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Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.
In News - By orson - 28 sec ago

A fair question.
In Culture - By Charlie Mike - 2 min ago

New Book Reveals That Hillary Cut Off Pollsters, They Kept Telling Her That Nobody Likes Her
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 25 min ago

The most hated assholes of 2018
In Culture - By orson - 27 min ago

Kid killed during Hogg's "Walkout"... nobody cares?
In Politics - By blue - 27 min ago

Went out to get coffee
In Culture - By Happy People - 31 min ago

Buchanan: Why the Authoritarian Right Is Rising
In News - By RCW2014 - 46 min ago

Body camera footage shows police never got out of cruiser to check for Ohio teen crushed by minivan
In News - By RCW2014 - 1 hr ago

The sun shines and the road beckons
In Life - By Agent_86 - 1 hr ago

Trumps body language is saying "get this fucking train wreck AWAY from me"!
In Politics - By Shkreli - 1 hr ago

Anything the President "may" have done wrong pales in comparison to the damage Democrats are
In Politics - By Shkreli - 1 hr ago

Oh my.
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 1 hr ago

The Ugly Coded Critique of Chick-Fil-A's Christianity
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 1 hr ago

Adults actually think this is a profound statement:
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 2 hrs ago

Documents provide window into Scott Pruitts controversial $43,000 phone booth
In Politics - By Agent_86 - 2 hrs ago

Micheal Cohen has his friends standing with him and has a pardon at the end of the rainbow.
In Politics - By Shkreli - 2 hrs ago

Common sense gun regulations
In News - By Jack Burton - 2 hrs ago

My Theory as to Why Trump Hired Giuliani
In Culture - By Model10RB - 2 hrs ago

Beneath the warm cuddly exterior of a doomer beats the heart of a fascist.
In Politics - By Jack Burton - 2 hrs ago

California School District Says Parents Cant Pull Kids Out Of New LGBT Sex Ed Class
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 2 hrs ago

Does the recent Democrats suit on 'collusion' channel the Goldman family?
In Politics - By Dumper - 2 hrs ago

You liberals may kneel and kiss the great peacemaker's ring
In Politics - By The Magician - 3 hrs ago

3/4ths of their babies are born into fatherless homes.
In Politics - By Killdozer - 3 hrs ago

Trump's legal team bracing for Cohen to cooperate with federal investigation: report
In News - By wonderwarthog - 3 hrs ago

Todays Dcult McCarthyism/Racism, aka the entirety of the D party in 2018
In Politics - By KittyCatIdiots - 3 hrs ago

College students react to news of troops being sent to the border
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 3 hrs ago

Woman gets 3 years for involvement in beating of special needs man
In News - By Bronxbomber - 3 hrs ago

Guardian UK: The great divide of our times is not left v right, but true v false
In Politics - By Cyberpunk - 4 hrs ago

LOLing loudly a DNC slip-n-fall style lawsuit!
In Politics - By TheyLostTheirForums - 4 hrs ago

Oh the Starbucks Humanity!
In Politics - By Dumper - 4 hrs ago

'Smallville' actress Allison Mack arrested for alleged sex cult involvement
In Politics - By bernt-toast - 4 hrs ago

Fresno States Randa Jarrar Believes Leftist Activists Should Be Using Violence
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 4 hrs ago

Southwest is being proactive on PR , wonder why?
In Politics - By DDKick - 5 hrs ago

Sovereign Citizens
In Culture - By Cold Warrior - 5 hrs ago

China: Kangaroo dies after zoo visitors throw bricks to get it to hop around for them
In News - By Iron Condor - 6 hrs ago

Trump To "Counter" DNC Lawsuit; Seeks Servers, Clinton Emails And "Pakistani Mystery Man"
In Politics - By TM999 - 6 hrs ago

Congress Rounds Up Obama's Criminal Syndicate
In Politics - By A.Falcon - 7 hrs ago

Where are Obamas daughters baby pics and birth records?
In Politics - By A.Falcon - 7 hrs ago

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens(GOP) indicted-again. Hes accused of stealing charity donor list...
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 9 hrs ago

The War Party Is Ready for Its Next Campaign: Haley 2020
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

Russia Advocates Broader UN Presence in Syria
In News - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

