Fri Aug 24, 2018, 04:20 PM

Aussie PM Forced out for pushing the global warming hoax

People around the world are realizing the global warming hoax for what it is; a way to further the socialist revolution. Green energy, like all things socialist, result in disaster and misery.

Malcolm Turnbull has been ousted as Australia’s Prime Minister and replaced by his former treasurer Scott Morrison.
It follows a week of turmoil in Australia’s Coalition government over the carbon dioxide emissions reduction scheme – known as the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) – which the fanatically Turnbull was trying to foist on a country largely dependent on fossil fue

Green energy has been a disaster for parts of Australia, notably in the state of South Australia which was brought to its knees by the policies of its environmentalist Labor government. Its drive towards 40 percent renewables led to blackouts and brownouts across the state, which hammered industry and smaller consumers alike. Eventually, the government was booted out by disgusted voters.

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