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Modernized Undetectable Firearms Bill Would Outlaw Glocks, Many Rifles 18 Juan Rico Tuesday
European Union tightens up gun restrictions 4 Juan Rico Saturday
Kirsten Gillibrand: How will the police solve gun crimes if people are allowed to use silencers? 10 Juan Rico Friday
Bill would mandate New York gun owners keep $250K in liability insurance 36 Juan Rico Mar 10
John Lott blasts Connecticut hike in handgun permit fees 4 Juan Rico Mar 8
Senator on Hearing Protection Act: Lives will be lost 9 Juan Rico Mar 8
Lawmaker wants to limit Californians to buying no more than one gun a month 2 Juan Rico Mar 8
New bill in House looks to close the ghost gun "loophole". 14 Juan Rico Mar 7
Question of the Day: Will Democrats Ever Drop Their Gun Control Platform? 3 Juan Rico Mar 3
Its Come to This Side Feed Stripper Clip AR-15 Loaders 3 Juan Rico Mar 2
Pennsylvania Legislator Wants Licenses for Ammo Buys 15 Juan Rico Mar 1
House Dems warn of 'terribly alarming' Republican gun bills 11 Juan Rico Mar 1
Moms Demand Action: Honor Memory of Trayvon Martin by Demanding Gun Control [View all] 64 Juan Rico Feb 28
The most white state in our nation seems to have it going on with guns. 48 oldenuff35 Feb 27
Behold: The bolt-action California-compliant Glock 20 Juan Rico Feb 27
Alabama Lawmaker: We're Not Against Gun Rights, But..... [View all] 78 Juan Rico Feb 25
Firearms rationing bill introduced in California 0 Juan Rico Feb 24
My handgaurds and flashlight arrived today. 23 Hades Feb 24
CA Gun Control Politician Kevin De Lon: Half My Family Are Illegal Immigrants [View all] 63 Juan Rico Feb 22
Let's see if the violent anti-Trump people throw some bricks now: 2 Hades Feb 18
Interesting post on the racist roots of gun control 6 His Daughter Feb 17
Massachusetts bill includes tax, smart guns, .50 cal ban, background checks [View all] 67 Juan Rico Feb 14
CT: Gov. Malloy wants to more than quadruple pistol permit fee to $370 7 Juan Rico Feb 10
Customer shoots, kills suspected diaper thief at Wal-Mart [View all] 63 Juan Rico Feb 9
Prager U: What should we do about Guns? 23 Gunslinger201 Feb 4
A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested In Gun Ownership 6 DocDocGoose Jan 20
Gun control group Everytown condemns national concealed reciprocity bill 31 Juan Rico Jan 17
Virginia's Party Of Gun Control (guess who?) Has A Survey Asking You to Ban Guns 19 Juan Rico Jan 16
Oregon governor includes gun control in 2017 legislative agenda 8 Juan Rico Jan 16
Civilian with a gun saves Troopers life 7 cologeek Jan 13
Gun control: Florida Democrats look to ban modern sporting rifles 2 Juan Rico Jan 12
Idiot tries to rob gun store - receives instant justice 8 Juan Rico Jan 12
Just a reminder, Gun Control, Australia, 30 round clips and shoulder things that go up 7 pavulon-lives Jan 11
Gun Fight !!! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 2016
Hillary Invokes Trayvon Martin, Omits Relevant Details 12 Juan Rico Nov 2016
Hillary Clinton held a rally in a Florida gay bar talked about gun control.. 10 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
New estimate of number of guns in US civilian hands 6 His Daughter Oct 2016
17 gun control groups announce endorsement of Clinton for president 8 Juan Rico Oct 2016
Anti-Gun Rights PA AG Kathleen Kane Sentenced to Jail 6 Juan Rico Oct 2016
Clinton’s platform goes against gun rights 5 Juan Rico Oct 2016
Vegas Gun Store Holds 'Pre-Hillary' Gun Sale 34 Juan Rico Oct 2016
Anti Gun LawSuit Fails in Court 6 Crazy D Oct 2016
Frivolous lawsuit against firearms manufacturer fails 7 pavulon-lives Oct 2016
Judge: Newtown Families' Lawsuit Against Gun-Maker Can Go Forward 46 Letmypeoplevote Oct 2016
Clinton's tired old gun-control spiel gets no better with age 2 Juan Rico Oct 2016
FBI: Murder in America Up Nearly 10%, at 5-Year High 5 Red Hornet Oct 2016
SEE IT: Georgia woman fatally shoots home invader, sends two accomplices fleeing 1 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Keith Scott's wife filed restraining order against him last year [due to his 9mm gun] 17 LaughingGull Sep 2016
Trump and Clinton Debate Gun Control at Presidential Debate 3 Juan Rico Sep 2016
When a lefty asks "when has the NRA defended a black man's 2A rights"? 22 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Sep 2016
A vote for a Democrat is a vote to take away your guns. 36 Jack Burton Sep 2016
I have an analogy for the left... 20 Hades Sep 2016
Australia offers gun amnesty after increase in shootings 2 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Green Party’s Jill Stein: Americans should be persuaded to disarm 12 Juan Rico Sep 2016
House Democrats Plan Scripted Gun Control “Day of Outrage” 3 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Washington AG proposes ban on "assault" weapons, "high-capacity" magazines 17 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Kalashnikov Reveals a Replacement for Its Famed Sniper Rifle 12 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Gun laws applied to cars. 14 Jack Burton Sep 2016
Is Hillary Clinton’s Lead Selling Guns for Smith & Wesson? 16 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Swiss balk at EU concept of stripping ‘assault rifles’ from the people 2 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Lawmakers propose putting serial numbers on all bullets sold in Illinois 26 Juan Rico Sep 2016
18-Year-Old Arrested For Buying 24 Toy Guns in China, Gets Sentenced to Life in Prison [View all] 60 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Second Amendment backers arm up with ink and paper to battle California's 'Gunmageddon' 3 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Minter ‘assault weapons’ ban could end Vermont gun businesses 1 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Gun bans = more crime and more death [View all] 66 Jack Burton Aug 2016
THIS is what the Gun Control Cultists (GCC) think is reasonable. [View all] 111 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Aug 2016
Venezuela crushes 2,000 guns in public, plans registry of bullets 3 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Study: Concealed Permits Surge 215% Under Obama 27 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Question for gun control advocates: How much is enough? [View all] 133 Juan Rico Aug 2016
New figures show over 900,000 suppressors in circulation 13 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Another BS article citing a BS source by BS poster on DU [View all] 123 His Daughter Aug 2016
Orlando Terrorist’s Father Cheers at Hillary Clinton Rally; Calls For Gun Control 21 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Teleconference of East Coast Gov’t Agencies Planning Gun Confiscation Leaked 3 rahtruelies Aug 2016
A special "thank you" for our resident gun-control advocates and their handlers. [View all] 50 .30M1 Aug 2016
Poll: Young adults support new efforts to curb gun violence 16 Muddling Through Aug 2016
Anyone care to venture a guess on the number of Texas students who die this semester? (Poll) [View all] 88 DocDocGoose Aug 2016
Pheonix police replace aging Glocks with HK VP40 14 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Texas professors sue over new law allowing guns on campus 14 MountainDew Aug 2016
This Veteran Officer Faces Felony Charges For Thinking He Lives In Free America 36 TexMex Aug 2016
Former New Jersey Governor: “We’re a Model on How to Go Forward” on Gun Control 5 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Just in Time for His Party’s Convention, Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control 46 Juan Rico Aug 2016
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