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Kavanaugh accuser moving out of house. DEATH THREATS!!

James Woods has an elegant reply to Senator Mazie Hirono's Blatant Misandry:

8:19 pm tonight. SHES NOT TESTIFYING

Laura Imgraham mocks accuser

Double standard flashback:

GOFUNDME for accusers private body guards.

Democrat Lynch Mob Torching Christine Blasey Ford Witness Mark Judge After He Disputes Allegations

CROWDER CONFRONTS: Slandering SJW PROFESSOR! Louder With Crowder

the racist that started the War on Drugs

Declassification opposition.

Idiots that favor tax increases on corporations..

She must be heard

Face it lefty: SHE'S A FRAUD and the whole world knows it, and the whole world now knows YOU.

American Academy of Pediatrics wants to be just like pedophile groomers

Exclusive: US Police 'Using Tiger Text App To Conceal Evidence'

Dirty Deep Staters McCabe and Strzok Caught Destroying Evidence During Final Days at FBI

State Department Probes Employee Working for Socialist Group While on Duty

If Kavanaugh doesn't also call for an FBI investigation, it is a sign he is guilty.

Trump: Declassified Russia Documents Expose 'Really Bad Things' At FBI

DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST VENEZUELA: Maduro Increases Minimum Salary By 3500%, Forces Stores To Close

dimocrat SOCIALISTS Planning Barrage of Bogus Witch Hunts, Should They Win Midterms

China Will Use Trade War With U.S. To Replace Imports - State Media

Hispanic Household Income Hits Record High Under Racist Trump

Assault claim against Trump court nominee eases pressure on vulnerable Democrats

Grassley statement:

dimocrat pinko Blumenthal Who Lied About Military Record: Kavanaugh Nomination Should be Withdrawn

Leaked NPR Emails Reveal Attempts to Provide Cover for Abortion Industry

New Quinnipiac Poll of Likely Voters Shows Ted Cruz With Sizable 9-Point Lead Over Commie dimocrat

Republican wins Texas special election, flips Democratic district red

Grassley tells the Dems to Shove It, Hearing proceeds Monday

Pinko ABC Fake News Analyst Matthew Dowd Smears Justice Clarence Thomas as a Sexual Predator

Week Two: NFL Stadiums Plagued by Thousands of Empty Seats

Woke SJWs at Pampers Remove Sesame Street Characters from Diapers Over Apparent Gender Issues

Keith Ellison Accuser Ignored, Smeared By Democrats

For the school record

Did Kavanaugh Accuser Send SAME Letter About Gorsuch?

Hollywood Takes Aim at Republicans and Christians

Kavanaugh Accuser Says Her Email Was Hacked

Arrested for disrupting Kavanaugh hearing? Dont worry, Soros will foot the bill

$hrillary says the fucking ACCUSER is the one who should get the fucking "Benefit of the Doubt".

Trump Toad penis response forthcoming, history indicates

Russia Will Protect Its Servicemen, Israeli Actions Are Reckless Foreign Ministry

Late night poll: Does kavanaughs accuser shave her bush?

Old Ruthie might have a thing here.

Jeff Flake says: MOVING ON!

Brett Kavanaugh is a Republican toady.

Big Win Tonight for Republicans in Texas Senate Race.

pinko dimocrat SOCIALISTS lose TX 19 special election, a seat they've held for 139 years

More good news from North Korea as CNN talks about wieners

Latest Senate race polls: realclearpolitics.com average

President TRUMP... has a real opportunity to leave the White House in 2025 with a 7-2 SCOTUS

When will Sean Hannity's head qualify as a pumpkin, like Mr. Trump?

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Lefty donate hard earned cash to LOSER candidates.

Blue wave indeed!Flores defeats Gallego in Senate District 19

I have a honest question for the left leaning people on this board

Pelosi - Schumer- Schiff- Warner Order intel Agencies to Ignore Presidential Order on

James Woods mocks accuser. Or is it hillary?

So how long before there's a call to boycott Sprinkles cupcakes? (Kavanaugh's wife is a class act)

Late night warning from President.

The Descent into Progressive Madness

65 million years ago...

MORE good news from North Korea!

Sesame Street says Bert and Ernie are NOT gay. Enraged liberals shit themselves in anger.

Anyone read Peterson's book 12 rules for life?

According to p0rn whore, Trump has a 8" schlong with an enormous head.

DR Kent Hovind: Render Unto Caesar Unless You're Doing Yahweh's Work

At the Monday Hearing, if the Kavanaugh accuser doesnt show

Why Didnt She Bring It Up?: Feinstein Under Scrutiny for Handling of Allegations Against Kavanaug

So, now that lefty is screeching about declassifying the FISA warrant apps

Fucking Civics. How do they work?

"Dr Ford has no reason to lie?

Corruption Junction-Desperation amid Democrat members of intelligence committee

Ocasio-Cortez Endorses Cuomo As Cuomo Flips Off Progressives

God, I hope they choke on their own hypocrisy

Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman explains how to deal with Democrats

Its Official, Bert and Ernie arent Gay. Now what about these two?

A lot of comic pros have been outright insulting & blocking fans lately

Dems turned the FBI and the Fed surveillance state into their own private OPO research

Quote of the Day

Today on "Tweets that didn't age well"

Ford and DiFi just ended the Me Too movement.

