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The 3 Best Full-Size Pistols Under $400 MSRP 14 Juan Rico Mar 11
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Aldar Mar 11
Anyone heard from Concerned Canuck? 7 Slayer Mar 11
Saturnus - Rain wash me 0 Attera Mar 11
Killing a Program That Brings History to Life 7 Agent_86 Mar 11
Countries where socialism doesn't work. 5 smoke check Mar 11
Someone Stole TEDDY ROOSEVELTS BOAT 5 wonderwarthog Mar 11
So, wives get a raw deal by not being adequately compensated for their labors? 12 Dumper Mar 11
great st patrick's day gift for your favorite (Poll) 9 rampartb Mar 11
Best science fiction film of the year (1998): "Deep Impact" 4 Juan Rico Mar 11
sci fi movies that should be made [View all] 51 rampartb Mar 11
Airman had to put his dog down after four tours. Very sad. 5 joefriday6 Mar 11
Reza Aslan eats human brain on new CNN show 'Believer' 1 Thorson Mar 10
I care about animals much more than I do people, MUCH more [View all] 52 Frankenvoter Mar 10
Colion comes out 4 357blackhawk Mar 10
Lessons Learned: Women's Day is NOT like National Donut Day 17 NeoKhan Mar 10
Teddy Roosevelt vs. Betsy DeVos 3 wonderwarthog Mar 10
More Colion Noir on Ammosexuals 1 His Daughter Mar 10
Serious question for the straight males... (Poll) 16 JaimeBondoJr Mar 10
John Quincy Adams 3 wonderwarthog Mar 10
Best science fiction film of the year (1997): "Contact" 7 Juan Rico Mar 10
Soooo, is tomorrow supposed to be "A Day Without a Woman" online too? 5 DP46 Mar 10
guns and shooting in the UK 2 357blackhawk Mar 10
New Internet Hoax 12 His Daughter Mar 10
Elvis Presley's revolver reels in $175K at auction 2 Juan Rico Mar 10
Should a family be thrown off a flight if they can't control their screaming toddler? (Poll) 32 Juan Rico Mar 10
That ain't no Glock. That's a 1911.. :P 8 Iron Condor Mar 10
SB Tactical launches adjustable pistol stabilizing brace for ARs 17 Juan Rico Mar 9
Social Justice Syndrome: Rising Tide of Personality Disorders Among Millennials 25 TM999 Mar 9
"Day w/o Women." My wife told me to look at life from her perspective. 10 Da Mannn Mar 9
Kuwait rebuilding parts of the Silk Road as a causeway: 5 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 9
Best science fiction film of the year (1993): "Jurassic Park" 4 Juan Rico Mar 9
Best science fiction film of the year (1995): "12 Monkeys" 13 Juan Rico Mar 9
"Raising awareness" What good does it do exactly? 6 Frankenvoter Mar 9
Happy International Women's Day 4 357blackhawk Mar 9
John Walker Lindh's Blues 2 wonderwarthog Mar 9
What's Trumps EDC Gun? Information? Wild guesses? 14 DP46 Mar 9
Jason Isaacs will follow Sir Patrick Stewart as second British actor to take the captain's chair... 5 TexMex Mar 8
The drive into work was refreshingly free of bad drivers today. No accidents or bad drivers. Why? 15 Social_Justice Mar 8
Colion Noir has just come out of the closet 18 His Daughter Mar 8
Why have right wing posters started talking to an imaginary foe called 'lefty'? 31 Muzzlehatch Mar 8
Conniption Tits: Feminists Are Going Wild Over Emma Watson Bare Breasts 5 Juan Rico Mar 8
Who's the single greatest rock musician? 29 Konservative Mar 8
Excepting Rampartb*, today's Di crowd has terrible taste in music. 34 Konservative Mar 8
Best science fiction film of the year (1991): "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" 4 Juan Rico Mar 8
Trumps new Travel Order looks Bulletproof 6 Gunslinger201 Mar 7
A song about life 4 Cold Warrior Mar 7
This sh&# is real in Mexico.... 1 ibtruthin Mar 7
"git 'er done!" seen at trump rally (Poll) 21 rampartb Mar 7
Has anyone ever looked up the "Mandela effect"? 12 Attera Mar 7
Canadian Student Group Offers Black Students Only First Aid Training 4 Juan Rico Mar 7
Anti-Trump March for Science Forced to Apologize for Calling Women "Females" 5 Juan Rico Mar 7
More U.S. Households Now Have Netflix Than a DVR 12 Daves Not Here Man Mar 7
For anyone who constantly ask Who, What, Why, Where, and How here is a great YouTube channel 0 Currentsitguy Mar 6
Democrat class movie glorifying the MURDER of the one percent 46 Da Mannn Mar 6
Robert Osborne, TCM Host and Film Historian, Dies at 84 4 Currentsitguy Mar 6
Best science fiction film of the year (1990): "Total Recall" 7 Juan Rico Mar 6
160 sixty years ago today 0 Kelley Mar 6
Liberal Gun Owners... 37 wonderwarthog Mar 6
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Gunslinger201 Mar 6
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 rampartb Mar 6
What Are You Reading? March 5, 2017 11 Argentina Mar 6
FAKE NEWS: Swedens Integration Minister Admits Lying to BBC About Rape Stats 6 Bronxbomber Mar 5
How Islam is destroying Europe 24 Gunslinger201 Mar 5
This May Explain Why So Many People Feel Outraged About Childfree Adults 24 Juan Rico Mar 5
Beauty and the Beast: Russia considers ban over 'gay moment' 14 Agent_86 Mar 5
Best science fiction film of the year (1989): "The Abyss" 1 Juan Rico Mar 5
Perhaps if the Acadamy Awards picked Best Pictures that anyone actually saw, they'd be more relevant 34 Juan Rico Mar 4
Man gets prison time for honor ritual 4 Agent_86 Mar 4
Sorry: Still No Proof Gun Control Decreases Murder and Mayhem 1 Iron Condor Mar 4
this is a good rock band 10 cartmansucks Mar 4
Man's body found six months after his death under a 6 ton pile of porno mags 13 Fatuous Fatwa Mar 4
Best science fiction film of the year (1988): "Akira" 2 Juan Rico Mar 4
I'm confused. is Bush Hitler or is Trump Hitler? 9 Gunslinger201 Mar 4
Muslim psychologist urges fellow Muslims to 'Exercise our Weapons of Mass Reproduction'. 7 Bronxbomber Mar 4
What the Hell happened in Trump Tower last night ? 3 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 4
Oscars versus how Hollywood makes its money 5 Troll2 Mar 4
Don't go knockin'... 1 Agent_86 Mar 4
T12/M3 Gun Motor Carriage Tank Destroyer 3 Juan Rico Mar 4
Whoa! News filling up with Democrat treachery. How many of them are going to get clipped in all this 0 Shkreli Mar 4
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