Fri Nov 29, 2019, 07:04 PM

Are you a bigot for refusing to date a transgender person?

Let’s start this off by asking a few questions:

Is a woman who is sexually attracted to only large penises a bigot?

Is a man who is not sexually attracted to fat women a bigot?

Is a women who is only attracted to taller men a bigot?

Is man who is only attracted to blondes a bigot?

If the answer to those questions is a solid “no” along with “people have the right to their own sexual preferences”, then the answer to the OP question is a resounding “no, you are not a bigot for not wanting to date or have sex with a transgender person”.

I feel anyone who thinks differently on this is turning the original concept of gay rights on its head; which is/was “you are born that way”.

For instance, if you call me a bigot for saying “I am only attracted to and will sleep with naturally born women (cis women), because I only want to have sex with a naturally born vagina”, then you are saying my naturally born sexual preference is bogus and doesn’t count; which goes against the gay rights original argument.

If you are right and I am wrong, then does that work both ways? Women that are a 9 or 10 on the sexism scale are normally out of my league. Using your belief that I am a bigot for not wanting to date or sleep with transwomen, then I should be able to walk up to a 10 and demand she be with me or she is a bigot and her preferences don’t matter.

If that doesn’t sound right and seems a bit rapey and not acknowledging her right to choose and consent, well that is what a “Twitter woke progressive” sounds like when they call a cis straight man or woman a bigot for not being sexually interested in a trans. Even more so for those on the side of that one trans woman porn actress with a penis that claimed lesbian porn actresses were bigots for not getting on the trans’ penis.

I know this whole topic sounds stupidly nuts, but this is a real battle that has been going on for a couple years and has gotten more intense this past year of 2019. There is a group of people that absolutely do a 360 on being born that way with sexual attraction and will call you a bigot if you won’t consent to have sex with a trans person of the gender you are naturally attracted to.

The biggest kicker to this topic was when a cis straight male on a UK reality show refused to kiss a transgender woman. Twitter being twitter went nuts with division. Half called him a bigot, while the other half accused the trans (rightly in my opinion) of sexual harassment for trying to guilt him into kissing her against his will.

What are your thoughts?

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Response to Hades (Original post)

Fri Nov 29, 2019, 08:11 PM

1. I date people I am interested in. Others may date me if they are interested in me. ...

There is a lot of people I have no interest in dating and that includes transgender people. It is a free country and I am not required to date anybody.

Now before I retired 14 years ago I worked with a transgender person and was in charge of a crew with a number of gay people. I treated them the same as I did heterosexual people. I didn’t hold their personal lifestyle against them as it was none of my business. As a low level supervisor I was mainly interested in everybody's performance and trying to insure my crew worked well together to get the job done. In passing I didn’t see any animosity directed at or between the gay and straight people in my crew. I personally find gay people to be interesting, intelligent and good workers.

I did date a lesbian a couple of times but while we enjoyed each other’s company it didn’t go anywhere. Of course I was not working at the same company she worked at.

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Response to batcat (Reply #1)

Fri Nov 29, 2019, 08:46 PM

2. I with work it should not matter and given a chance will be a non issue

for most rational adults.

My parents were very open with us as we headed out to college and they encouraged us to find what rang our chimes when it came to partners.That was very open minded for its day, even more so with African-Americans. Both of us turned out to be cis, like the vast majority of people. Back then there were women and some benders I found attractive, but it was pretty clear I was cis. I found out later that my parents were mildly concerned that given my physiology issues, I might be gay or asexual and they wanted me know that they would support whatever I was.

I have worked with a number of gays, TGs, and others. If they can do the job, I don't care who they sleep with. I leave that for the holiday parties and welcome them all into my home. Just seems like the right thing to do.

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Response to batcat (Reply #1)

Sat Nov 30, 2019, 10:29 AM

5. I agree.

A trans person or a straight woke liberal that has the view that straight people need to set aside their genital preferences to be inclusive or they are a bigot, I have one question for them:

How is that any different than gay conversion therapy?

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Response to Hades (Original post)

Fri Nov 29, 2019, 08:54 PM

3. Those making those claims are ignoring facts

Attraction to something other than the putative norm is often considered a fetish. Guys who like really curvy women are an example, sometimes called chubby chasers. As a woman without much in the way of padding, that used to bother me when I was younger. There are some men who are enthralled by pre-op and post-op TGs, though it is often called a fetish. Then there are those who dig large breast, small breasts, hairy, hairless, bald women, super long haired women...the list is seriously long.

Sexual attraction is a pretty primal thing. I don't think it is all that intellectual, which bigotry is. I like lovers that can help me sing high C, and while most can, there are clearly some I find more desirable than others. Its not bigotry.

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Response to His Daughter (Reply #3)

Sat Nov 30, 2019, 05:59 AM

4. I agree with all three posts so far.

I will say this:

If someone does feel it would be bigoted, meaning personal preferences are bigoted, then I would conclude that bigotry is perfectly acceptable when it comes to who you consent to be with. Anyone that would disagree with that, would be going against the entire concept of the #MeToo movement.

I would agree that likes, including fetishes can not be explained and sometimes have no rationalization. For instance, I find a wildly hairy vagina both weird and attractive at the same time. No hair anywhere else, such as the legs or armpits, and a hairy butthole is just absolutely disgusting (not-to-mention the implications from that for wiping); but an unshaven, all natural vagina? I’m ok with that.

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Response to Hades (Original post)

Sat Nov 30, 2019, 11:07 AM

6. I like....

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