Archives: September 13, 2018

Republicans agree to allow Barrack Obama to run for a 3rd term

Q Anon "Coming 'VERY SOON' to a theater near you."

DU having to deal with the reality that the young voter wont save them.

Al Qaeda terrorist life 'extremely boring,' American who joined Islamists says

Eric Trump Faces Anti-Semitic Criticism After Saying Woodwards Book Was Written For 'Extra Shekels'

Australian Lawmakers Attack 9-Year-Old Girl Who Refused To Stand During Their National Anthem

Making the SPIDER-MAN Mask! Movie Costume Replica

Discuss THIS!


Who wore it better...???

Insane leftist (BIRM) rants about Trump's response to Florence 2 days before storm hits

Welcome to the Warthog Radio Lab...

OMG Don Lemon really does have a pointy head!

is #walkaway still a thing?

I'm starting to think Puerto Ricans might not be the brightest

Michelle Obama Is Going On A Stadium-Sized Book Tour Kicking Off At The United Center

Florence is upon us. Anyone in the path, stay safe. For everyone else, roll up the sleeves.

Anti-Trump rally. Tell your liberal friends:

Hey Lefty... what would you call Trump if he

Cheese is fucking sliced, they let these ignorant assholes vote? "Who controls the Senate..."

I hope The Bermuda Triangle is still in operation

Filling your car radiator with gas instead of water... what happens?

Hurricane Florence weakens to Category 2 storm as it heads toward East Coast

What's being done to help the homeless and sick ahead of Hurricane Florence

Hillary Clinton Tweets Debunked Hit Job On Brett Kavanaugh

Bad news

U.S. Invites China to Trade Talks as Tariffs Loom: White House Adviser

Google Claims to be Nonpartisan....But ...

Sen. King to vote 'no' on Kavanaugh

Sri Lanka to ban Hindu animal sacrifice.. Unless it's a Muslim doing it.

I heard the Dems have their two favorites running in 2020...

Ray Comfort: The Atheists Nightmare

Set my soul free gypsy lady

Q anon is the only cult in history

Queer aligned freshmen outnumber conservatives, Catholics and Protestants at Yale. At

Typical lefty city: Crime galore.

hurricane flo is on schedule as a cat 2

More Trump's fault stuff...

Lefty Insanity: "ITS NOT OK TO BE WHITE"

Winter Soldier..by John Kerry

Lefty Child Abuse: Gender neutral babies. "Theybies"

Osaka could be on a trajectory to become highest paid sportswoman in the world in the near future.

Mailer linking Nixon to anti-Semitism was approved by top Cuomo aides

Absolutely the best way lottery winnings have ever been spent.

Settled science!

Hey guys! Did you know that because the government prints all the money they own it all and they

"just do it!" trump jumps trump tower architect

Justice Ruthie describes Kavanaugh hearings as a "highly partisan show."

Sessions demands 6 mos to turn over(review) 1600 pages of e-mails. It took Comey only

I guess the Democratic Underground has been a blazing success.

TRUMP IS COMPLICANT! #schumershutdown

Q anon- Rats are Running

Newly-Discovered Brain Cell

OMG! Climate Change has turned Florence from a Category 4 hurricane into a Category 2 Hurricane

Hey Lefty - List it all here

Home depot co- founder wants Mueller to put up or shut up,

A wall of water 13 ft high 30 miles inland

Facebook bans #Walkaway Founder

Twitter doesnt Ban Groups calling for Trumps Murder

Is DI on the way out or being eliminated?

Dalai Lama says 'Europe belongs to Europeans'

If the Left claims a dozen internet trolls can sway the election

How the GRU altered metadata on stolen DNC docs to frame Seth Rich

Kavanaugh supports government provded conception.

OPINION: ANONYMOUS OP-ED connected to Woodward book, Mueller report, and Brennan investigation

Who was first to screw over the other in contestants row by bidding $1.00 over the last bid on TPIR?

Nut jobs aside, does anyone know anything new about the observatory incident?

For Cold Warrior, the Lords Waffle Fries

Senator Bill Cassidy calling for Mueller to shut it down,

The Google After-Election Dork-Wake is Freaking Comedy Gold

WAPO finally comes around. Recognizes Trump truly is the God Emperor

Terrorism - from a liberal perspective

Legislators Reach Government Funding Agreement Through December 7

Betsy DeVos Loses Student Loan Lawsuit Brought by 19 States

Sanctions, Sanctions and more Sanctions...

Crowded Atlantic Ocean May Get Five Named Storms for the First Time

Recommendations for the Potential U.S.-U.K. Executive Agreement Under the Cloud Act

Florence has suddenly gotten worse...

Should John Kerry be tried for Treason?

On Rush now. Hes going over the leaked google video. #LIBERALMENCRYING

Feinstein claims to have secret document concerning Kavanaugh

"Major league asshole" Adam Clymer dead at 81.

Canadians. Canadians.....................uh, where'd they all go?

Kerry admits to meeting Iranians to salvage nuke deal,

Owner of Chinese restaurant in Louisiana found with roadkill in cooler

The "3000" dead in PR is fiction...

Putin Watches on With Glee as Russian and Chinese Tanks Tear up Fields and Choppers Fill the Skies

Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Sept 13, 2018

di fi making up stuff.

Not diverse enough? We'll fix that for you electronically whether it is true or not

Because its a mental illness...

CNN plants themselves on the beach with cameras and then get mad when people

Quote of the Day

Palestinians still live under apartheid in Israel, 25 years after the Oslo accord

We are about to find out just how low, crooked, and dishonest dimcorats can go.

"Mr. President. SHUT UP': Florida Republicans pan Trump's Puerto Rico conspiracy"

"What are you going to do with the money, Melhig?"

DOW 26104. Breaks 26000!

What jurisdiction does the FBI have over alleged STATE crimes beyond the St. of Lims?

Party at War with Itself: DNC Facing Insurgency from Its Progressive Base

In honor of Twitter apparently banning the words illegal alien

Best exchange ever on live TV

And lefties censorship/history erasing continues...

Bob Woodward's book is a runaway hit

Trailblazing female who became infantry Marine is getting kicked out for fraternization

Richard Goldschmidt and the hopeful monster theory.

WATCH yer ass Isaac, three days ago you were heading for Honduras, don't be messsin' up there in...

Man Child

Kirsten Gillibrand never meant abolish ice when she said abolish ice,

New alarming video of Ruth Ginsburg, is she OK

Dems now want Kavanaugh investigated for alleged behavior in High School

This story will restore your faith in humanity

Clarence Thomas mocks Cory Booker's Spartacus claim,

Yeah, the media isn't our enemy...

Anybody following the Sunspot solar observatory mystery?

Open Letter to DU (cause I cannot post there myself)

Texas Imam: Wives Only Path To Heaven is Through Husband. Should "Fix Schedules" According to His

Multiple Gas Explosions Rock Lawrence, Andover And North Andover; Neighborhoods Being Evacuated

Semper Fi...

The Annual Federal Budget Deficit Grows

I really cannot see how Bubblehead Booker can be a serious candidate for President.

"Teen" (i.e. Muslim subhuman larva) Planned to Bomb Gay Nightclub, Catholic Church in Germany

So DU is worried about the Manafort deal.

The National Debt Grows

Bye, will... I really enjoyed your GBCW post today, and all the posts after it.

What would Lefty say if Puerto Rico voted 90% Conservative?

Morningstar - Through The Night

A history lesson

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Condemns Trump Administration's Protection of Al-Qaeda in Syria

Morningstar. Question. WHY forward a copy of your GBCW letter to a NY DNC county head?