Fri Dec 7, 2018, 05:42 AM

It just makes me sick (the CDC and "news")

Still no word on causes, just sources, and still no word on why if 90% of our lettuce comes from one area why these growers have not been skewered before congress like someone from another business would have that had such a negative effect on the population, and could be proven to be the source of it, people like that get hauled before congress to answer questions, but not in this case.

Oh, excuse me, cases, cases and cases of outbreak after outbreak but no word about how "we've talked to the farmer, he said he's gonna start dong this differently, and that, etc", nope, nada, just "stay away from Romaine, another outbreak, (flustered look) what are you gonna do (shaking head) what are you gonna do?........."

Shitty reporting, that's what. Shitty reporting that is in cover up mode about shit on lettuce.

Quote: For the last two weeks, federal and state investigators have been inspecting farms and lettuce cooling facilities in California and collecting samples of soil, water, romaine lettuce and "scat samples" that were identified as potential sources. "To date, E. coli O157:H7 has not been found in any of the lettuce, soil or scat samples. Results of water testing being conducted by CDC are pending," the FDA said. E/Q

Scat sample? What's a scat sample? The presstitute never tells us, and leaves that up to us to figure out and why? Because of the greater good that's why, that's the business model they run these days, "whats the greater good in all this?"

In this case that would be positive, not negative light on our southern neighbors at all times, we need the american people to say they like mexicans in "polls", not that they dont like them, (illegal, yellow journalism designed to sway, not report, on public opinion, treasonous and death worthy), and so we need to massage the American peoples opinion about the mexicans no matter how that comes about.

And so "whats the greater good in this?" dictates how and what will be reported on dependent on what THEY say is morally right and proper, because the "news" in this country somehow feels themselves to be our moral compass, even blowmos like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, they are our moral superiors folks.

Somehow, one day, they all just decided to be the moral arbitors of America and my guess is they won't be giving that title up easily either.

"I used to trust the media to tell me the truth"

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Yellow journalism should be illegal, punishable by death
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Oh no, the greater good man, it's what its all about, they're the moral compass of America
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