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Man tries to rob pizza place with gun magazine, employee slaps it out of his hands 8 Juan Rico Yesterday
North Dakota joins ranks of constitutional carry states 13 Juan Rico Friday
Liberals, take note 0 Iron Condor Friday
Botched home invasion ends with suspect dead, another behind bars 8 Juan Rico Thursday
Police in Canada may need special training to be allowed to wear "assault gloves" 7 Juan Rico Thursday
When your life is on the line and every second counts, the police are only 38 minutes away. 4 Juan Rico Thursday
FN announces release of 2 factory short-barreled FN 15 carbines 7 Juan Rico Thursday
Hartford CT Buy Back Claims Classic, Antique and Homemade Guns 0 Juan Rico Thursday
Mosin Nagant performance @ 944 yrds 4 Iron Condor Wednesday
Mossbergs New 590 Shockwave: The New Coach Gun? 8 Juan Rico Tuesday
Gun rights groups double down on Gorsuch support 5 Juan Rico Tuesday
Modernized Undetectable Firearms Bill Would Outlaw Glocks, Many Rifles 18 Juan Rico Tuesday
European Union tightens up gun restrictions 4 Juan Rico Mar 18
Worlds Most Advanced US Military Rail gun in Final Testing 2 Juan Rico Mar 18
honest question to leftists 43 357blackhawk Mar 18
Kirsten Gillibrand: How will the police solve gun crimes if people are allowed to use silencers? 10 Juan Rico Mar 17
When your firearms instructor needs to find another career (very short video) 9 Juan Rico Mar 17
Texas couple fatally shoots 2 intruders after being bound, held hostage 1 Juan Rico Mar 15
Clerk Ready When Robber Points Pistol 3 Juan Rico Mar 15
Pennsylvania Police Department Destroys $25,000 of Legal Guns 12 Juan Rico Mar 14
Town auctioning their 1921 Thompson submachine gun 24 Juan Rico Mar 12
Intruder shot after failing to heed female homeowners warnings 13 Juan Rico Mar 12
The 3 Best Full-Size Pistols Under $400 MSRP 14 Juan Rico Mar 11
Quote of the Day: Defenseless in The Bronx 3 Juan Rico Mar 11
Bill would mandate New York gun owners keep $250K in liability insurance 36 Juan Rico Mar 10
Colion comes out 4 357blackhawk Mar 10
Man Carrying Pool Cue Case Shuts Down Idaho University 14 Juan Rico Mar 10
guns and shooting in the UK 2 357blackhawk Mar 10
Elvis Presley's revolver reels in $175K at auction 2 Juan Rico Mar 10
Army concerned over shrinking munitions stockpile 16 Juan Rico Mar 10
SB Tactical launches adjustable pistol stabilizing brace for ARs 17 Juan Rico Mar 9
Maxine Waters says the Golden Showers videos will be released ANY DAY NOW! 24 Duke Lacrosse Mar 9
John Lott blasts Connecticut hike in handgun permit fees 4 Juan Rico Mar 8
Senator on Hearing Protection Act: Lives will be lost 9 Juan Rico Mar 8
NY state settles with 7 toy sellers over realistic fake guns sold in Central NY 1 Juan Rico Mar 8
Lawmaker wants to limit Californians to buying no more than one gun a month 2 Juan Rico Mar 8
Sandy Hook families file brief to reinstate case against Remington 44 Juan Rico Mar 7
New bill in House looks to close the ghost gun "loophole". 14 Juan Rico Mar 7
3 Things Trump Can Do RIGHT NOW To Restore Gun Rights 1 Juan Rico Mar 6
Another Bloomberg Mayor against Guns Arrested (Again) 18 Dexter Morgan Mar 6
Czechs debate gun rights amendment to ensure EU can't tighten rules 1 Juan Rico Mar 5
ISSF recommends dropping historic shooting events for 2020 Olympics 1 Juan Rico Mar 4
