Sun Feb 25, 2018, 10:03 AM

Questions for anti gun Dems re their new attempted grab...

After 11Sept'01, the attacks on WTC, Pentagon, wherever the Shanksville plane was going...what happened?
Did we ban planes, did we ban all box cutters?
We did make planes "box cutter free zones" but we did MUCH more.

To refresh your memory.....we hardened cockpit doors, armed some pilots, and put ARMED Air Marshals on undisclosed numbers of flights.
Remind me....if hardening schools will not work because a gym teacher that's trained and armed might kill innocent students or be killed by responding LEO's...why have we had no hijackings, no dead passengers, SWAT teams haven't mistakenly killed armed pilots? Millions of flyers every yr....how many "accidents"?
What's the difference?

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