Wed Jul 20, 2016, 12:17 AM

the population will be reduced


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Response to sentient_simian (Original post)

Wed Jul 20, 2016, 12:24 AM

1. it's the plague, delivered by chemtrails to reduce the population - stock up on Thieves now.


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Response to sentient_simian (Original post)

Wed Jul 20, 2016, 01:08 AM

2. That's hogwash.... but the population will diminish because no one is having babies.....

Fertility rates vs infant mortality rates..... Population is supposedly gonna grow till about 2050, then level off, then most countries in the world will see a decline.......Except for parts of the middle east and central Africa....

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Response to robert_california15 (Reply #2)

Wed Jul 20, 2016, 02:48 AM

3. Before you had your ignorant knee jerk and your extremely infantile response, did you bother

to look up Gunderson's credentials? Did you know that there are dozens of patents that are specific to aerial spraying to affect biological targets? Did you know that aluminum foil has now been identified as to leaching into food that has been wrapped in it and aluminum is tied to Alzheimer's? Aluminum is even in most underarm deodorants as an antiperspirant.

Aluminum and barium are just two of the toxic metals that are being sprayed as well as other toxins.

Check out Gunderson's bio, get yourself some edumacation.

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Response to It Guy (Reply #3)

Wed Jul 20, 2016, 12:22 PM

5. I appreciate this......this was exhausting but fun

Because I just went on a marathon of debunking. And it was awesome. I learned a lot. I did waste most of my morning, and most of my coffee power, but I had to. You called me ignorant and infantile and like Marty McFly, no one calls me chicken....or ignorant.......or infantile

So enjoy and proceed not to read my evaluation of this video:

1st two minutes: Ted Gunderson: He's just saying shit. He says chemtrails are real, I saw them, birds are dying, this is murder, genocide, poison. They must be stopped. I know two locations of the airplanes.....He saw planes. What's wrong with congress? What's wrong with the pilots, thank you I'm Ted Gunderson.

Next 20 seconds: video of plane leaving chemtrails -- fake. This is a guess, but, the plane is traveling at a low altitude given that it's gear is down, so the wake turbulence produced by the plane would be substantial.... remember, they key here is the low altitude of the plane.....

Next 20 or so seconds: Criss cross patters over major cities. Aircraft use major cities as nav becons, so Paris, for example, is gonna have a shit load of flights traveling overhead at 30 thousand feet, and they will be flying in relatively specific flight patterns. The wind spreads them out and you get criss crossed patters.......

Next couple of minutes: voice overs of people saying shit with no evidence. Plus more videos of CON trails not CHEM trails. Some are uniform, some are distorted. All visual effects are produced by some combination of aircraft climbing or descending + weather + flight routes + uneven areas of temp and humidity + high speed winds at high altitude + lighting conditions + ......

at 5 minutes, they're still talking about cross hatching patterns....again, because some planes fly north-south, and some east-west on routes that are the same, albiet maybe several miles wide, they cross. Meanwhile, winds at high altitudes blow the CON trails giving a grid-like pattern.

At 6:20, some jaggoff talks about how he sees these trails all over the world. Why? My answer: because there are airports all over the world......see above reasons as to why we see CON trails over major cities.

7 mintues: Mention of "spider webbery" that falls from the skies....just one picture, no evidence that it ISN'T a spider web. Keep in mind: In the DAYS it would take for aerosolized matter to reach the ground, it would have dissipated and spread out over hundred of miles..... So if you flew over Los Angeles, half of your shit would be in the ocean, the other half in the uninhabited desert.....

Finally, fucking finally, the video ends, with the same 1:30 it started with ie Ted Gunderson talking like a guy who has lost his shit.

here's to overall issue:
1. "chemtrails" + anything = no one gives a shit. So most people won't watch it.
2. Issues involving population ALMOST start and finish at fertility rates.... that's where the discussion is.

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Response to robert_california15 (Reply #5)

Thu Jul 21, 2016, 11:25 PM

6. Gunderson was no light weight. You don't get to the head of the FBI in half a dozen

major cities and several major investigations by being a demwit. Your attempt at debunking was equivelant to some kid in junior high school. I've spent years looking into this topic and my assessment is not based on any one vid or article, as was yours.

I've personally seen the sprayers turned off and then back on by a jet flying overhead at tens of thousands feet altitude. The pause in spraying occurs when switching from one tank of solution to another. The distance between the off to on was very short, maybe about 1/8 mile. This rules out any atmospheric anomalies or regular observations of contrails.

Here's a link, just for starters. These pics show retrofitted airliners and plumbed solution tanks and others show dispersant nozzles.

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Response to It Guy (Reply #6)

Fri Jul 22, 2016, 10:54 AM

7. Gunderson sounds like a crazy guy on the video......I've personally seen really smart people...

...loose some of their edge as they get older.

My debunking attempt as "junior high school level" is like Obama calling ISIS the JV team.

My assessment relied on my own knowledge of weather and flight, but I did use one website for most of my evidence. But I didn't read it as dogma. I'm smart enough to be able to evaluate information. And how many websites do you need when they're just explaining weather and general knowledge about aircraft?

