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Sri Lankan government confirms Jihadi attacks.
In Politics - By TM999 - 13 min ago

Illegal alien Darwin Reinaldy Cruz-Rosa charged for an alleged assassination-style shooting
In Politics - By Let it go - 2 hrs ago

Oh lookie.... Democrat ideas coming back to bite thein the ass
In Politics - By la_tech - 3 hrs ago

Trump ready to help new Ukrainian President root out corruption
In Politics - By Let it go - 3 hrs ago

Someones people have killed at least 290 Christians.
In Politics - By Let it go - 3 hrs ago

The Only 2016 Campaign That Deliberately Colluded With Russians Was Hillary Clintons
In Politics - By Let it go - 3 hrs ago

The Dilemma of Impeachment
In Politics - By wonderwarthog - 4 hrs ago

The DUmmies most likely to be fabulous moles...
In Politics - By PrescientWon. - 4 hrs ago

Avenatti is typical lefty scum.
In Politics - By Let it go - 4 hrs ago

Ilhan Omar thinks Jesus was Palestinian. Wth.
In Politics - By Let it go - 4 hrs ago

Happy Easter!
In Politics - By Horsefeathers - 5 hrs ago

In Politics - By jimiray - 5 hrs ago

Mexican troops disarmed American soldiers on US side of the border
In Politics - By Let it go - 5 hrs ago

In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 5 hrs ago

NYT: Clinton may have spread Russian disinformation.
In Politics - By Let it go - 5 hrs ago

Scoop: Trump Administration Opposes Military Intervention In Iran
In News - By RCW2014 - 6 hrs ago

The hydrogen fuel strategy behind Nikola's truck dream: Water electrolysis, not methane reformation
In Science - By Aquila - 6 hrs ago

Too much Heaven on their minds
In Beliefs - By Cold Warrior - 6 hrs ago

"I Was The CIA Director - We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole" (Christian says "Resume of Satan")
In Politics - By Aquila - 6 hrs ago

Sri Lankan police warned 10 days before deadly attacks at Catholic Easter Masses
In Politics - By TM999 - 7 hrs ago

"Easter worshippers"
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 8 hrs ago

Comey: We found crimes, but we're not going to prosecute
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 9 hrs ago

Weird but cool story of the day!
In News - By Gunslinger201 - 10 hrs ago

My first post on DU in about 8 years
In Fun - By drunk_teddy - 10 hrs ago

Avenatti takes another shot in his asshole.
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 10 hrs ago

Lovely Easter message and photo of the President and family
In Politics - By LavenderGirl - 10 hrs ago

Republican fakes crossing Mexican border gets called out
In Politics - By jh4freedom - 10 hrs ago

A comedian is elected president of Ukraine
In Politics - By jh4freedom - 10 hrs ago

Some questions for Robert Mueller
In Politics - By jh4freedom - 11 hrs ago

In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 12 hrs ago

The FBI: Friend or enemy of the American People? I say the latter.
In Culture - By joefriday6 - 13 hrs ago

If the US won't stand up strongly for Christianity, who will?
In Politics - By PrescientWon. - 14 hrs ago

Will they stop lying? just for a minute
In Politics - By def_con5 - 15 hrs ago

Hey lefty, if you're still butt hurt over Flint water...
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 15 hrs ago

The Rise of Skywalker - Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love This Bomb
In Fun - By Solesurvivor - 16 hrs ago

Debunking Creationism: "Radiometric Dating Is Unreliable!"
In Science - By Micrometer - 16 hrs ago

Trump tweets Bongino...
In Politics - By Let it go - 16 hrs ago

St. Paul's Church in Munich attacked with fireworks, causing stampede; man shouted "Allahu Akbar"
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 17 hrs ago

DUmmies in a dilemma... Muslims kill 200+ Catholics
In Politics - By PrescientWon. - 17 hrs ago

Why there is no empirical evidence of man-made global warming
In Science - By oflguy - 17 hrs ago

