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Feminism Is Literally Killing Women By Telling Them That 3rd World Countries Are Safer Than The West 12 Gunslinger201 52 sec ago
New word for the week: hypocrites 13 WritelyWrong 2 min ago
Veloce, barkeeper. More wine! 0 Agent_86 16 min ago
Do you Rent or Own? (Poll) 22 rahtruelies 32 min ago
Do you agree with this statement? (Poll) [View all] 54 Aldar 41 min ago
Latinas are God's greatest gift to mankind. 19 Carlos W Bush 1 hr ago
College Diversity Council Admits to Posting Fake Racist Flyers On Campus 2 MumblyPeg 1 hr ago
People rush to help London terror victim, except one 22 MumblyPeg 3 hrs ago
Looking for gun suggestions 39 Currentsitguy 9 hrs ago
So I'm in Boise because my 81 y/o Dad's having vascular surgery. Diabetic. About to lose his leg. 36 JaimeBondoJr 12 hrs ago
Hunt & Kill All White Women Facebook Post Deemed Not Hate Speech 9 MumblyPeg 14 hrs ago
Say it like it is.. 3 MumblyPeg 18 hrs ago
The Social Justice Warrior Anthem 1 smoke check 20 hrs ago
My Dying Bride - Sear me MCMXCIII 0 Attera 21 hrs ago
Best science fiction film of the year (2013): "Gravity" 4 Juan Rico 22 hrs ago
Republicans and Democrats - Food for Thought 7 wonderwarthog 22 hrs ago
Arrested for "walking my dog near muslims" (Canada) 39 MumblyPeg 23 hrs ago
The man with the green face 0 Agent_86 23 hrs ago
Only an idiot or moron thinks Kusanagi is an Asian female role. 5 _eek 23 hrs ago
Opinion, Islam is at War with Western Civilization? (Poll) 18 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
For America to survive and flourish, we need at LEAST a 50% reduction in the standard of living. 17 Shkreli Yesterday
Liberals, take note 0 Iron Condor Yesterday
If marijuana were legalized, would it change your habits? (Poll) 32 MumblyPeg Thursday
Wisconsin police officer, 3 others dead in shooting 3 Agent_86 Thursday
It's National Puppy Day ! 8 Grumpy Pickle Thursday
the liberal elite and classism 12 rampartb Thursday
More claims of cultural appropriation 11 His Daughter Thursday
Hey guys, ever go out with a crazy like this? 15 Iron Condor Thursday
Why Islam may surpass Christianity as world's largest faith 6 Aldar Thursday
Utah Man on 25th Anniversary Dream Vacation killed, Wife injured in London Terror Attack 0 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Best science fiction film of the year (2012): "The Avengers" 1 Juan Rico Thursday
Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns on April 14th! 2 Juan Rico Thursday
On this day....March 23, 1775 Patrick Henry 2 Boadicea Thursday
Any forum with free speech and little moderation becomes right wing. Democrat ideas can't exist 20 Shkreli Thursday
FN announces release of 2 factory short-barreled FN 15 carbines 7 Juan Rico Thursday
Wisconsin Campus Administrator Says Whiteness is Satanic 11 MumblyPeg Thursday
Stop marijuana legalization 27 MumblyPeg Thursday
GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY - Right Wing Violence is DESTROYING AMERICA! 22 wonderwarthog Thursday
Best science fiction film of the year (2011): "Captain America: The First Avenger" 6 Juan Rico Thursday
Hartford CT Buy Back Claims Classic, Antique and Homemade Guns 0 Juan Rico Thursday
College requests 'grammatically incorrect' gender-neutral language 8 Juan Rico Wednesday
Chuck Barris is dead 5 Cold Warrior Wednesday
Mosin Nagant performance @ 944 yrds 4 Iron Condor Wednesday
eh.. what the hell 4 MumblyPeg Wednesday
On this date in 1622 4 Kelley Wednesday
Jesus, what has this country come to? I want Faceshit taken down. 17 joefriday6 Wednesday
With all the obsession with DU around here, howcum no one noticed this... 2 Scary Red Tuesday
Mossbergs New 590 Shockwave: The New Coach Gun? 8 Juan Rico Tuesday
Singer John Denver's Dad flew one of these 12 wonderwarthog Tuesday
Muslims hack Atheist to Death for Facebook posts 31 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
Why Do So Many Muslims Hate Dogs? 47 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
Travis County Texas (Austin) needs DoJ civil rights teams to explode its LE ranks immediately. 9 Shkreli Tuesday
Manhunt intensifies for missing Tenn. teacher, student 10 Agent_86 Tuesday
Best science fiction film of the year (2009): "Watchmen" 2 Juan Rico Tuesday
I was listening to an old-time radio drama, and the plot involved marijuana. 9 Juan Rico Tuesday
Myths of Migration 0 Agent_86 Tuesday
the greatest athletic performance in history (Poll) 31 cartmansucks Monday
Starbucks CEO stepping down after Immigration stunt backfires 18 Gunslinger201 Monday
What Are You Reading? March 19, 2017 9 Argentina Monday
SciFi Trope: unified government 10 NeoKhan Monday
Since it's St. Patrick's day 9 Gunslinger201 Monday
The top 3 selling vehicles in America 45 Aldar Sunday
Multnomah County offers incentives for homeowners to house homeless in backyards 12 Da Mannn Sunday
Alert Button - how often have you alerted on something posted at DI? (Poll) 26 Maine Sunday
Alcohol key to forklift theft 2 Agent_86 Sunday
All immigration should be suspended for 10 years 0 Jack Burton Sunday
Keith Richards Bows to the Master 0 wonderwarthog Sunday
Today is CRAWFISH BOIL DAY!! 6 Stars Sunday
Jews and Muslims United Against Ban: I believe the children are the future 20 The Center Holds Sunday
Wall Costs 7 Hades Sunday
CEO Makes Potential Employees Take a Snowflake Test Before Hiring 8 def_con5 Sunday
Best science fiction film of the year (2008): "WALL-E" 1 Juan Rico Sunday
Best science fiction film of the year (2005): "Serenity" 6 Juan Rico Sunday
VIDEO: 'Return of The Jedi' Modern Trailer 0 Cyberpunk Sunday
MUSIC VIDEO: The Jam 'Modern World' 0 Cyberpunk Sunday
Sometimes, You Never Can Tell: Chuck Berry. 1 RATFINK_5.0 Sunday
"Lilly" - the AT&T girl is Smoking Hot plus she is a political refugee from Uzbekistan 4 Fatuous Fatwa Sunday
MUSIC VIDEO: Talking Heads 'Burning Down The House' Live (1984) 1 Cyberpunk Saturday
I confess to really digging the Slim Harpo channel on Pandora. 0 The Big Red Machine Saturday
Trump Statue Unveiled 0 wonderwarthog Saturday
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