Sat Oct 12, 2019, 08:14 PM

The Spectrum Monitor Online Magazine - COOL!

Monitoring Times and Popular Communications are history.

But - Spectrum Monitor sells subscriptions or single issues in pdf form. The single issues are $3, subscriptions are about $24 a year.

I sprang for the October issue, and was pleasantly surprised. The propagation forecast alone was worth it, gave a good idea of where and when to look for dx!

"On occasion, the things you enjoy most, you forget to share with your friends. Not sure why this happens, but this is certainly the case with the Spectrum Monitor magazine (TSM). I’m long overdue to properly pitch TSM to my readers, which I feel is an absolute bargain at just $24 per year.

Why? Many of you may recall that it was only July of last year when we learned about the closure of The Monitoring Times magazine. I had always loved the magazine–not only were the management and editors a great group, but the magazine content was some of the best in the communications business when I began writing features and reviews for MT. But the owners of MT, Bob and Judy Grove, were ready to retire; ultimately, they decided to close their magazine down rather than sell it off.

Shortly after the announcement, MT‘s managing editor, Ken Reitz (KS4ZR), decided to make a go of a new publication. Albeit wholly digital, this magazine was to cover the same scope and content depth as MT, and would be known as The Spectrum Monitor (TSM).

In January of this year, TSM launched, and like many SWLing Post readers, I was eager to see if the content met the benchmark MT had set for so many years.

I needn’t have worried. Ken had corralled many excellent contributors, in many cases drawing upon previous writers for MT. And in the past year, I don’t believe it’s a stretch to say that in many respects, TSM not only met that benchmark, but has actually even exceeded it. TSM is now–unquestionably–a good, solid, thoroughly enjoyable publication."

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