Tue Apr 26, 2016, 01:14 PM

Austrian government “shocked” as opposition sweeps early presidential balloting

It appears that Austrians, like many Europeans, are fed up with the things their politicians have brought upon them. The anti-immigration blocs are rising up and it's going to cause a lot of changes.

That’s not just a “victory” for Hofer… that’s what some of our more blunt friend here at home would call a proper, old fashioned butt whooping. Further, while this is only the preliminary phase of the election process for Austria, the coalition currently in control didn’t even garner enough support to make it into the runoff election one month from now. Whatever the electorate looks like when all the dust settles, it’s not going to be a win for those supporting the current, immigrant friendly parties.

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Who is Norbert Hofer, and why does he matter? @
They call him a far right winger simply because he doesn't want to see his nation overrun by Muslims.

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