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How to participate on Discussionist 26 Admin Apr 2016
So I've noticed that the News forum is heavily trolled. 8 Carlos W Bush 7 min ago
Blatantly racist OP not only survives alert here but garners support for racist language. 24 Lazarus Long 15 hrs ago
How many "in bad faith" alerts will set off an investigation... 9 frankt8242 19 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Fred Sanford Yesterday
Who here absolutely despises and hates me; thinks I'm a terrible person? (Poll) 24 Shkreli Thursday
It looks like the secure connection for Discussionist is working now. 14 Isidore Thursday
Expect occasional downtime over the next week or so while we upgrade our security 26 Naveed Monday
Really getting tired of having to re-log in 2 or 3 times a week because of the election hack 7 Smoke Monday
I give up on the site's non-changeover to DST. I went into "My account" and switched time zone... 4 Gamle-ged Sunday
I'm here if anybody wants to alert 18 i verglas Saturday
Sane DI'er perusing through the bullshit OPs these days 9 Daves Not Here Man Mar 16
What does the Dept. of Ed do that. requires 4,400 employees? 10 Konservative Mar 16
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Daves Not Here Man Mar 16
Another one bites the dust. But he got what he wanted. 36 Da Mannn Mar 15
Im getting an " Insecure login " message when I try to log in ....anyone else ? 8 Grumpy Pickle Mar 15
Password 9 BluRose Mar 13
Didn't we 12 Doctor_R Mar 12
Why does my profile say that I have a 100% chance of serving on a jury, but since the site 39 Runner Dude Mar 12
Welcome Back to Discussionist! PLEASE READ 34 Naveed Mar 12
This message was self-deleted by its author 21 Daves Not Here Man Mar 11
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Konservative Mar 11
Politics Forum 12 Stars Mar 11
So it's OK for a DU HOFer (texasgal on DU) who hasn't been here in ages, [View all] 96 Attera Mar 10
Hey! I can't "Necro" really old threads. 12 Da Mannn Mar 9
Am I right in assuming this '*' thing becoming popular here is a short version of 'nt', 14 Konservative Mar 7
Let's help the sock with her new IDs 22 Docbroke Mar 7
I haven't actually counted the number of OPs in a forum list 21 i verglas Mar 7
I have a question about black Americans, so I need to ask those who feel most able to answer: 15 Konservative Mar 7
finally 7 i verglas Mar 7
Does the asterisk after a sentence mean you're one of his socks? 4 Daves Not Here Man Mar 6
Cons censure Bobby. But let racist socks role [View all] 53 Docbroke Mar 5
So.. Time for a Sock hunt? [View all] 87 _eek Mar 2
Deluth Trading 10 Cave Dweller Mar 2
Not a fan of Fred and his cohorts. 19 Carlos W Bush Mar 2
Well, well..well!! 17 Stars Mar 1
alert abuse? 5 def_con5 Mar 1
Jury Duty 16 ProgressiveTaxation Feb 26
I don't see socks listed ....but... 11 Sassyspop Feb 21
Multiple juries on the same thread? 13 KAT Feb 21
Profile pics. 2 Doctor_R Feb 19
I can't change my avatar. 6 Immacolata Feb 16
I have a harassing stalker. [View all] 69 TM999 Feb 14
Not real happy with the new jury system. 26 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Feb 14
This message was self-deleted by its author 8 Docbroke Feb 13
So some stupid piece of shit can openly spam this board with lame stalker talking points 23 FORD Feb 11
This message was self-deleted by its author 6 BanachTarskiParadox Feb 11
How could knowing what "BanachTarski paradox" is help feed a human being or help it raise kids? 13 Shkreli Feb 11
The system works. Post of mine mine hidden by jury. Admins overturned it. 32 Strange Luck Feb 9
I've been on at least 10 juries since Di came back online 10 Frankenvoter Feb 8
The Admins need to start enforcing the Terms of Service on this website. [View all] 54 FORD Feb 4
Nicely done cons 47 Docbroke Feb 2
Glitch? 42 KAT Jan 31
Follow up on the glitch thread 22 KAT Jan 31
I am in a dire financial straight. 15 Konservative Jan 31
Do you only enforce the TOS for the members who agree with you politically?? [View all] 59 Attera Jan 30
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 Attera Jan 30
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Gamle-ged Jan 27
Test [View all] 137 EagleKeeper Jan 26
Heh... Got on a jury I could not do... 10 Ohio Joe Jan 25
Getting tons of ssl error popups on my mobile... 5 PrescientWon. Jan 25
Why does it say, when called up for Jury duty, 'you have been selected to serve on a DU jury'? 2 Jardinier Jan 25
What a strange way to run a forum [View all] 56 Satanica Jan 24
I'm looking for a job for a friend. 5 Konservative Jan 24
The administrators need to enforce the rules 10 Satanica Jan 24
Procedure to determine whether your vote or your alert made a difference... 12 Gamle-ged Jan 24
Should I stop telling my broad to do something by snapping my fingers? (Poll) 10 Konservative Jan 23
Trying to get ahead of the curve. CAlling for death of poster. 26 Guyzilla Jan 22
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Konservative Jan 21
When someone writes an OP calling for mass killing of DEMOCRATS, what category of alert is that? (Poll) [View all] 81 Guyzilla Jan 20
Why can't I upload an avatar? 8 Deplorable Jan 20
Anybody hear from F'iberglas? 6 Smoke Jan 20
We need a FAKE news EMOJI, that right wingers can make Global. 3 Guyzilla Jan 20
I need some self-defense ideas. 17 Konservative Jan 19
Can I taste some Liberal tears by proxy? 1 Konservative Jan 19
I have blocked two persons that have threatened to out me as a fraud, as I have heart failure. 28 Guyzilla Jan 18
Half the fun of alerts was posting the results 20 Da Mannn Jan 18
Have the networks called it for Hillary yet? 7 Konservative Jan 17
Financial advice needed: 6 Konservative Jan 16
I would like to start a thread about 8 Satanica Jan 16
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