I don't doubt that you saw what looked like a plane turning sprayers on and off, I think you were seeing the effects of weather:
The amount of water in the exhaust is pretty constant, but the amount of moisture in the air is not. The humidity varies with altitude, and a layer of low humidity can be sandwiched between two layers of high humidity. As a plane climbs or descends through this layer, then the trail will only form in the areas of high humidity, and so look like it was “switched off” in the area of low humidity.

You can't dismiss that. You described an 8th of a mile at 10's of thousands of feet up, which would be almost unseeable from the ground. What you saw was what I noted above.....

Also, those pictures from that link you provided.....many of them link to chemtrail debunking sites. The explanation they give is that those barrels on the planes are filled with water and used to for center of gravity testing. Think about it, with a ton of separate barrels, you could simulate specific center of gravity conditions...... you want to know how a plane will operate with x number of passengers, x amount of cargo, where the passengers are located, what happens if people move around, etc..... that seems SO reasonable.......

I can't debunk 100% of it, but there is SO MUCH evidence that suggest something else, something LESS DANGEROUS..... see the person holds onto the idea because it's DANGEROUS. The boring reality isn't exciting.

I see you understand that global warming is a hoafor the most part). So think of the psychology behind the warmer being similar to the conspiracy theorist....... The person holds onto the DANGEROUS and EXCITING notion that CO2 is KILLING US, the WE DID IT!!! Shame on us! That same person ignores the BORING reality that there's a lot of different things going on, and many of those things don't involve us dying, and us being blamed......

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Response to robert_california15 (Reply #7)

Fri Jul 22, 2016, 08:08 PM

8. Baloney.

I'm not going through your tripe count by count because it's obvious that you have no idea on how CG of an aircraft is determined or by the way payload distribution is calculated.

They don't move liquid around in barrels to for testing and determination. The CG, payload capacities and distribution is known before the plane is even built.

Furthermore, my observation of what I saw with the sprayers being turned off then on and my estimation of 1/8 mile distance between is accurate based on average length of a common airliner.

DimensionsWing span 47.57m (156ft 1in), length 48.51m (159ft 2in), height 15.85m (52ft 0in). Wing area 283.3m2 (3050sq ft).

1/8 mile = 660ft. 660/160 = approx 4 plane lengths. That is precisely how one can fairly accurately judge what one sees, within typical viewable altitudes.

Apparently you have not spent much time observing aircraft. I do it all the time. My home faces west out my front patio and east out the back. I observe incoming flights day and night and have unobstructed views of their flight patterns going into Sky Harbor. I photograph them, video record with time lapse etc.

All you've offered is very simplistic dismissal of a topic that obviously you know very little about and you attempt to dismiss using typical fallacies.

Here's something to ponder. If you were to go back 100 hundred years and describe the technology at your disposal today, to people who couldn't contemplate anything you're trying to explain, how do you think you'd come across?

Same goes for people like you that apparently lacks knowledge and cannot fathom the tech of what's actually available today because you're simply not aware, knowledgable or in the know.

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Response to It Guy (Reply #8)

Sat Jul 23, 2016, 10:55 AM

9. What's more important to you, warning me of danger, or proving that youre right?

The answer is proving that you're right. If you wanted me to "see the light" you wouldn't call me ignorant, infantile, junior high school, you wouldn't use words like tripe..... It's an ego thing for you. Why do you have to diminish me in the process of proving your argument?

You're not sure what you've seen or what you know, so the cognitive dissonance created by that uncertainty gives you anxiety and amplifies your fear. Therefor, you've switched everything to the "worst case scenario side," ie chemtrails are 100% real. You've spent most of this discussion dismissing what I've said. You have focused on a few things you can refute, but mostly your arguments have been about diminishing me.

Because you can't physically stop chemtrails, all you have is your message. But youre not confident in your message or anything else....... if you really believe in chemtrails and want to help us have to humor me, defuse tensions, and be okay if I don't believe you. You also have to accept that some of the things I say are right....that you might be wrong at least some of the time. But that takes confidence in your convictions....and you know that you're not totally sure about this chemtrails thing.....

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Response to robert_california15 (Reply #9)

Sun Jul 24, 2016, 03:41 PM

10. Simply put. There are vast numbers of people that have never had the ability to think for

themselves. They've never been able to sift through propaganda and tell the fifference between a lie and the truth even if the truth is blatantly apparent. They've allowed themselves to become brainwashed and they simply follow and believe the meme of the moment because it's from a source that they believe in ideologically that they think they can trust. Why? Thinking and sorting through mountains of information to derive the truth is simply too much effort and yet, they believe they know the facts and can even argue with those that know better. Such as yourself.

When I'm wrong, I admit it and that rarely happens.

Perhaps you should look up the conspiracies that did in fact turn out to be true. There are many, and they definitely indicate the lengths that some people and gov's will go to.

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Response to It Guy (Reply #10)

Mon Jul 25, 2016, 02:25 PM

11. I know the theory about chemtrails is falsifiable.....

So I don't know what to tell ya........

The problem is, I enjoy debunking things, but I forget that the conspiracy theorist is inconvincible.

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Response to sentient_simian (Original post)

Wed Jul 20, 2016, 03:03 AM

4. I thought that chemtrails were for mind control, not population reduction,

At least that's what my local reptilian overlords keep telling me- would they lie?

(P.s. I checked their credentials, they're impeccable)

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