Mon May 27, 2019, 04:11 AM

President Trump addresses hypocrisy


Trump Counterattacks Using Democrats' Hypocrisy

George Orwell’s socialist tyrants worked hard to impose what he called “doublethink,” but today’s left can’t even manage singlethink. Our bloated, soft and lazy elite no longer bothers to try to fool us with consistent, coherent lies – it is too busy reacting to the actions of one solitary hero who knows how to play these blue city geeks like Keith Richards knows how to play a guitar, only with less Jack Daniels.....

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"....no longer bothers to try to fool us with CONSISTENT COHERENT lies....."

Man, ain't that the truth; there's been nothing consistent from the other side. It's all situational to a specific person or event, with no rhyme or reason or logic.

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…..With our glorious ruling class, it’s all lies, it’s all garbage, and Trump gleefully exposes it all. Mueller declares him innocent and the Democrats claim that this actually shows Trump is more guilty of whatever he didn’t do than they ever imagined. Who is the person who hears this and buys it? People notice when they are being scammed – well, not stupid liberal people who buy into nonsense like socialism, global warming and the idea that men can have babies, but Normal people do. What Trump is doing by highlighting their hapless hypocrisy is undermining not just the garbage policies that make up the Democrat dogma but the entire notion that our liberal elite somehow consists of our betters...…

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".....notion that our liberal elute somehow consists of our betters....."

Well, they think so anyway.

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…..It’s clear that the liberals seek to install a Utopia built of envy, incompetence and lies. If you want to see the reality of a regime based on deceit, in the manner of watching a slow-motion car wreck, then check out.....

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