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Trump is putin's bitch? seriously????

Trump love for Putin?


Washington Quietly Increases Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

Something Obama was never game to do. Trump did. I approved.

The prospect of Russians and US troops colliding was long feared in the Cold War days, because it might result in a nuclear response. When that fearful outcome happened last year in Syria. Crickets...
SOURCE- https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/battle-syria-us-russian-mercenaries-commandos-islamic-state-a8370781.html

Vlad has been copping an unfamiliar flogging from Uncle Sam ever since Trump was inaugurated.

The closest the world ever came to nuclear war was in 1962 when the USSR deployed IRBM's to Cuba. The question was settled when the Soviets withdrew their IRBM's and the USA secretly withdrew theirs from Turkey.

The Russian's can moan all they like today, about the current asymmetry of Western anti ballistic missile defence, in the same sense that they tried to lodge IRBM's in Cuba in 1962, to even up that ledger.
SOURCE- https://www.nato.int/DOCU/review/2015/Russia/Ballistic-Missile-Defence-Putin/EN/index.htm

It does them no good.

Trump just does it anyway.

He's put ABM into Lithuania and into Poland at one site. The next planned site will become operational soon and gloriously the Poles want to name it 'Fort Trump'.

Yeah for sure. Fort Trump! How good is that? He doesn't even have to die before he gets an Aircraft Carrier named after him! He will have his own fort. There's a lot of love for the Trumpster in Poland, Lithuania and the Ukraine - The frontline States.
SOURCE- https://www.economist.com/europe/2019/01/12/poland-wants-a-fort-with-donald-trumps-name-on-it
Trump is in Putin's pocket? Please...

Militarily, the Orange Man has given Russia the finger at every opportunity; and got away with it.

"Realpolitik" = MAGA in action and again one of Trump's great unsung achievements.
SOURCE- https://www.britannica.com/topic/realpolitik

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