Easter Hangover...
In Fun - By wonderwarthog - 17 hrs ago

is there any hope (Poll)
In Politics - By imwithfred - 17 hrs ago

Second Scope Memo Rosenstein Authorizes Mueller to Target Michael Flynn Jr
In Politics - By Let it go - 17 hrs ago

In Science - By oflguy - 18 hrs ago

CNN ratings continue to plummet to all year low. Lies will do that to ya.
In News - By Da Mannn - 18 hrs ago

Bombs kill more than 200 in Sri Lankan churches, hotels on Easter Sunday
In News - By oflguy - 18 hrs ago

Sol Pais (last weeks Columbine Killer panic) likely killed herself before manhunt started.
In News - By cologeek - 19 hrs ago

Frustration grows among migrants in Mexico as support fades
In News - By oflguy - 19 hrs ago

Quote of the Day
In Beliefs - By nolidad - 19 hrs ago

He knows the pain Sri Lanka endures and he knows how to fight it...
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 19 hrs ago

Explosions kill at least 140 in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday
In News - By Muddling Through - 19 hrs ago

Trump was told he wasn't the subject of the investigation, he wasn't obstructing anything
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 19 hrs ago

Stupid lefty's last hope.
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 20 hrs ago

"George Mason University to angry students: Kavanaughs teaching a course for us whether you like
In Politics - By Muddling Through - 20 hrs ago

Happier Easter
In Fun - By Charlie Mike - 20 hrs ago

Our friends, the Saudis
In Culture - By Cold Warrior - 21 hrs ago

Minneapolis Public School Has Kids Color Pictures Of Ilhan Omar.
In Culture - By Gunslinger201 - 22 hrs ago

Buildings like Notre Dame do not erupt into flames spontaneously.
In Culture - By Gunslinger201 - 23 hrs ago

The USS America (CV-66) visited Colombo, Sri Lanka in the early '80s while I was onboard...
In Politics - By JaimeBondoJr - Yesterday

Does it bother you when people spend money in ways the cunts disapprove of?
In Politics - By JaimeBondoJr - Yesterday

Conservative philosophy in song...
In Politics - By JaimeBondoJr - Yesterday

Tribute to the tier1 souls that lost their forum...
In Fun - By RCW2014 - Yesterday

Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox Boldly Announce: We No Longer Donate to Planned Parenthood
In News - By Da Mannn - Yesterday

FBI arrests border militia member
In Politics - By jh4freedom - Yesterday

Jerry Lee Lewis - Easter Parade [Rare Song]
In News - By RCW2014 - Yesterday

A color-coded chart of the obstruction offenses
In Politics - By LavenderGirl - Yesterday

Andy Kaufman Spurned by Disco Bimbo on Dating Game
In Culture - By wonderwarthog - Saturday

Robert De Niro Slams Trump as Wannabe Gangster and Total Loser
In Politics - By RCW2014 - Saturday

Pompeo Not Mature, Bolton Dim-Sighted, DPRK Lambasts Top US Trump Picks
In Politics - By RCW2014 - Saturday

Armed Civilian Border Group Member Arrested In New Mexico
In News - By RCW2014 - Saturday

Christian Devotees Nailed To Crosses On Good Friday In Philippines
In News - By RCW2014 - Saturday

Trump Soured Relations In Latin America. China And Russia Have Welcomed The Chaos.
In Politics - By RCW2014 - Saturday

the next time you're considering using SNOPES as a source link...
In Politics - By PrescientWon. - Saturday

Trump Veto Continues Yemen War With Obama Logic
In Politics - By Aquila - Saturday

I think Andrew Young might be the one to watch
In Politics - By imwithfred - Saturday

Now we know what 550 pounds of crap looks like.
In Politics - By LavenderGirl - Saturday

More Americans Want Trump to Resign Than Want Him To Stay In Office
In Politics - By jh4freedom - Saturday

I think Andrew Yang might be the Democrat to watch..
In Politics - By drunk_teddy - Saturday

My Conservative Friend Blew His FACE UP!
In Health - By wonderwarthog - Saturday

Panasonic RF-2200 Nearly Causes Stroke
In Tech - By wonderwarthog - Saturday

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