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Feinstein accuser comes out, spills details.

Female sex crimes prosecutor will be doing the questioning for the Republican Senators.

ok i watched some of the golf tournament with Tiger Woods yesterday...

From ford's lawyers to the committee:

So far theyre ignoring Avenatti.

What the hell is it with fast food, tomatoes and getting my order right: A rant.

Mia Farrow's son botches a story

Article from July - Kavanaughs Yale Club "organized around having sex with coeds"

Creepy porn lawyer gonna file criminal charges?

Call to arms in Washington

Parents of boys

Federal judge appears inclined to toss out a defamation lawsuit against President Trump

EU To Create Special Payment Channels With Iran Despite US Sanctions Mogherini

Dustin Trudeau gets snubbed

S-300 Delivery To Syria Adequate Response To Protect Russian Servicemen Putin to Netanyahu

S-400 Air Defense System Deployed At The Russian Khmeimim Air Base In Syrias Latakia

she's getting cold feet

Front page of Drudge

Ford loonies go after Cruz in restaurant.

Trump 10:50 pm tonight

Man dies after boss sticks compressed air hose up his butt

Does RBG

18 More Men Cleared Of Convictions Linked To Corrupt Chicago Cop

Palestinians Give Trump The Cold Shoulder Ahead Of Peace Plan Rollout

Why aren't liberals fun anymore?

Significant Escalation: Bolton Warns Russia Over S-300 Missile Sale To Syria

Tesla solar roof tiles update

Ford adviser allegedly said in July that a 'strategy' would 'emerge' to defeat Kavanaugh nomination

This Trump Cabinet Official Plans To Resign Soon To Run Against Him In 2020

10 Days After Hurricane Florence, Fresh Chaos in S. Carolina

Oil Near 4-Yr High as Producers Resist Output Rise to Offset Iran Sanctions

Student editor canned for saying women dont have penises

Jesus did not have long hair

misapplication of the alert system

Have we reached the point where the Voters notice Democrats are Crazy?

Very good tweet from Nate Silver. and IMHO Mike Schmidt needs to be fired

Ford lawyer cries foul on her being questioned by sex crimes prosecutor?

Do some screen grabbing on DU, msnbc etc. They'll be washing this stuff away if

Is it time to legislate away the natural sexual proclivities of boys?

Even the Cleveland Browns...

Boys lag in grd school reading for 27 yrs. Time for remedial legislation? Or is it biological?

A question the MSM should 'dog' Hillary with.

Is Christine ford and her Lawyer getting cold feet?

It was courageous for Ford to come out, risking ruining her life?

Cat fight: Tomi Lahren V. Michelle Obama

Keith Ellison can't rule out future Allegations

Now that Kavanaugh admitted he was a Virgin in High School/College...

Gentlemen! This is the Judiciary Committee!

Yes, lefty does want to groom young boys to be gay

Grounds for Impeachment: Ginsburg goes full eugenicist

Pigs All the Way Down - Kavanaugh and our rotten ruling class.

Name those who have factually corroborated the stories of Kavanaugh's accusers.

Major Traders Are Talking About $100 Oil Again

Trump caves to second Kavanaugh accuser.

kavanaugh tv appearance on Fox, the Republican Propaganda station

Mark Dice: This is Not a Joke

There's a joke coming down the pike, I'm getting ahead of this one, "you heard it here first", etc

Did Clair McCaskiill lie to Missourians? Nooooooooo

Man charged in cold-case murder of jogger after confessing in church

Portuguese 400 year old shipwreck found off Cascais

Good news for a change, 128 arrested in anti-Kavanaugh protests

Pope Francis admits sexual abuse scandals' dire impact as report details abuse in Germany

I have a question about cell phones..

Yemen's Houthi rebels taking and torturing hostages - HRW

Ever have a dream where the details were so involved and intricate

Excessive drinking killed over 3 million people in 2016

In a way, boys in Kavanaugh's day dsidn't have it nearly as easy as boys today, where

Fords letter looks like a fraud, Document expert

What right does trump have interfeing with the judiciary committee- it has nothing to do with him

Illegal immigrant charged with murder after knife, hammer attack on fishing vessel off Massachusetts

Will the GOP survive the one day walkouts of these Hollywood Stars?

when will trump withdraw from the united nations?

I've killed a HIPPIE

Bitchboy Avenatti locks his twitter.

