Fri Nov 29, 2019, 06:30 PM

Red Chinese to raise giant pigs to alleviate shortage of pork

One fix for China’s alarming pork shortage: giant pigs

A deadly virus has wiped out as much as half of China’s pig population. That’s a big problem for a country whose default meat is pork. As prices soar, the government is trying to induce farmers to raise more swine.
But one enterprising farmer has a better—or at least bigger—idea: breed gargantuan pigs.

A farm owner in southern China is raising a pig that tips the scale at 500 kilograms (around 1,100 pounds)—about what a black rhinoceros weighs—reports Bloomberg. That compares with an average weight at slaughter of somewhere between 110 and 125 kilos, according to the report. And the farmer in question isn’t the only one with this strategy: As Bloomberg details, a slew of major pig farms are bulking up the size of the pigs they’re breeding.....

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Ooops, one wonders if the hydrogenated steatopygic senora's aware this is going to increase Red China's carbon footprint. I suppose she and Greta will expect us to cut down on our own emissions to make up for it.

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