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" Beware the Ides of March " ! 15 Grumpy Pickle Thursday
"Assault on the american auto industry" 41 Docbroke Mar 15
"Bag of dicks." "Schlonged." "BOHICA." "Broad-shouldered foreign policy." "Laying pipe." 5 The Center Holds 19 hrs ago
"Book[er] em Dano!" Self appointed rising star for the Dems, NJ Sen Cory Booker, described HIMSELF 1 Dumper Mar 11
"BREAKING: We've got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. 23 Doctor_R Mar 14
"Fake News".."Alternate Facts".."Microwave Spying"? Folks We are in Deep Shit! 7 REALtoldYouSo Friday
"Father, I have logged on. Father?" 6 Maya 12 hrs ago
"hate crimes" are ridiculous. I hate both Christianity and Islam. Is that a crime? (Poll) 13 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 5
"His Daughter" is the most intellectually honest poster 10 Aldar Tuesday
"I dont think people want a new direction" nancy pelousy 4 obamateur2 Tuesday
"Im actually alarmed by it" Nunes 2 obamateur2 19 hrs ago
"Imagine, if you will, Barack Obama owned a nightclub in Chicago, while POTUS" 6 NotAWineSnob Mar 6
"Nevertheless, she persist...err...took a day off" 0 Fred Sanford Mar 8
"Patriotic" DI Cons Throw Thomas Jefferson Under the Bus 20 MedusasRage Mar 11
"Say it ain't so, Donnie!" 3 swifty Thursday
"Stupid Watergate" 2 wonderwarthog Mar 6
"Those jobs are just not going to come back, what magic wand do you have?" 4 TendiesForBreakfast Mar 8
"We all just gotta do better" 3 liberalguy Mar 5
"We collected all your communications but technically it wasn't a wiretap" 6 Let it go 16 hrs ago
"What did the President know, and when did he know it?" 1 Maya 11 hrs ago
"Who's Gonna Pay For The Wall?": Try FEMA and U.S Coast Guard! OOOPS! 10 REALtoldYouSo Mar 8
"Why can't I eat candy for dinner and swing the cat by its tail?" 1 swifty Mar 15
"You can not vote for someone under FBI investigation." 21 Agent_86 18 hrs ago
#Winning (Poll) 37 Konservative Friday
#Winning! (I.E. Du'ers losing at winning) 6 Konservative Mar 13
'Demand' is what defeats gun control laws. 14 Konservative Mar 9
'I want policy that gives us things, costs us nothing, and causes no uncomfortable side-effects.' 28 Konservative Thursday
'Job bills' don't create jobs. Demand for a product or service does. [View all] 92 Konservative Mar 9
'No evidence' Trump campaign aides recruited by Russia, former spy chief says 13 oflguy Mar 11
'Social Contract': Can Lefty tell me where this is f'n spelled out in the Constituition? 32 Konservative Mar 8
**Several** Official Investigations Underway on Trump-Russia Connections 19 NotAWineSnob Mar 6
...but you still want to lecture people about paying their fair share of taxes 5 TendiesForBreakfast Friday
1.1% 1 year CD! 4 Docbroke Mar 15
1/23/2017: GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan quits 4 Let it go Mar 14
1st It Was Obama's From Kenya, Now It's "Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower"! Tinfoil Hat Party! 14 REALtoldYouSo Mar 6
2 immigrant students who 'raped a fourteen-year-old girl in a bathroom' arrived in US months ago 14 Dexter Morgan Monday
2/3 of Americans want a special prosecutor to investigate Trump and his Russian connections 23 The Big Red Machine Mar 6
2014: CIA admits to spying on Senate staffers 6 Let it go Mar 9
230pm EDT- Comey, Rogers- Wikileaks tool to cause dissention to help Trump campaign & Republicans 6 graham4anything4HC45 Monday
24 million people will lose their insurance as a result of the Obamacare repeal. 44 liberalguy Mar 13
24 million people will lose their WELFARE health insurance as a result of the repeal of Obamacare [View all] 52 Konservative Friday
