Fri Nov 8, 2019, 08:02 AM

Obi Wan Kenobi tried to warn James Dean

I would have titled it "Alec Guinness tried to warn James Dean", but not as many people would recognize the tie in.

This is an actual interview with him and he says he had dinner with Dean the night he got the car it was brand new with bouguets of roses all over it which seemed odd to me to hear, I mean maybe it was correct for the time but to me it smacks of how a hearse would be looking, I also found it funny whoever Kenobi was with wore slacks and they had been looking for a place that would seat them, she didn't have "proper" attire on for that time in the 50's in Hollyweird which I suppose would have been a dress.

I was watching part of this Kenobi interview earlier on YouTube, and on the "news" the other morning in the background I heard a blurb about how they're doing that CGI thing with Dean's image and someones pissed off about it, but someone else was listening, my android phone, and so I'm sure that's why this popped up for my viewing pleasure, same as this and that's about "Alice", now that I've watched it a few nights in a row, same as "Three's Company", after a few mornings of that.

The interview's about 3 minutes of a bit creepy but under the umbrella of things that hint at a larger world beyond what our limited senses can recieve.

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