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Doctors Brace For Surge Of Polio-Like Disease...
In News - By RCW2014 - 1 hr ago

Would someone please go over to DU and give those fucking idiots a lesson in Civics?
In Politics - By JaimeBondoJr - 1 hr ago

U.S. Fears Russia Employing Combat Laser System in Space
In Tech - By RCW2014 - 1 hr ago

Auto Dealers See Slowing Sales, Sparking Fears That A Long-Expected Decline Is Here
In News - By RCW2014 - 2 hrs ago

538s Nate Silver: 86% DEMs Take The House...
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 2 hrs ago

The caravans will accomplish something important: They will BUILD THE WALL (Poll)
In Politics - By Da Mannn - 2 hrs ago

Vladimir Putin / John Bolton Video...
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 2 hrs ago

Little Donnie is really pissing off the Dem majority.
In Politics - By swifty - 3 hrs ago

At the gym tonight
In Life - By Boadicea - 3 hrs ago

Dont believe the hype: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have flopped with drivers
In Science - By oflguy - 3 hrs ago

Vice President Pence Says That Venezuela is Paying for the Illegal Caravan
In Culture - By Grumpy Pickle - 3 hrs ago

Dodgers' Kemp launches one over the Green Monster.
In Sports - By Agent_86 - 4 hrs ago

Triggered is right...
In Culture - By quad489 - 4 hrs ago

You can't help your brother if you don't.
In Beliefs - By outside - 4 hrs ago

Joe Buck? What the absolute fuck? I hate Joe Buck. Oh well... I guess I'm gonna hear how good Boston
In Sports - By JaimeBondoJr - 4 hrs ago

DI RW, better to be a bit humble about the red wave, you're sounding like the LW in October 2016
In Politics - By Banshee 3 Actual - 5 hrs ago

An historic icon
In Culture - By Iron Condor - 5 hrs ago

Pick a number (Poll)
In Politics - By Micrometer - 5 hrs ago

Grandma charged with shooting grandson after he put a cup of tea on a wooden table without a coaster
In News - By Troll2 - 5 hrs ago

Leaders of Asia and Europe sit down for talks, not sanctions
In News - By Troll2 - 5 hrs ago

Im hearing reports that...
In News - By Solesurvivor - 6 hrs ago

Panic.... Panic..... Panic.
In Politics - By outside - 6 hrs ago

Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake
In News - By Agent_86 - 6 hrs ago

Tokyo: Energy ministers from around the world vow to promote hydrogen as alternative energy source
In Science - By Aquila - 7 hrs ago

Trump nationalist and patriot. Webster vs. CNN
In Politics - By Tin Ear2 - 7 hrs ago

Interesting Explanation Of US World-Wide Economic Squeeze
In Politics - By It Guy - 7 hrs ago

Just something I wanted to call BS on these illegal alien invaders coming here
In Politics - By Iron Condor - 7 hrs ago

trumpfatigue OOPS. CAUGHT!!! Republican SOS Kemp & Repub. Gov candidate...
In Politics - By graham4anything4HC45 - 8 hrs ago

DOW 25191.
In Money - By uncledad - 8 hrs ago

FBI unable to find photos of Comey, Mueller 'hugging and kissing' as Trump claimed
In News - By Micrometer - 9 hrs ago

Khashoggis Body Parts Found in Garden of Saudi Consul Generals Home - Sources
In News - By RCW2014 - 9 hrs ago

Has the Eagle Eaten All the Olives? Putin Jokes with Bolton About US Belligerence
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 9 hrs ago

Official School Records Support Claims That Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Married Her Brother
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 9 hrs ago

The migrants appear well fed
In Politics - By Tin Ear2 - 9 hrs ago

Oil Slumps 5 Pct on Wall St Tumble, Saudi Supply Assurances
In Money - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

Sandra Day OConnor, Former Supreme Court Justice, Announces Dementia Diagnosis
In News - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

U.S. Says Border Crossings Rebounded as Trump Declared Crisis
In News - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

Avenatti promised massive anti Trump rally same time Trump/ Cruz had rally.
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 10 hrs ago

Dem candidate caught RED HANDED stealing Repub rivals pamphlet from voters home
In Politics - By Nostrings - 10 hrs ago

