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Something tells me ford went

DiFi pretty much accused Ford of perjury.

Christine Ford FAKED a disability to con the Judiciary Committee to delay the investigation

They have the votes.

Do we need a 1000 member SCOTUS?

The two sides of the Republican Party have finally come together.

I guess we'll see if Republicans let Kavanaugh walk.

Louder with Crowder Live [This outta be a good show]

Thomas will take Kavanaugh out to lunch on Monday...

I DO NOT Believe Her.

DiFi believes staff didnt leak, had Chinese spy on her staff for YEARS

Follow the money. Ford has $652,000 in GoFundMe.

No matter how this turns out, the GOP lost today [WITH DRUNKEN CANADIAN TOAST!]

Cher Malibu Home Swarmed by Cops ... Assistant's Son Arrested

Kavanaughs Testimony Was His Joseph N. Welch Moment

"Boy, yall want power. God, I hope you never get it.

Not going to do the political "something happened to her" thing,she is a fucking liar in my book

Corker will vote

How will Ford move on?

Alyssa Milano busted recording during hearing.

Eating chik fil a and laughing at liberals.

Committee vote on for Friday Morning

Flake says yes. According to this.

Did anyone see Katz hug Blasey Ford there at the end of her testimony?

Ford's long-term memory is bad. Her short-term memory is bad. The only memories she

Time for Spartacus to resign, as he's ADMITTED fondling a drunken young girl?

Eliot Pisswater is about to have a heart attack

Senator Moran on Kavanaugh:

Former Eric Holder staffer threatens Kavanaugh

What he said.

I missed seeing this part. Dem lawyer seemed anxious not to have Prof. Ford say who had her...

This is just a minor battle in this war

Instead of hunkering down in front of the tube, I spent part of the day on something important!

Sources, Flake, Machin to vote, "Yes."

Avenatti upset hes being ignored. Making demands! DEMANDS!!

Democratic Socialist publisher of Jacobin accused of behaving like a robber baron

Manchin to vote "Yes" on Kavanaugh absent solid evidence.

I really want to know what Congressthing Lee

He's lost the Jesuits

Toxic masculinity must be cool again.

I didnt think the GOP had it in them

How many more accusers surface between now and the Senate floor vote?

Hypocrisy- a SCOTUS nominee in HS is allegedly a groper, Lynch him. Dem Senator drowns a girl

Remember the other thing you were expecting today?

The CON blamed the Clintons!!

Ari Fleischer Disses Diane Feinstein

George W Bush whipping votes for Kavanaugh

Looks like all the Lefty LIES will not stop the Kavanaugh train

Corker Will Vote Yes

Rachel Mitchell told Republicans she couldnt even get a search warrant...

Lefty wants to fight

She LIED About Flying.

Rank Stranger

NL west, eh?

Crumbling Dominance: US Aircraft Carriers In Worst Shape In Decades - Report

With New Missile Defense For Syria, Russia Shifts Its Relationship With Israel

11 hours of rough questioning

Homicide Charges Filed Against Nashville Police Officer Who Shot, Killed 25-Year-Old Daniel Hambrick

DiFi's 11th hour sleaze has failed. It's a good day for Amercia.

Well, lefties, you did manage to accomplish one thing with this whole circus--you united the right

Why didn't Mitchell ask for more details?

Police Make Neighbor Remove 'Offensive' Halloween Decoration Resembling Lynched Black Man Hanging...

Building permit in 2008, no permit for extensive remodel in 2012

Mark Judge survived cancer and addiction and Dems still want to harm him.

Maybe my new favorate Senator

Daily accomplishments.

Investigation Reveals Male State Senator Used Womens Bathroom Repeatedly

US Says Will Not Force Iran Forces Out of Syria, Hopes Govt. Will Not Need Them

Julie Swetnicks Allegations Likely to Finish Off Brett Kavanaugh

Arizona Judge Blocks State from Enforcing Israel Boycott Law

Because of Lefty's abuse and mistreatment, how is AJ Kavanaugh likely to vote?

