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"Is this really a good bill?"
In Politics - By MedusasRage - 19 min ago

Is the world overpopulated? (Poll)
In Science - By Attera - 20 min ago

Veloce, barkeeper. More wine!
In Culture - By Agent_86 - 23 min ago

Democracy is inherently incapable of preemptively solving problems
In Politics - By Troll2 - 29 min ago

The Republicans not helping people on the ACA is immoral and illogical.
In Politics - By rondan - 30 min ago

OLD SCHOOL: Young MC 'Roll With The Punches'
In Fun - By Cyberpunk - 33 min ago

Atlanta family battling state over right to name daughter Allah
In News - By Aldar - 43 min ago

Have you noticed
In Politics - By Aldar - 56 min ago

Trump flop
In Politics - By Tiphill - 1 hr ago

Should President Trump try to forge a center coalition? (Poll)
In Politics - By myohmy - 1 hr ago

What happened yesterday in Congress
In Politics - By Aldar - 2 hrs ago

will granny run again in 2020...
In Politics - By obamateur2 - 3 hrs ago

and in global warming news...
In Politics - By obamateur2 - 3 hrs ago

Day 65 On a beautiful Saturday morning,I again congratulate President Obama,Nancy Pelosi,Joe Biden
In Politics - By graham4anything4HC45 - 4 hrs ago

Feminism Is Literally Killing Women By Telling Them That 3rd World Countries Are Safer Than The West
In Culture - By Gunslinger201 - 4 hrs ago

More songs for losers ! ... & Zombies !!!
In Fun - By RATFINK_5.0 - 5 hrs ago

Meet us half way tRumpies!
In Politics - By KayDog - 5 hrs ago

Will the young sign up for the ACA more frequently now
In Politics - By gowiththrottleup - 5 hrs ago

Sat morn fun: something good is going to happen
In Fun - By RATFINK_5.0 - 6 hrs ago

Are liberals happy with the hope and change Obama brought?
In Politics - By Kristopher09 - 8 hrs ago

Man tries to rob pizza place with gun magazine, employee slaps it out of his hands
In News - By Juan Rico - 8 hrs ago

POLL: All Of The Democrats Leading Candidates For 2020 Beaten By SOMEONE NEW
In Politics - By MumblyPeg - 8 hrs ago

Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great!
In Politics - By LOLingAtTrumpVoters - 8 hrs ago

Republicans Warn Theyll go NUCLEAR if Democrats Filibuster Judge Gorsuch
In Politics - By MumblyPeg - 8 hrs ago

New Clinton Email Lawsuit: Judicial Watch
In News - By MumblyPeg - 8 hrs ago

President Trump Announces Charter Communications Investment $25 Billion and 20,000 Jobs
In News - By MumblyPeg - 8 hrs ago

College Diversity Council Admits to Posting Fake Racist Flyers On Campus
In Culture - By MumblyPeg - 8 hrs ago

I am watching "The Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies"...
In Fun - By Scary Red - 8 hrs ago

The Trump-Obama WIRETAP SAGA Continues: Rosen Claims SMOKING GUN Coming Soon
In Politics - By MumblyPeg - 8 hrs ago

Spicer: Now Democrats Must Own Collapsing ObamaCare
In Politics - By MumblyPeg - 9 hrs ago

In 24 States, 50% or More of Babies Born on Medicaid; New Mexico Leads Nation With 72%
In News - By MumblyPeg - 9 hrs ago

No #winning
In Politics - By TexMex - 9 hrs ago

Trump: "I repealed Hillary".
In Politics - By TheyLostTheirForums - 9 hrs ago

Are republicans simply not intelligent enough to run government ?
In Politics - By Docbroke - 9 hrs ago

Trump said we would EASILY have "great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost. "
In Politics - By LOLingAtTrumpVoters - 9 hrs ago

So I've noticed that the News forum is heavily trolled.
In Help - By Carlos W Bush - 10 hrs ago

Merkel and the rise of the right
In News - By Troll2 - 10 hrs ago

One in five Arab Mediterranean youths hopes to emigrate: study
In News - By Troll2 - 11 hrs ago

Predictions anyone? Will Trump's presidential approval numbers now go, down or stay the same? (Poll)
In Politics - By maxrobes3 - 11 hrs ago

Donald Trump: "I never said repeal and replace Obamacare."
In Politics - By Maya - 11 hrs ago

