Tue Mar 13, 2018, 05:32 AM

Left prefers false hope, unicorns and puppies to real jobs.

Panicky Van Jones Pleads to Oprah for Help With Trump in WH: ‘We Had You, the Obamas’ We Had ‘Hope!’

To kick of his Sunday evening show on CNN March 11, host Van Jones warmly welcomed media mogul Oprah Winfrey by fangirling over how much he missed seeing her on television and pleading with her to give "us" “hope” for America’s future, with President Trump in office.

“We miss you so much! Do you miss us?” the CNN host eagerly greeted the media personality the left so desperately wanted to run against Trump in 2020. “It meant so much to us,” Jones praised, I have to let you know how it is for us now,” he said somberly.

Jones then lumped in Oprah with the Obamas and bemoaned how there was no “hope” anymore because of the universe’s sick joke to put Trump in the White House:


I’m finally beginning to understand the left. They wallow in misery, grasp at false hope, and don’t like a booming economy with jobs jobs jobs.

Also this:


The joy is the unicorn.

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