/11 happened?? [View all] 52 obamateur2 Saturday
What Does it Feel Like to Be Such Flaming Hypocrites? (Poll) [View all] 51 Hunter Rose Mar 12
ACLU Resistance Training Miami- A great watch! [View all] 50 John Q Citizen Mar 14
Legal scholars to Trump: White House can't legally defund 'sanctuary cities' [View all] 50 Letmypeoplevote Thursday
NotaWineSnob's ignore list roll call: [View all] 50 Konservative Mar 5
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 50 Aldar Saturday
A lot of conservatism boils down to "GET OFF MY LAWN!" [View all] 50 The Big Red Machine Mar 9
Day 59: Obamacare still in effect, Trump golfing. [View all] 50 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
How many of you spent today online talking about helping ppl instead of actually being out doing it? [View all] 50 Konservative Mar 11
Why are we paying to maintain the White House, 49 archives Sunday
Lefty how many millions are we spending on Russian investigations 49 R. Cavu Mar 5
Seems the transgendered need to fear Christian Americans. 49 Slayer Mar 14
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