Is Trump celebrating his latest defeat by golfing again?
In Politics - By Tiphill - 11 hrs ago

Rasmea Odeh, convicted terrorist and organizer of Day without a Woman, deported
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 11 hrs ago

Former Boston Drummer Sib Hashian Dead at 67
In Life - By MumblyPeg - 11 hrs ago

When Republicans are leading the race and pulling away, the "news" is RUSSIANS! When there's...
In Politics - By Gamle-ged - 11 hrs ago

I'm proud of Republicans by gosh!
In Politics - By swifty - 11 hrs ago

ACA architect Gruber says goal of Cadillac tax is to discourage employers from providing health ins
In Politics - By Let it go - 12 hrs ago

democrats own failing obamacare
In Politics - By Aldar - 12 hrs ago

Did Trump tank TrumpCare on purpose?
In Politics - By swifty - 12 hrs ago

Obamacare is not failing.
In Politics - By liberalguy - 12 hrs ago

Crowdstrike co-founder is Sr fellow at Atlantic Council, think tank funded by Ukrainian Billionaire
In Politics - By Let it go - 12 hrs ago

"We had no Democratic support. They weren't going to give us a single vote."
In Politics - By liberalguy - 12 hrs ago

Did Trump just say he wants to let the country's healthcare explode?
In Politics - By swifty - 12 hrs ago

Conservatives won't sign on to a flawed bill. Democrats declare victory.
In Politics - By Da Mannn - 12 hrs ago

New word for the week: hypocrites
In Culture - By WritelyWrong - 13 hrs ago

The IMPORTANT thing is, Americans FEEL OK about not having savings...
In Money - By Gamle-ged - 13 hrs ago

BREAKING: Gunman opens fire on civilians in Lille, France. Casualties reported.
In Politics - By Fred Sanford - 13 hrs ago

Trump unhappy Jared Kushner took a powder on the ski slopes as health care bill floundered
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - 13 hrs ago

Trump's art of no deal: Find someone to blame
In News - By muon - 13 hrs ago

The positions of the Freedom Caucus were totally correct,
In Politics - By Dumper - 14 hrs ago

The great deal maker, the art of the deal,
In Politics - By archives - 14 hrs ago

The TrumpCare bill had crap support from citizens
In Politics - By Docbroke - 14 hrs ago

The fat cat president in video before today...
In Politics - By Lazarus Long - 14 hrs ago

Nebraska Democrats include voter registration forms in 'refugee welcome baskets'
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 14 hrs ago

***Breaking***200 civilians killed by US airstrikes
In News - By muon - 14 hrs ago

In Politics - By blue - 14 hrs ago

What's good for the goose...
In Politics - By Lazarus Long - 14 hrs ago

Trump tried to burn down Obamacare. He set his hair on fire instead
In News - By muon - 14 hrs ago

Sadly the Freedom Caucus gambled and crapped out. What good are principles,
In Politics - By Dumper - 14 hrs ago

Remains of WWII Nazi pilot found in Denmark ID'd
In News - By Banshee 3 Actual - 14 hrs ago

Kamala Harris Wont Vote For Gorsuch Because He Rules With The Law Not Feelings
In News - By MumblyPeg - 15 hrs ago

Paul Ryan: Obamacare is the law of the land
In Politics - By joannadufrane - 15 hrs ago

Steve Pieczenik: Neocons Want To Destroy America/Gorsuch Is Dangerous And Can't Be Trusted (Video)
In Politics - By Cyberpunk - 15 hrs ago

Yes, another one: Pair of Illegal Aliens Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Girl In DC (Sanctuary City)
In News - By MumblyPeg - 15 hrs ago

It's possible that the Israeli bomb threat suspect was paid to do so.
In News - By cologeek - 15 hrs ago

lefty wants our president to fail...
In Politics - By obamateur2 - 15 hrs ago

Trump. It's a great game, and you are #LOSING!
In Politics - By Andronikos - 15 hrs ago

Partisan split at House intel committee over canceled open hearing
In News - By New Deal Democrat - 15 hrs ago

FLOP goes Trump again
In Politics - By Tiphill - 15 hrs ago

Bloomberg tweeting Breitbart article? Wow. Ryan in trouble.
In Politics - By Let it go - 15 hrs ago

Repeal and replace is now collapse and replace.
In Politics - By Let it go - 15 hrs ago

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