Lefty says workin' people don't golf on Fridays...
In Politics - By JaimeBondoJr - 10 hrs ago

Trump drags the NoKos to the table after 60+ fucking years, lefty says "But
In Politics - By JaimeBondoJr - 10 hrs ago

UN Security Team Still Wont Let Inspectors Visit Douma
In News - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

North Korea announces end to missile testing as Trump cites 'big progress'
In Politics - By Dexter Morgan - 10 hrs ago

Does Lefty yet comprehend that Mike Flynn is going to be exonerated?
In Politics - By Shkreli - 11 hrs ago

BREAKING: Ninth Circuit ruling orders North Korean nuclear test sites remain open
In News - By TendiesForBreakfast - 11 hrs ago

ISIS Threatens 'Satanic' CNN, Universal Studios Hollywood, NASA (neocon agitprop in hypermode)
In News - By RCW2014 - 11 hrs ago

GOP in retreat on Obamacare
In Politics - By liberalguy - 11 hrs ago

Mission Complete: Kim Jong-un Says No Need For Further Nuclear & Missile Tests
In News - By RCW2014 - 12 hrs ago

New record. Only 8 days to get an Ebay item from China!
In Life - By foia - 12 hrs ago

The not so fine art of self-deleted.
In Culture - By Mad Dog 20-20 - 12 hrs ago

Your private healthcare is going to kill you then rob your family blind .
In Health - By RATFINK_5.0 - 12 hrs ago

A Deductive System
In Politics - By TM999 - 13 hrs ago

Federal prosecutors recommend charges for cop involved in chokehold of Eric Garner
In News - By RCW2014 - 13 hrs ago

Oh FFS, we are in for wall-to-wall coverage,very soon, of the wedding of Prince Harry and
In Culture - By RCW2014 - 13 hrs ago

Woman helps cop, kills bad guy - then gets sued
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 13 hrs ago

CDC buried gun research verifiying Kleck
In Science - By 357blackhawk - 13 hrs ago

Democrats simply are allergic to winning.
In Politics - By Shkreli - 14 hrs ago

Homeowners use AR-15 to repel gang of 7 home invaders
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 14 hrs ago

Hillary: "They were never going to let me be president."
In Politics - By Gamle-ged - 15 hrs ago

WaPo: Sessions said he'd consider resigning if Trump fired Rosenstein
In Politics - By wonderwarthog - 15 hrs ago

Mueller team said to be amused as Giuliani pledges to end Russia probe
In Politics - By wonderwarthog - 16 hrs ago

sheshe pretending to be black again
In Culture - By gblgs - 16 hrs ago

WAPO: Sessions Told WH Counsel He Might Resign If Rosenstein Is Fired...
In News - By RCW2014 - 16 hrs ago

In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 16 hrs ago

FAT BOY! The Army does not want you!...
In News - By Gamle-ged - 16 hrs ago

Hey how did todays childrens *walkout* go?
In Politics - By TheyLostTheirForums - 16 hrs ago

In Politics - By TheyLostTheirForums - 16 hrs ago

Does anyone really care what Shoe or Belgium think of the USA? (Poll)
In Politics - By Da Mannn - 16 hrs ago

North Korea Says It Is Stopping Nuclear And Missile Testing
In News - By RCW2014 - 17 hrs ago

North Korea goes out like a BITCH!
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 17 hrs ago

Norwegian observations confirm: The Gulf Stream has been stable over the past 20 years
In Science - By oflguy - 17 hrs ago

In Fun - By Charlie Mike - 17 hrs ago

Pretty much sums it up
In Politics - By Currentsitguy - 17 hrs ago

Even here in Belgium
In Politics - By TheShoe - 17 hrs ago

Hats off to hero bibi!
In Politics - By TheShoe - 17 hrs ago

DNC Files Frivolous Campaign Lawsuit, Trump Campaign Responds: We Look Forward To Discovery
In Culture - By Gunslinger201 - 17 hrs ago

My favorite idiots
In Politics - By The Magician - 17 hrs ago

US Still Paying White Helmets Despite $200mn-aid Freeze for Syria Recovery, State Dept Confirms
In News - By RCW2014 - 18 hrs ago

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