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Korea Railroad Research Institute makes Eco-friendly H2 train that runs 372 miles on a single charge

January 29, 2019 - by KoreaTechToday

The Korea Railroad Research Institute (KERI) plans to develop a hydrogen train that can run 600 kilometers on a single charge. It is going to gradually replace diesel-powered vehicles in South Korea and apply South-North Korea.

KERI announced on Wednesday that it will develop an eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell hybrid railway vehicle with a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour through its research project on railway technology by the Korea Agency for Land, Transport, Science and Technology. Its project cost is worth $22.3M USD (25 billion KRW) including $2.6M USD (3 billion KRW) from private businesses.

KERI plans to develop detailed technologies such as hybrid power systems for hydrogen fuel cells and power conversion devices for railway vehicles, plans to establish hydrogen charging stations, and technical standards for railway vehicles. It is going to verify its stability and efficiency at the Osong Railway Line, which is going to be completed in first half of this year. The project will be completed in 2022...

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