Fri Feb 10, 2017, 01:17 PM


Cool video, it tells the story of the first visitors that came to our planet.

The Attestation of Endubsar. The Chronicles of Nibiru or also known as The Enuma Elish.

Cartoon Anunnaki

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Original post)

Fri Feb 10, 2017, 01:37 PM

1. The Annunaki recently showed in, of all things, Scooby Doo.!_Mystery_Incorporated)

The Anunnaki are a race of creatures living in another dimension. Every few thousand years, during an event called Nibiru, the barrier between their world and grow weak, allowing the Anunnaki to visit Earth.

Some of them are good and tend to help humans, while others are evil. It was revealed that the sarcophagus buried beneath Crystal Cove contains the most evil of Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki have no physical forms, so they have to inhabit various animals' bodies, thus being responsible for mythological figures as the Egyptian gods, China's Monkey King and the Aztec's Quetzalcoatl among others. It is revealed that the animals which can talk are descendants of the Anunnaki. Scooby Doo is one of them.

Scooby Doo has changed a bit since the Sixties....

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Original post)

Fri Feb 10, 2017, 05:03 PM

2. Anunnaki

were created by Anu according to Sumerian texts. They weren't beings from another dimension that have to take over worldy flesh and all that other nonsense. They never existed, they were created by primitive people to explain shit they didn't understand.
They didn't 'visit our planet'. There is absolutely no evidence of any of that nonsense.

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Response to SlayerNut (Reply #2)

Fri Feb 10, 2017, 09:43 PM

3. Well,

I guess the talking snake and the magic apple is a better explanation I suppose, maybe it's turtles all the way down?

Some interesting ancient pieces:

Was every body trippin' ballz then?

There will never ever be any definitive "proof". It's not like we are going to dig up a fully functional flying saucer after 10,000 years or so...

We keep getting told by the most learned minds that there is a very high likelihood that we are not alone in the universe. We ourselves have began to set foot upon other worlds, we have become "ancient aliens" to some future life form that we may yet discover in our solar system. Mars, Titan and Europa all have high prospects of life.

I don't think it's so far fetched to consider that the religions of the world have misconstrued an extraterrestrial event lacking the language and knowledge of primitive people to explain the things they didn't understand and see.

Even in modern history we have discovered "cargo cults" and in Aztec history they even mistook the arriving Spanish Conquistadors as their old gods that had returned.

Today archaeologists are having to keep adjusting the human timeline. due to recent technological innovations we can "see" into places that we're once hidden to us and we are beginning to re-discover antediluvian civilizations that may date to a time before the last ice age. We don't know our deep past, we can only make educated guesses. In most cases the myth is that the Gods created man or caused to bring about the creation of man, usually to serve the gods in some menial task.

Panspermia is also a scientific theory that that mentions that life may not have originated here. We ourselves are/will be guilty of this. Just food for thought...

I find that "Ancient Astronaut's" are a much friendlier belief/idea than any current one that provides a more grounded sense of hope.

There is no "go kill those guys, 'cause... well, reasons, ALOHA SNACKBAR!" (kill kill kill)

There is no "You can touch it but you can't taste it, but you can taste this but not swallow it. This you can eat, that you can't"

There is lesson that there is a future if we can get along. That we too can reach the stars. That this is only a crib.

That we are ALL brothers and we are ONE race. That the Gods created us in their image, and are just as imperfect and crazy as they were.

...but that's okay. I'm sure some snappy snarky sarcastic put down is just waiting to spew itself...

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Reply #3)

Sat Feb 11, 2017, 06:27 AM

4. No.

Last edited Sat Feb 11, 2017, 07:31 AM - Edit history (1)

Talking snakes snd global floods etc.. are even more ridiculous.
I don't believe for a second we are alone in the universe. I alao dont believe it possible that aliens could find us in the vastness of space and send living beings to visit us. Distances are too great..

Also. Who says they were the first? If we are going to.make claims that have no evidence I can say the anunnaki were the 5th ones to visit or that there were thousands before them. Who's going to say different and what evidence can they put forth to prove anunnaki were the first and not the thousandth alien race to visit.

AS for.your pics. . They have all been explained.
No aliens required.
especially the artwork, cave drawings are a little different, but they don't depict aliens.
the 2 pieces of art are simple.

First one is personification of the sun and moon. Many many pieces of art from the byzantine age have the sun and moon personified during the crucifixion. They don't all show a human driving them, but the sun and moon are in all of them.. sometimes as a face and stuff..

The other one is an announcement from God.
Many paintings depict this scene, mostly have fuller clouds or larger pictures.of the announcement. Most have the man looking up with his dog etc.. they are just different portrayals of a biblical event by different artists.
This stuff is so easy to debunk that I dknt understand how anyone that is remotely interested in aliens coming in the past haven't done the research to find the reasonable explanations for it.

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Response to SlayerNut (Reply #4)

Sat Feb 11, 2017, 03:47 PM

5. Being a skeptic is okay.

Though I doubt there would be any evidence that would be accepted from such closed minds and that's okay.
Even when peoples from around the world and from different cultures that could not have interacted with each other pretty much tell thew same general story. I have seen plenty of "debunk" shows and the same mental gymnastics are used. Like I said, "There would never be any accepted evidence even if it was found. It gets all dismissed with a hand wave because of some fear that we are just lab rats. You say that there very well may have been visitors before the Annunaki, that wouldn't dismiss the notion at all. you say that there is "no evidence" Yet there is, it is written here on clay tablets that are 6000 years old. It is written by a man named Endubsar as dictated to him by the God Enki, one of the kings on the Sumerian Kings List. you can say that evidence is flimsy and the rantings of a mad man, but it is evidence submitted nevertheless. You can say that, but you have no foundation for it. Even the Anunnaki mention a "creator" in a second hand manner to the humans, not that he was "their" creator.
Alas, vast swaths of prehistory are unfortunately lost... (fuck you and your boats Caesar...)