3 Intel sources tell Fox Obama went to Brits to access NSA database on Trump 14 Let it go Mar 14
3 Things Trump Can Do RIGHT NOW To Restore Gun Rights 1 Juan Rico Mar 6
3 Times The Democrats Were Fine With Russians Intervening In American Elections 0 It Guy Mar 9
3/13/17: Another day Di Leftys spent poorsplainin here instead of actually out helping them. 7 Konservative Saturday
36,635 dead lose their right to vote in West Virginia 8 Doctor_R Mar 5
37% for Trump. 2 months in. 8 Tiphill 14 hrs ago
4 months ago today President Trump shocked the world! 3 Horsefeathers Mar 8
4 months in a row increase in Labor Participation Rate since Trump elected 4 Boston Mar 10
40 dead in funeral bombing! 18 Slayer Mar 12
5 Term Mayor Loses Re-Election After Planning to Resettle Refugees 2 MumblyPeg Mar 10
54 days and the Democrat Party is still dead. 4 PrescientWon. Mar 13
6,000,000 flee America as Trump's strategy succeeds. 0 Konservative Mar 6
60 Minutes profiling Le Pen and the far right fascist/nationalist anti-trade French populist party 13 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 5
60,000 flee Mosul as trumps Iraq strategy fails. [View all] 128 Slayer Mar 7
@ Righty: What did you make your broad do for Broad's day? 14 Konservative Mar 8
@#$%ing Trump is such a disaster he's turned the lava blue! 5 NeoKhan Mar 9
@Dems: What will happen to the Democratic Party if nothing comes from their 'Trump!'/Russia thing? 16 Konservative Yesterday
@Lefty: Are any of you currently funding the health insurance of strangers unable to afford it? 39 Konservative Mar 8
@Lefty: Can you specify exactly what this 'free stuff' is that Cons want to give the rich? 2 Konservative Monday
@Lefty: Did white Europeans assimilate into the Native American culture upon arrival? 11 Konservative Mar 8
@Lefty: Hillary spent 1.5 BILLION and LOST. When will you realize fundraising doesn't equal winning? 3 Konservative Mar 5
@Lefty: How many of you were spanked in public schools? if so, how did you turn out? 3 Konservative Friday
@Lefty: If you inspire people, you won't need to beg people to get on a bus to GOTV. 0 Konservative Mar 5
@Lefty: Shhhh.....just let it happen: 18 Konservative Mar 10
@Lefty: The same media that's telling you 'Russia!'...told you 'Hillary!'. 2 Konservative Mar 6
@Lefty: We're you ok with Obama working with a country openly hostile to America? See: Iran (Poll) 11 Konservative Monday
@Lefty: What do you think of a fellow Lefty who uses gays as a method of attack? 16 Konservative Mar 5
@Lefty: Why haven't you flipped these recent elections in Blue states? 1 Konservative Mar 5
@Lefty: Would you accept Trump's taxes as 'real' if they didn't supply you with what you want? (Poll) 4 Konservative Sunday
@Lefty: Would you change your deepest held convictions if you moved to Islamic Syria? (Poll) 9 Konservative Mar 5
@Lefty: Would you support a woman's right to make a 'choice' regarding her personal income? (Poll) 0 Konservative Mar 14
@Lefty: Would you support this?: (Poll) 3 Konservative Mar 8
@Righty: Do you ever feel a little guilty over your Libsmashing? (Poll) 19 Konservative Mar 14
@Righty: Please, join me in fighting the good fight. 1 Konservative Mar 10
@Righty: We need to resurrect the title of 'Goldfish'. 0 Konservative Tuesday
A "Day without Women" 25 Cynical Mar 8
A challenge for some of my right wing brothers 45 mrwordsworth Mar 15
A conservative revolt is brewing. Will forum cons side with Trump/Ryan or real conservatives 8 The Big Red Machine Mar 8
A Doctor said it so it must be true: 1 Konservative Mar 10
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