Thu May 5, 2016, 10:15 AM

Hillary the HYPOCRITE

Clinton-led State Dept. criticized US ambassador for using private email

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton operated exclusively on personal email accounts, the State Department in 2012 issued a withering report on a U.S. ambassador in part over his use of private email.

The U.S. Department of State Office of Inspector General report said Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration "willfully disregarded Department regulations on the use of commercial email for official government business," saying that his "greatest weakness is his reluctance to accept clear-cut U.S. Government decisions."


From Hillary's report on why she fired him:

The Ambassador’s greatest weakness is his reluctance to accept clear-cut U.S.
Government decisions. He made clear his disagreement with Washington policy
decisions and directives concerning the safe-havening in Nairobi of families of
Department employees who volunteered to serve in extreme hardship posts; the creation
of a freestanding Somalia Unit; and the nonuse of commercial email for official
government business, including Sensitive But Unclassified information. Notwithstanding
his talk about the importance of mission staff doing the right thing, the Ambassador by
deed or word has encouraged it to do the opposite.


The hypocrisy of Clinton and her followers is astounding.

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