Mon Aug 5, 2019, 09:42 PM

Lyubov Sobol: The woman driving Russia's opposition protests

Lyubov Sobol: The woman driving Russia's opposition protests

Lyubov Sobol shuffles slowly these days when she walks, leaning on a colleague's arm for support. After almost three weeks refusing food she says she feels dizzy and weak but determined to go on with her protest.

The young lawyer and popular video blogger is one of a group of opposition activists who have been barred from local elections in Moscow, sparking a growing wave of demonstrations.

The summer protests have caught the authorities off guard and led to clashes with riot police and mass arrests.

"They ignored all our appeals so I have to fight in a more radical way", she says, in the central Moscow office where she is camped out.

It is the place where her team previously set up office to gather the signatures required to run for election to Moscow's city parliament.

The council has little power, but opposition candidates - gradually excluded from other forums during President Vladimir Putin's time in power - hoped to use it as a political platform and potential springboard.


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