Thank You Mr President, Consumer Confidence

China is saying the trump administration is holding a knife to their throat,

A new one from screwball Avenatti, and it's a doozy

Micheal Avenatti locks his Twitter Account after backing away from story of third accuser

DU panicking. Wondering why Avenatti has gone into hiding.

Halloween is coming and you know what that means. You're a racist

For the first time ever i actually think Bill O'Reilly said something worthwhile.

Has anyone else noticed that all of Will's posts are the same lately?

Wow, what a speech by President Trump before the UN!

Will, either knock off your post/hide or I'm going to put you on ignore.

Trade War Reality Sets In as U.S and China Stick to Their Guns

Europe Finally Has an Excuse to Challenge the Dollar

I WASNT EXPECTING THAT! Donald Trumps Boasts About Booming US Economy Spark Laughter from UN

Behind the scenes

Syria's White Helmet Rescuers, Relatives Granted Asylum in UK

Ford will ONLY attend hearing if questioned by baby panda and there are NO brown M&Ms in dressing ro

Person that could replace Rosenstein could be Mueller's worst nightmare,

Lefty sez they are against fascism.

Kavanaugh "bears the burden of disproving these allegations."

Liberal Threats Against Donald Trump Border on Insanity & Outright Treason

In celebration of the booming economy, thanks President Trump

Artic Cauldron

Hey lefty, why won't you reply to this?

Okeefe strikes again

Looks like the Kavanaugh vote will be tuesday,


Manufacturing Is booming, Thank You President Trump

Judge rules comedian Bill Cosby is a 'sexually violent predator'

Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in State Prison for Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years

Swedish PM Stefan Lofven loses confidence vote in parliament

The talking points must be out: Blumenthal joins the "burden to disprove" train

"Im not saying that Michael Avanetti got totally owned by a 4chan prank."

Dustin Trudeau picking on Heinz ketchup

The Murder Capital of the U.S. is, Drum Roll Please

Kavanaugh is taking scalps before even being confirmed

Will, I almost want to start alerting your posts now for the nuisance they're becoming

McConnell believs he has the votes to Confim kavanaugh

I literally LOL'ed

Major Verizon Outage Plagues Wireless Customers Across the South, Midwest

Avenatti says he wasnt pranked.

Feinstein: "I have no way of knowing" if Dr. Ford is actually going to show up..."

If they are going to hold the vote Tuesday...

Rouhani Slams Trump as An "Authoritarian" with "Nazi Disposition"

Your turn, IRS:

A Faded Bromance? Macron Hits Out At Trump on Iran and Trade

If worse comes to worse...

Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Sep 25, 2018

Blockheaded bitch DiFi just told the press "you're all wonderful", with a smile on her hag face

I need to put this up in lieu of a home security sign

Avetwatti still in hiding. He must come out sometime.

DOW 26492

Tuesday Polling : Will Christine Ford Show Up to Senate Hearing on Thursday ?

Stormy Daniels defamation Lawsuit seems to be in Jeopardy

Obama donor, supporter Bill Cosby led out of courtroom in handcuffs.

DU: "I really have no idea why GOPrs can't conceive of the fact that rape is a bad thing..."

Forklift revolution gives fuel cell technology a welcome boost

The only way to clear up the Avenatti 4chan situation is for the FBI to investigate! Why wont he?

This woman decided not to wait 36 years to react.

Mike Bloomberg- I hope he runs in 2020 if only to be in the debates & focus the debate on issues

You know those Krassenstein cunts who end up at the top of Trump's tweet replies? Paid posters.

2nd Kavanaugh accuser Ramirez won't speak to committee.

I told you the talking points went out. Schumer: "There is no presumption of innocence".

Grassley drops the BOOM on feinstein.

How should Judge Kavanaugh greet his accuser ?

Why isn't the media tracking Fords every move to D.C.? She's important to the country

Kavanaugh vote scheduled:

Virgin? Kavanaugh's Yale hallmate says nah

Uh oh. Mark Levin's on it now. Says Avenatti got "plunked".

Di Fi cry about Fri

Okay. So, where does the patriarchy, which we hear about constantly, come from?

VOTE CANCELLED! ahahhahahahhaaa

You would think Dems would also not believe women without proof

China won't let U.S. warship dock in Hong Kong amid trade tensions

Irishman donates world's largest model aircraft collection

This should've happened MUCH sooner

Europe Unveils "Special Purpose Vehicle" To Bypass SWIFT, Jeopardizing Dollar's Reserve Status