So, when does the left wing political violence start?

Rachel Mitchell : No case, no charges.

Im stunned. A halfway fair piece from CNN

False Allegation against Kavanaugh passed to Judiciary Committee by Senator

What's in a name?

Sen Whitehouse, cross examiner on flatulence, Pull My Finger!

Creepy Porn Senator Feinstein dumps on Ford AGAIN by blaming her for the leak!

because no one asked for it - kavanaugh, the musical

The worst thing Ford had going for her was

Townhall reports the GOP has the votes

Christine Blasey Ford believes an untruth (Some good Legal Anaysis)

Um, about that second front door:

Lindsay Graham shames bigoted, lying, subversive Democrats on judiciary committee.

(Senator) Merkley seeks injunction to stop Kavanaugh vote

American Bar Association Requests Delay

TheMastersNemesis just bit the dust at DU

Feminist hot take

Lefty, should R's abandon their practice of giving the elected Presidents their SCOTUS

Would love Lefty to explain, how can Ford be "credible", when even her friend said she lied.

Walmart to invest $25 million in farmers in India

Manly manliness, dagnabbit

For people who think false accusations never happen.

Isn't it amazing that so many liberal women are ugly?

China and Russia clash with US over North Korea sanctions

Flake will vote

MORE delay tactics.

Chinese flight bookings to US down 42 per cent for National Day holidays

10 Lefties just got a bag full!

Christine Blasley Ford is filing charges in Maryland!

Now feinstein is complaining about not interviewing people.

Front page of DUmp is HI-larious!!!

Somebody really needs to ask Kamala Harris ...

democrats walked out?

A little 2016 fun...

Did the Democrat antics of the last two days DESTROY the Blue Wave?

PBS Live Stream: Senate Judiciary votes on Kavanaugh nomination

"We've lost the Supreme Court. What now?"

So far, it's obvious they were up all night coordinating their grandstand speeches.

Some of the Rats are talking about impeaching Kavanaugh

President Awesome warned me, and I did not believe him.

So, Durbin wants to talk about civility now... these people are raw dishonesty in person

"He's not entitled to Due Process because this isn't a trial."

Christine Ford just signed to star in a Movie

Republicans have the votes. No more delays. Committee today, procedural tomorrow

What are the odds that Dems go on to have that FBI investigation once they lose the SJC vote?

We are witnessing the complete destruction

7.5 mag earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Huge tsunami destroys much

Somebody did tell Ford that lying under oath is a crime, right?

do you think Whitehouse has ANY clue how fucking ridiculous he sounds right now?

House Passes $850 Billion Spending Bill, Avoiding Border Wall Funding Fight Until After Midterms

Murphy Brown returns to DISMAL ratings

Who will be the first to die unexpectedly that is connected to this manufactured left wing debacle?

20-year-old Fargo high school student charged with sexual assault

AAAND she finally says it. Merrik Garland!

Speaking of credible accusations of physical abuse, ladies and gentlemen, your Dem Party!

donnelly to vote

It is what it is, lefty

Thought the idea of militias were to protect the Republic and the constitution.

Mineral Man once again demonstrates that he was born with no nutsack.

Now for the galacticly stupid to have his turn. This should be hilarious.

The Senator Coons Challenge: How many lies can I tell in 5 minutes... GO!

Rumor Flake has changed his mind.


After 2 years of lefty and his destruction of the system, we all need a good laugh

Manchin will vote YES, His phoney baloney job depends on it.

Proper live stream WITHOUT drunk PBS cameraman

Only a fascist would believe proving a negative is the litmus test for deciding innocence or guilt

Just a reminder for Lefty...

All your SCOTUS are belong to us.

Squishy Senators Collins, Murkowski, Make Their Decision [YES]

These Democrats would be FELONS in California...

Place your bets. What fake accusations will the dems bring against Judge Amy Cole Barrett?