Study: 175 million military self-loading rifles produced since 1896 4 Juan Rico Mar 4
Question of the Day: Will Democrats Ever Drop Their Gun Control Platform? 3 Juan Rico Mar 3
Bill proposes gun safety classes as electives in public high schools 8 Juan Rico Mar 3
SC man with thousands of 'hoarded' guns will not go to prison 0 Juan Rico Mar 2
2 teens charged with murder after accomplice killed in botched robbery 1 Juan Rico Mar 2
Pick-Axe Wielding Home Invader Wins Room Temperature Challenge 11 Juan Rico Mar 2
Watch: Guy Builds Shotgun Out of Items Purchased After Going Through TSA at the Airport 3 Juan Rico Mar 2
Top 5 Most Painful Handguns to Shoot 18 Juan Rico Mar 2
The definition of pellet gun to Indian police is very different 2 Juan Rico Mar 2
Its Come to This Side Feed Stripper Clip AR-15 Loaders 3 Juan Rico Mar 2
Russias Kalashnikov Company to Start Producing Toy Guns 0 Juan Rico Mar 2
What's your handgun of preference for home defense? 34 Louie Mar 1
Pennsylvania Legislator Wants Licenses for Ammo Buys 15 Juan Rico Mar 1
Teen fatally shot after sneaking into girlfriends house 5 Juan Rico Mar 1
GLOCK Protests SIG P320 Win of Armys MHS Contract 5 Juan Rico Mar 1
House Dems warn of 'terribly alarming' Republican gun bills 11 Juan Rico Mar 1
Australian fanboy arrested for making replica 3D firearms, faces 14 years in jail 6 Juan Rico Mar 1
Olympics Wants to Remove Bullets from Shooting Sports To Attract TV Audience 2 Juan Rico Mar 1
XPrize Contest Highlights Ludicrous Steps Anti-gunners will take to Deny Reality 1 Juan Rico Mar 1
Moms Demand Action: Honor Memory of Trayvon Martin by Demanding Gun Control [View all] 64 Juan Rico Feb 28
Teen shot at by would-be victim during auto break-in attack 5 Juan Rico Feb 28
Seoul says North Korea executes 5 senior security officials with anti-aircraft guns 4 Juan Rico Feb 27
At least 100 rare transferable machine guns soon up for grabs (PHOTOS) 4 Juan Rico Feb 27
Behold: The bolt-action California-compliant Glock 20 Juan Rico Feb 27
Man who shot controversial pipeline with rifle killed by cops after chase, authorities say 0 Juan Rico Feb 27
Texas Sen. John Cornyn to Introduce National Reciprocity Bill in Senate Next Week 31 Juan Rico Feb 26
Good legislative news from Iowa regarding gun rights 1 Juan Rico Feb 26
UT-Austin Grad Students Teaching Fellow Snowflakes in Gun-Free Bars 7 Juan Rico Feb 25
Alabama Lawmaker: We're Not Against Gun Rights, But..... [View all] 78 Juan Rico Feb 25
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Ignores Heller: No Protection for Guns It Deems Dangerous 5 Juan Rico Feb 25
3 Charged In Home Invasion, Shooting Of Retired Gary Cop 0 Juan Rico Feb 25
Carjacker scared off by would-be victims purple pistol 3 Juan Rico Feb 24
Man Gets Only 34 Years In Fatal Avondale Home Invasion After Executing 16 Year Old Boy 2 Juan Rico Feb 24
If You're a New Gun Owner in Connecticut, Be Prepared to Fork Out the Dough 21 Juan Rico Feb 24
My favorite .gif just got updated. Constitutional carry is on the march across the USA. 12 Juan Rico Feb 24
Strict guncontrol France had more casualties from shootings in 1 year than Obamas entire presidency 0 Iron Condor Feb 24
Ted Cruz predicts another SCOTUS vacancy this summer 10 Juan Rico Feb 24
Firearms rationing bill introduced in California 0 Juan Rico Feb 24
WTF is a "ghost gun"? 16 357blackhawk Feb 23
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