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sheshe celebrates 50,000 posts of pure shit

A growing group of leftists wants to get rid of the entire prison industrial complex in America.

Germany: Muslims screaming Allahu akbar and Well kill you all storm hip club, stone clubgoers

The Media Doesn't Want You Seeing This and Won't be the Ones Showing it to You: Outside Trump rally

Household Income Jumps To All-Time Highs Under Trump

85 percent of Americas blue collar workers see their lives heading in the right direction

Not Really Safe For Work... Is this for real? Preacher at Aretha's funeral.

John Kerry might run in 2020 for President or VP...I am AOK with that

If only Obama could take credit for his economy...

Crashing currency chaos spreads across the Global South

US-led UN Command stops South Korean train entering North

What was the big Muller bombshell?

Escobar: Get Ready For A Major Geopolitical Chessboard Rumble

Jews Should Be Horrified That Trump Is Revoking Latino Citizenship

Da root on white privilege

Ronan Farrows Ex-Producer Says NBC Impeded Weinstein Reporting

FAKE NEWS CBS just tried to pull a fast one...

Poor old Fredo... Yet another one flips on him... So unfair

Poor old Fredo... Mueller is not held back by the Holder memo

Brad Parscale, TRUMPS Digital Media/Data guru smashes new WAPO poll

John McCain eulogy

China cracks door to help N. Korea earn foreign currency

Trump's Approval Number Nose-Dives

Is it an American Perestroika'? The world will stop the US, immobilize it

Great new 'Corn-hole' game.

Huawei first to preview its 7nm phone SoC the HiSilicon Kirin 980

Video of Hillary at Urethra funeral. Drugs? Booze?

Dustin Trudeau has a dreadful week

Judge Kavanaugh USSC hearing begins next week...

White House Distances Itself from Big Tax Cut for the Wealthy

FBI Arrests All 5 'Extremist Muslims' Connected To New Mexico Compound

American Political Consultant Admits Ukrainian Foreign Money Was Funneled to Trump Inaugural

The Fruitcake v Alexa (not Bliss): An Argument Against Banning Infowars

Can there be such a thing as a Creationist Scientist?

Isn't it Ironic? Obama To Receive Award For Ethics In Government

Big Ten Chutzpah? In Mich. St's close win over Utah St, they ran a long commercial which

FWIW, things seem to be the same all over

Can't really blame him with what he has at home...

I'll leave this right here

This is the danger of Creationism. Assuming a public HS, science teacher violating both

Judicial Watch: Justice Department Discloses No FISA Court Hearings Held on Carter Page Warrants

Watching Law abiding citizen..

It is illegal but going to leave it in place

Its starting to Unravel on Obama/Hillary

Washington Post says Q anon is Unpopular

Lift-off for Chinas controversial corporate colossus

Not all attendees at the Franklin funeral, like Farrakhan, were Black Supremacists.

Ankara boosts efforts to prevent disaster in Idlib

in 2016 trump had a lot to say about ted cruz. none of it good,

You'd think he was the Lord thy God

An American Airlines crew almost landed at the wrong airport in Florida

Arizona man built dozens of pipe bombs because wife feared government collapse

Houston Is the New Capital Of Southern Cool

In 2008 Dems had a lot to say about John McCain, none of it good.

Utair jet catches fire after landing at Sochi

2020 South Carolina will be the #1 most important key state for the Democratic nominee

Next for John McCain? Being Knighted by the Queen? Or is that "Good Knighted?" nm

The Riots in Chemnitz and Their Aftermath

Another glorious 25 year low for Donald Trump?

Meghan, wow

Is this funeral...

NEVER FORGET who the real enemy is.

Home alone

Post Nov. elections - Does Trump fire Sessions & Rosenstein and declassify the FISA application docs

Senate cancels postal service hearing; Trump's Amazon crusade delayed

It was like a monkey fucking a football cluster fuck combo when she showed up wearing this...

Keith Ellison abuse claims: #Metoo is over, NY Times spins

PlannedParenthood is essentially using OUR tax dollars to wage a smear campaign

It is in Beto's interest to leave the scene of his impending political accident?

I can do without this bagpipe tradition at funerals

Why isn't McCain's running mate giving a eulogy?

I wonder why?

Didn't watch a shred of the funeral coverage. Neither one.

And those are the people who demand that we give up our freedoms/rights to save the planet???

Is there any funeral the left won't turn into a political event?

I was too young to go to vietnam

Another corrupt Republican bites the dust

Post funeral coverage

There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal.

Its kinda sad.....


Things to do at Walmart

TRUMP committed a CRIME.

Score so far? Trump winning!

I want to see Lefty in pain.

Wow. Khalil Mack to da Bears!

And for those of you scouring DU for nasty things-- look what I found there...

Wow, anyone who's anyone was at McCain's funeral today.

Trump about to drop the Hammer of God on Mee Maw

Who was the third worst senator in the US in October?

Beijing-Tokyo ties on the mend as Japan invites Chinese presidents right-hand man Wang Qishan to vi

John McCain was a chronic warmonger, not a war hero

Lavrov: Killing of rebel leader in Ukraine aimed against Minsk treaty

I'm glad to see everyone at the McCain funeral

Iran plans to boost ballistic and cruise missile capacity

Meanwhile, at the Aretha Franklin funeral..

Pastor Cops a Feel at Aretha's Funeral.

New Trump Favorability Poll

You know what they say about "payback":

Army M.P.'s, 1955, "Town Patrol"

TWO People Help Hillary Up Stairs at Aretha Funeral

Oh, here's something else I found on DU...

when is the McCain funeral ?

How do you pray to God?

Theresa May's awkward dancing rivals Elaines Seinfeld moves

When hillary dies, will she be beached in state at the capitol?

There was a clickbait down on the bottom for coffee as an Alzheimer's cure...

Seems Trump was at....

Hillary body was found in a trash compactor in Huma's Apartment. No fuss. No funeral

What would a divided USA look like?

The one and only, Roy Clark.

My sources tell me that McCain wrote the eulogies that Junior and the Kenyan gave...

Norte dame vs Michigan

Hogg really showed Smith and Wesson

Sing me back home.

Will President Trump verbally attack Meghan McCain for her comments?