Tue Apr 9, 2019, 11:23 PM

Sony SRF-39FP. The FP stands for FEDERAL PRISON!

A friend of mine has had an interesting life.

Former minor league baseball player, college basketball star, avid sports fan.

In his golden years.

His only interest in radio is a.m., and only to follow sports.

However - on nights when I thought I caught an impossible dx on am, I'd mention it to him and he would invariably tell me what city the station was in just from the callsign.

I finally asked him what kind of "little radio" he said he had, turned out it was a Sony SRF- 39FP.

It has sentimental value for him. My friend was once an inveterate gambler, and a real hard case. Way back when, he found himself forced to make a rude withdrawal to cover some heavy debts

A hard nosed conservative, he found himself becoming great friends with a latin gentleman in a federal hotel. His dear friend was released, and gave him his beloved Sony as a goodbye gift. (These things are like gold behind walls. Uses only one AA, which gives over 40 continuous hours, great sound, and it is clear see through, to prevent being used to hold contraband. The dx performance is legendary. They are becoming hard to find.)

The story of unlikely friendship my friend told me brought a lump to my throat. This guy eats nails for breakfast, a hardcore Trump backer.

You may now presume to wonder how I've come to have "friends in low places."

in Espanol...

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