Thu Apr 11, 2019, 06:49 AM

workers and peasants of France still uprising

Yellow vests march again as government tries to regroup

Thousands of "yellow vest" protesters marched Saturday for the 21st consecutive week to denounce French government policies, as the authorities prepare to unveil the results of a nationwide consultative exercise designed to address public grievances. From Rouen in the north and Lyon in the southeast -- as well as the capital Paris -- protesters took to the streets carrying banners denouncing French President Emmanuel Macron. In the west, French and German activists joined forces on the border.

Next week, the government will announce the results of the "Great National Debate", a series of town hall meetings launched across France in January to take the temperature of the nation -- and get Emmanuel Macron's troubled presidency back on course. The idea is to collate grievances and decide on solutions. Macron's office said the president would announce the first measures to be taken by the middle of April. Many yellow vest activists have denounced the exercise as a smoke screen designed to take their movement off the streets.

And an opinion poll published Thursday by pollsters Delabre suggested that the public was not convinced either. Of 1,002 surveyed, 68 percent did not think that people's views would be taken into account; 79 percent did not think it would resolve the current political crisis.....

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One's really surprised at the dogged persistence of the downtrodden and overtaxed workers and peasants of France, in face of the monolithic near-totalitarian might of the Old Order there which seeks to grind them into submission and subservience.

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