Tue Feb 5, 2019, 04:53 PM

I have to say, I'm having a good time today watching the left lose their shit

over the thought of Trump openly addressing the American people.
Communist dimcorats rely so heavily on dumb people watching CNN and Rick Maddow, this threatens serious damage to their propaganda efforts. They can't have their voters being exposed to the truths of Trump success.
If they could shut down his speech, the'd do it in a heartbeat... but they already know that Trump can speak anywhere he wants, anytime he wants, and the live cameras will show up in droves.
James Brown has even taken to twitter demanding people not watch the speech. Matress Girl is demanding air time now BEFORE the address.
Watching these pinko assholes freak out today is quite satisfying indeed.
And watch for the shenanigans during the speech too. Remember how lefty lost his shit over "YOU LIE!" ?


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