Gobekli Tepe: It is HUGE. It is breaking archaeological notions on our beginnings.

Gunung Padang: A geologist claims that the world's oldest pyramid is hidden under rubble in West Java, which if true, could re-write pre-history in the region and shed light on a powerful and advanced ancient civilization.

Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco: Which I am sure some have heard of, continue to pose questions about how these people built/formed and moved these megalithic stones. Some places like Machu Picchu (built without wheels) stiff baffle engineers. Maybe it was the cocaine?

...and we are still uncovering more distant (in time) ruins. Some have even been discovered under water, which means that this was from a far distant epoch. An ancient deluge keeps getting revisited due to these underwater cities. Was it the oceans rising due to warming? Was severe rain over a vast geographical region? Was it a release of an interior sea at a higher elevation? All of these have been seriously asked by actual perplexed geologists, archaeologists, and other men of science. there are even questions on the time when "The Sphinx" was built and that it had a different face. Maybe this isn't our first rodeo? maybe we have been here before, nuked ourselves into the stone age only to crawl out of a deep dark past of which all remember of ourselves as former Gods of old, maybe the gods of Old were actually former survivors of an apocalyptic event. Having to deal with a bunch of primitive holdouts?

These antediluvian civilizations (?) don't prove the existence of Ancient Astronauts, but it does point out that we now little of our origins, if at all. I like to think that "something" happened and it was "big". How big? Big enough to write about it over and over again from cultures around the old world. Something of such magnitude that it is burned into our species collective consciousness. Something occurred, and our primitive best learned men tried their best to explain these events with limited words and concepts, that's just my opinion though.

The pictures have not "been explained" they have been debunked. Just because one opinion is held in a higher regard than another does not make it a "fact". That is just your or theirs opinion, and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I would ask the artist opinion of why such a thing is there. UFO's don't just show up in Christian paintings only...

Primitive man sure spent a lot of effort trying explain some of the things they saw. Ezekiel is famous for it's bizarre verses in trying to describe what he saw. The same goes for Enoch. There is a similar incident in ancient China where lights and lanterns flew circles around the moon and then sped off.

Yep, these guys were hardcore 'shroom freaks for sure...Moses and Aaron smoking on the "Holy Rod" getting off on that Antioch Kush.

Humans have been "experiencing" something "unexplainable" for eons... who's to say they aren't visitors that have been and continue to visit to this day? Is everybody trippin' ballz? Even NASA?

There is so much we don't know about the past that to dismiss the possibility is doing oneself a disservice I think.

Go ahead and spout ridicule, at least what I am not strapping a bombs to my chest and screaming "HOLY NIBIRU RETURNS" and blowing up a bus of 5 graders... at least not YET.

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Reply #5)

Sat Feb 11, 2017, 05:32 PM

6. Well, what is acceptable evidence?

It should be something that proves something either way. right?

If someone puts forth evidence and it's easily explained, like those pictures, that's not evidence.
If you refuse to accept reasonable explanations for evidence, you can't say someone else is close minded.

Gobekli is still being investigated. Nothing so far seems like it needed aliens to build it or that it depicts or is a monument for aliens.

When/if they dig out the pyramid in Java we can see what it is. Why jump to conclusions about advanced ancient this or that until we see the damn thing.

Puma Punku is all explained, they know how they built it, they found all kinds of evidence of the tools and rocks they used to cut and shape the stones and all that, no wheels or aliens required. Machu Piccu and all those are explained.

There is probably a lot of things underwater from the last ice age. Waters rose a lot and humans had to leave a lot of stuff behind that is still laying there somewhere. No aliens are required for any of anything they have found so far.

Nobody has to be "trippin' ballz' to make up a story to pass on. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's true.
We know of thousands of gods that aren't real, and old, why do people have to be trippin' ballz to make those ones up?
So real evidence is not a pile of rocks that is explained or a painting that is explained or cut stones that are explained.
It doesn't mean someone has a closed mind because they agree with the evidence that is there. Really, even IF aliens came to help us out, none of those things would still be evidence of them. Nothing, at all.
So people have to make shit up and then say others have a closed mind when they show how it was done or what their evidence is really saying.

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Reply #5)

Sun Mar 5, 2017, 06:48 PM

8. My favorite explanation.

Profound 5 minutes from a "folk" musician.

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Original post)

Sat Mar 4, 2017, 08:52 AM

7. The Lost Book of Enki


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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Reply #7)

Tue Mar 14, 2017, 12:43 PM

13. Sitchin doesn't know shit.

Most of the time he messes up the translations of sumerian, he never cites anything he says as to what tablets what he claims are found on or anything. He doesn't want people trying to verify anything he says.
Then you got these 'ancient aliens ' folks like von Daniken regurgitating the falsehoods like they are true.. or just plain lying about everything.
The entire sumerian writings are all online now, cataloged and translated properly for anyone to look at and see for themself that Sitchin is a buffoon.

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Original post)

Tue Mar 7, 2017, 11:24 AM

9. Have you read Enuma Elish?

Here is a summary of it:

The annunaki were descendents of the creator gods.

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Reply #10)

Tue Mar 7, 2017, 11:36 AM

11. I'm not particularly fascinated by the creator gods

And also I doubt they have anything to do with Nibiru. When Nibiru will approach Earth again, it is supposed to destroy much of the human life here ( great floods, earthquakes, etc)

I would say that the ancient gods and their descendants would inhabit or direct Nibiru, if that's the case.

Why would annunaki want to destroy their own creation?

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Response to Mouth of Chaos (Reply #10)