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On Yemen, ICP Asks UK Of Bombing of Ship With Somali Refugees, UK Says Following Up

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, March 17 – Amid continued killing of Yemenis and now Somalis by airstrikes and starvation by the Saudi-led coalition, Inner City Press on March 17 asked UK Ambassador Matthew Rycroft about the most recent bombing., UK transcript here:

Inner City Press: In the Yemen consultations, did this bombing of a ship full of refugees come up? And is there a desire among Council members to find out whose Apache helicopter may have been behind it? Including if UK armaments were used, if in fact it was a Saudi attack, if not a US attack?

Amb Rycroft: Yes, it came it. I raised it first for all at outset of this part of the meeting, Jeff Feltman as part of his briefing, he was the briefer on it, and at least one or two other Council members raised it as well. I think it’s too early to be reaching any definitive conclusions on it, but rest assured, that in my national capacity, the UK is following up in detail and with urgency to get to the bottom of it.

Inner City Press: Who will do the investigation?

Amb Rycroft: We’ll follow up on that.

Back on March 10, Inner City Press asked Rycroft about the bombing of Khokha, and if the Saudi-led Coalition shouldn't at least stop banning journalists from the UNHAS flights into Sana'a. Video here, UK transcript here"

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