Cutting-Edge F-35 Stealth Fighter Crashes In South Carolina

Blasey Ford doesnt seem to realize investigation would focus on her and mental health

Flake changed his mind.

Where the rubber meets the road: commies exploiting Ford for money

Facebook security breech allowed hackers to control the accounts of up to 50 million users

Conservatism seems to have lost all meaning

Parkland Media whore: America deserves better than 'privileged white boy

So from all this. It has been confirmed.

White House wants DELAY

Does this seem petty and spiteful?

NBC is reporting opening of an FBI investigation before vote

Good to go but flakes want fbi

11-10, vote goes to the floor.

Dems win and will waste more time talking about FBI.

Why does Grassly keep falling for the dims tricks?

What size character is the minimum needed to sit on the Supreme Court?

Its out of judiciary. McConnell in charge now.

Doxxing out of Maxine Waters office?

Soiboi Flake I would feel better

US Ambassador Calls for Maduro Ouster with Megaphone Diplomacy

Investigate the event

Help me out here.

I find it hard to believe that a serious student of psychology

MORE republicans cave.

Calling in FBI? They've got another job for Peter Strzok?

dear senator feinstein

Trump Metals Tariffs Will Cost Ford $1 Billion in Profits, CEO Says

Just as Limbaugh was saying earlier, NO ONE is obligated to talk to the FBI

The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

Rush Limbaugh Friday Sept 28, 2018

Hold the Vote and Hold the RINO's Responsible

An absolutely beautiful picture.

ThinkProgress writer, Ian Milhiser, "Please shoot me."


Mark Judge is ready to talk to FBI investigation

Give them a week

The definition of a victim of sexual assault has now changed

Poll: Will republicans cave to an FBI investigation?

Cornyn: vote to consider Kavanaugh nom on Saturday.

Polls are coming in...Dems in red states wont like them.

A 2013 article that shows how dishonest they are

So now the plan is to get Mark Judge up there.

Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds: Adam Reach Wonder Goal

I can never be in politics

GOP leaders delay Kavanaugh confirmation for one-week FBI investigation


Should Ford file an assault complaint first before an investigation is launched?

Dems already saying doesnt matter what FBI finds. Hahahahaha.

Seriously, how many Dems will vote for Kavanaugh if the FBI clears him?

In 1982 statute of limitations was one year.

Sean Hannity losing it on the radio!

Latest from ilovestx -- the coward deleted it of course.

WOW! Trump not sure Kavanaugh will go forward.

So, when do we get to learn which Congress critters used

Next the Democrats will insist that Christopher Steele be hired to produce a dossier on ...

Limited in scope. No longer than one week.

Face it Righty, you don't have the votes.

Lefty says war is coming

The Left wins again.

DOW Friday 9/28/2018 26458

The witnesses already testified. If they change story its perjury.

Will Ford's testimony get some actual scrutiny from the FBI?

3rd accuser was sued for sexual harassment.

Is it time to chase this hag from restaurants?

US turns Syria into worlds largest terror swamp by backing PKK

When all those harmless questions from Rachell Mitchell start to make sense.


Like Graham does---I will make a prediction!

Did the president lie to us?

Dr Fords attorney responds to FBI investigation

Glenn Simpson blames Australia for Russia investigation.

Jimmy Page faces new trial over song theft

Ann Coulter mocks republicans

I'm perfectly OK with a (less than) 1 week "delay"

The one thing that stands out from this freak show is

Well, of course, what else could it be?

Flake may file charges against 2 women who cornered him in an elevator

1 In 4 Baltimore Hospital Admissions Are Babies Addicted To Opioids


All 51 Republican Senators have agreed to vote yes on the procedural vote tomorrow.

Two women who humiliated Flake and Republicans laugh on twitter.

What questions should the FBI ask Dr. Ford?

Breaking News: Senate To Be Replaced With Room Full Of Monkeys Throwing Feces


In case you missed the score yesterday

Between Ford and Feinstein, somebody is lying.

Mark Judge sends letter re Swetnick

Will Kavanaugh....