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World's first hydrogen train to be rolled out across Germany

05 May 2019 , By Abi Carter

Last year, the world’s first hydrogen-powered trains began operating on a stretch of line between Cuxhaven and Buxtehude in Lower Saxony. Now, plans to roll out the project across the whole state - and even further afield - are progressing full steam ahead...snip

The hydrogen trains, on the other hand, have been a roaring success: they are quiet, smooth and always run on time. Moreover, they have become a veritable attraction, with delegations coming from far and wide to see the two trains and their temporary refuelling station. In fact, the demand was so high that one even drove a “tour” across Germany, taking in stops such as Ludwigshafen, the Black Forest and Berlin.

The future is hydrogen?

“Diesel has its future behind it, and hydrogen has its future ahead of it,” says Rainer Peters, spokesman for LNVG, the organisation responsible for public transportation in Lower Saxony...more:

Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen sind die Zukunft in Deutschland und der Welt

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