#democraticcommunismfatigue Jamal Khashoggi: WTH anyway? #schumershutdown
In Life - By MumblyPeg - 10 hrs ago

Washington puppet bill nelson...
In Politics - By Nostrings - 10 hrs ago

Cleared my sub hand receipt.
In Life - By Charlie Mike - 10 hrs ago

Kamala Harris went to Iowa...
In Politics - By Nostrings - 10 hrs ago

Records show FBI agents gave Andrew Gillum tickets to Hamilton in 2016
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 10 hrs ago

Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi journalist's body parts found, say Sky sources
In News - By Troll2 - 10 hrs ago

Bernie Sanders says no blue wave coming.
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 10 hrs ago

The caravan, and all coming here, legal or not: What no one seems to get
In Politics - By Currentsitguy - 11 hrs ago

The Crisis by Thomas Paine
In Politics - By Solesurvivor - 11 hrs ago

Caravan now at 247,603!
In Politics - By Phlegm Monger - 11 hrs ago

Marco Rubio on the Migrant Caravan:
In Politics - By rh24 - 11 hrs ago

RUSSIA conspiracy theorists ... prepare for disappointment
In Politics - By Boston - 12 hrs ago

The 2020 Democratic nominee slogan: "Hillary by default"
In Politics - By shogun - 12 hrs ago

Finally, a truthful DNC ad.....
In Culture - By quad489 - 12 hrs ago

Prediction: If Democrats fail to take the House or the Senate, it will be "revealed" that the...
In Politics - By Gamle-ged - 12 hrs ago

trumpfatigue- Hey, Matthew, you forgot to include yourself, but I do agree with 87% of following-
In Politics - By graham4anything4HC45 - 12 hrs ago

This world needs a good asteroid impact.
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 12 hrs ago

Tom Arnold flips out, threatens Trumps life according to a witnesses
In Politics - By bruiserboy - 12 hrs ago

trumpfatigue I like Mr.Gillum, & how he is talking to all those who trump is not talking to
In Politics - By graham4anything4HC45 - 12 hrs ago

'This is why people hate millennials':
In Culture - By JanetS - 12 hrs ago

Get a grip, lefty.
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 12 hrs ago

I think the dems are setting themselves up for a giant disappointment.
In Politics - By Jack Burton - 12 hrs ago

Fake news follows migrant caravan's journey north
In News - By Agent_86 - 13 hrs ago

New Jersey mom helps thwart school shooting plot in Kentucky
In News - By Agent_86 - 13 hrs ago

Monique Johns, a Democrat running for state House in Delaware,...
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 13 hrs ago

Feel the burn over on DU.
In Politics - By outside - 13 hrs ago

Why I threw out my painting of Robert E. Lee
In Culture - By Agent_86 - 13 hrs ago

86 per cent chance Dems take the House.
In Politics - By joefriday6 - 13 hrs ago

Uh Oh, dead people in Texas recieving voter registration applications,
In Politics - By bruiserboy - 13 hrs ago

Best political ad of the year
In Politics - By bruiserboy - 14 hrs ago

Caravan headed for California?
In Politics - By Magyar Heidinn - 14 hrs ago

How to know when the Saudi royal family is in hot water
In Politics - By Agent_86 - 14 hrs ago

I made my very own campaign ad for the Democrats. Hope this helps.
In Politics - By Solesurvivor - 14 hrs ago

Obama did have an effect on the economy, LOL
In Politics - By bruiserboy - 14 hrs ago

Keith Ellison down big.
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 14 hrs ago

This is a very good and quick read concerning the history and future of the conservative movement.
In Politics - By Independent.mind - 14 hrs ago

Don't forget to spay and neuter your um....spouse?
In Culture - By Steelydamned - 14 hrs ago

Has Powell destroyed Trump? We will know shortly.
In Politics - By joefriday6 - 14 hrs ago

There's one great thing about the caravan....
In Politics - By Bronxbomber - 14 hrs ago

We try to build a wall while China builds and opens a mega sea bridge...
In News - By myohmy - 15 hrs ago

are you a cult member?
In Culture - By rampartb - 15 hrs ago

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