Archives: September 10, 2018

Colin, where is their social justice?


FBI says National Solar Observatory was evacuated for security reasons. Local News Update

Twitter Suspends Benghazi Hero for Criticizing Obama

Aaron Rogers gets carted off

CONS hates the NFL, soccer and the NBA

New LAPD Chief Cancels Kamala Harris' Traveling Bodyguards.

"Believe in something..."

Just remove all of them already


Rogers back in

Trump Says Tariffs Mean Ford Can Make New Model at Home. Ford Says It Won't.

Saudi Kings Brother Considering Self-Exile After Yemen War Criticism Report

We need a history category


Are colleges making kids crazy? Study: 1 In 4 College Students Diagnosed With Mental Health

3 Hurricanes in The Atlantic Basin, Florence Getting Stronger

Declassifying documents is obstruction of justice - and an impeachable offense

Dallas PD officer (apartment shooter) arrested, charged with manslaughter

Met a Troll the other day . . .

The counter punch is going to find its mark.....

Umpire tells of issuing warning, penalties to McEnroe


Intensifying Hurricane Florence poses extreme threat to Southeast and Mid-Atlantic

President Trump to close PLO office in Washington

Manic Monday.

The Left and the Right: Getting Closer

Blue Collar jobs growing at fastest rate in 30 years

What is Net Neutrality?

Hispanic principal trying to rid school of white and Jewish teachers: suit

Muslim Man kills daughter, her family in name of 'honour'

Jim Carrey says 'stop apologizing' and 'say yes to socialism

Is it newsworthy when the occasional man wins The Pillsbury Bake-Off?

Fun Spartacus tweet! "I parked for 2 hours and 10 minutes in a 2 hour spot this weekend.

when does the nfl start

ANTIFA to begin fielding heavy combat formations

Bob Woodward's 'Fear - Trump in the White House' is Damning for Trump

How Shitty was Barack Obama as President? Ben Shapiro

New Nike ad

the President celebrates the anniversary of

Paris knife attack: Seven injured, four seriously

This bitch needs a good paddling.

Here's some reality for the pinkos

Michael Moores wife says he is a dead beat,


Lefty's latest superhero - Mr. Potato Heads brother

Papadopoulos tells CNN Obama spy approached him in London.

Hog takes down Hogg! Too much for even Michael Moore?

PLO fury as Trump shutters their embassy for refusing to enter into peace negotiations

Groundhog Day - What's Old is Old Again

Market Update....

Flights halted after man speeds onto France airport runway

What was Booker's point with the Spartacus crap?

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? - 5 Reasons Youll Love to Know

Democratic super pack files perjury charges against Kavanaugh,

Rare event; Atlantic, Pacific churn with storms at same time

The UK has gotten so ridiculous that police are now......

Anybody here play Pathfinder or similar RPG games?

Take my Wife...Please! Clinton Edition

My daughter and her housemates live in Wilmington, NC.

Resistance irony # 25. All of a sudden Obama wants credit for the great economy

People often wonder why no one trust the news people!

omarosa releases a new tape

Look at what someone posted on DU

How can you not love Naomi Osaka?

Trumps approval 6 points higher than Obamas at same point in Presidency

ABCs Miss America ratings nosedive to All-Time Low, Counting the Yrs on Basic Cable!'

5 Reasons Obama Cant Take Credit for Trumps Good Economy

While Democrats are busy LARPing as Spartacus, Trump's continuing to denuclearize Korea

Hilarious Serena cartoon has liberals enraged.

Lefty Lessons for Life 101: Chapter 12, what an actual hero looks like

DOW 25891

Salon and Vice publishing pedos, Now This and Huffington Post pushing "drag kids"

Second North Korea summit being scheduled

Thank you Democrat senators

GOP bill would ban nationwide court injunctions

Mad Maxine melts down!

This pretty much says it all about the BO economy

New Trump Job Approval Rating

Trumps approval unchanged, still at 48%

Cumulative Trump Job Approval Rating

Quote of the Day

fbi MEDIA LEAK STRATEGY comes to light

"Trump?" Trump who?

Trump Personal qualities

Supreme Court vote Thursday.

Dear Lefty... Kavanaugh makes 5. Number 6 isn't far behind.

NPR on ride home: perfect example of Trump story that will be taken 2 different ways

House unveils tax reform 2.0

Obama wants credit for the economy, the charts say something different.

A New Color of Censorship from the SPLC

Obamacare premiums to increase 18% in Washington State next year