Lefty is as lefty does - the parade of liars is one that never ends

Christine Blasey Ford must file a criminal complaint with the Montgomery County MD police before....

And he sits on the Kavanaugh committee too!

Maryland's statute of limitations on sex assaults.

Did Cory Booker admit to sexual assault?

Libel and slander are 2 of the most difficult things to prove and win in court. These almost never

Good job, lefty. Nobody Even Noticed [Dice]

Reality show contestant charged with drugging, sexually assaulting women

Do not mess with this old man

Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists "From Inside" and "Can't Get Fired"

TEXAS R's surprise win in St Senate Election where HRC won by 12%! "Texas Swing?"

Aviation photographs

She's not gonna show on Monday

Be ready. The battle is near.

I'm Curious....

Ford's lawyer defended Clinton, Franken

Is irony supposed to piss you off? Because this bit of irony pisses ME off...

2nd supposed witness says they werent at a party as described now by Blasey Ford

BREAKING: Deep State Unmasked, Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists From Inside, and Cant Get Fire

New Carolina horror: Floating islands of Fire Ants

The word "sedition" has been mentioned more than once.

How can Ford's therapist's notes say FOUR attackers, not TWO, for this TRAUMATIC event ?


SHE MUST BE HEARD!!! Karen Monahan credibly accused DNC vice chairman of Assault.

GOP Draws Line In The Sand For Blasey Ford: Monday Hearing Or Bust

Kavanaugh in 2015: 'What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep'

The Vast Shitlord Conspiracy [NSFW - RazrFist]

Lefty, how was DiFi the one chosen to make you all look stupid? Just curious n

The plot thickens..

New Texas Senate Poll

Good grief Cody Wilson busted for child sex.

Republican Governor in Maryland takes double digit lead

Democrats make last ditch effort to block Trump declassification!

Christine Ford says she told NO ONE about this incident until 2012. Now this...

Poor baby trump does not have an attorney general with better link.

Man, I cant believe Mike Dewine is my only choice for governor in november

Donald Trump has been SO successful, even dimocrats who

the supercolony of argentine ants consists of billions of ants on 6 continents.

Blue Wave incoming

Cool shelf cloud yesterday in Winthrop, Minnesota

China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens.

Active shooter near Madison, WI

Hoo-o-o-o boy

Yesterday: We talked about it for days in school; Today: I have no knowledge

Democrat party leader tells voters to vote early and often ( Video )

Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour wreck discovered

Finally! Objective proof of the patriarchy's abuses towards women.

When lefty has a minute could they review some domestic violence claims,

So it looks like the "news" will sue to get info they want

Blasey Ford must submit testimony by Friday if she intends to testify on Monday

LOL Rush is calling her christine

Blasey Ford wants FBI investigation...

DOJ will investigate Project Veritas undercover videos

New Blasey Ford witness actually contradicts the few details in Fords story.

How is this not racism?

National Cheeseburger Day!

Democrats don't want Americans to know,

NYT prints blatant lie, retracts 40 minutes later

NJ voters on Kavanaugh, ( Video )

Broaddrick: FBI Probe Ford Allegation? Then Investigate My RAPE Allegations Against Clinton

How Ironic: Trump hating big city California leads the nation in income growth

Liberal nut Mika Brzezinski on Dr. Ford

Pennsylvania lawmaker introduces bill to ban teachers from discussing politics, government...

Dems telling us to take abuse allegations at face value is like:

DOW 26422.

Opposition to the K man grows.

Shut up, senator dustbin.

Ill take Putin over hillary anyday.

So maybe all she has to do is show up and hes done. Trump caves a little more.

do not upload images to the internet..you are being tracked

Another Evolutionary Ancestor Gets Nixed

Ellison accuser Karen Monahan releases 2017 medical document saying she feared 'retribution'

Had Trump conducted ALL his alleged RUSSIAN collusion through Agent Steele, would

Wow, if Ford had as iron clad a case against Kavanaugh as Karen Monahan has against Ellison ...

NeverTrump NRO is confident of full exoneration of Kavanagh within a week

Cody Wilson has fled to Taiwan.

FBI, DOJ To Defy Trump Order; Redactions Planned As Top Deep State Dems Demand Insubordination

China Hits Back by Levying Tariffs on $60 Billion in US Goods

Internal RNC Poll: Complacent Trump Voters May Cost GOP Control of Congress

Putin Shows Off Sniper Skills Firing Kalashnikov Rifle

Check out my magic black hat

Chicago Officials HALT Obama Library Construction, Reveal Sweetheart Rent Deal

Fat Hillary now supports abolishing the Electoral College.

Pressure Cookers - Food for Thought

Latest statement from Kavanaughs accusers lawyer

The polls?

Blasey Fords letter along with Mike Judge and Patrick Smyth are already sworn

There is really nothing to investigate

Grassley offers to send staff to Blasey Fords Home.

Wow. It looks like Kavanaugh really did it.

Grassley: Judge Kavanaugh ... sat for a transcribed interview on Monday.

Flynn sentencing December 18

Poll: Appropriate punishment for false rape claims