Archives: September 5, 2018

Pope Francis is racist as fuck.

Kavanaugh: The Best Liberals Can Hope For

Blue state corporations hit a trillion

Democrats are trying to relitigate" 2016 election in Kavanaugh hearing, Ted Cruz says

Let's all be perfectly clear about the Kavanaugh

*BREAKING* Ipsos poll

39 Million cases of ID theft in the last 4 years by illegals

Espionage Target - YOU! (1964)

Anyone else never hear that an OK sign is a white power sign before today?

Another Democratic incumbent upset by primary challenger.

I almost feel sorry for them

DU's resident Mensa candidate, sheshe, has confirmed the white power salute at today's hearing

The DU hate team jump on the woman today.

Trump Vs The World? Belligerent Unilateralism Turning US Into 'Rogue State'

US Demonstrates Subtle Desire To Rescue Terrorists In Syrias Idlib Russian FM Lavrov


The 2016 Election Map, if three year olds voted

Trump To Chair UN Security Council Meeting On Iran - Haley

Do you think most Democratic Underground women members r fat & ugly?

Farm Aid Package A 'Small Band-Aid On A Big Wound,' Farmers Say

Fun fact: Trump has a higher approval rating in Florida among Hispanics than whites

TWITTER WARNS: President Not Immune From Getting Kicked Off...

Lawyer For Good Samaritan Homeless Man Says All Money From Viral Fundraiser Is Gone

Ayanna Pressley Defeats 10-Term Incumbent Mike Capuano In Democratic Primary In Massachusetts

Congratulations Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for her help in Ayanna Pressley's major victory

White Supremists Everywhere!

Two Priests Caught Performing Sex Act In Car

Carl Baugh: World Before the Flood (1/3)

New 'Tell All' Book About Trump Raises Furor in Washington - American Politics - Jerusalem Post

Ex-Deputy IDF Chief: It's Wishful Thinking that Iran Regime Will Fall

If the Democrats continue to act like flaming Assholes today

I wonder how many catholics that are boycotting nike

Credit where it's due. Some Dem Senators are way more effective than others.

This is how crazy they are

Massachusetts: Dems get what they asked for, Identity politics kicks out a long time progressive Dem

Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple slapped with class-action lawsuit over conservative censorship

Twitter Troll spotting

I can understand the left not taking Trump or members of his inner circle for their word

Slovenia politician's masked militia sparks alarm

Pickup truck crashes into Dallas (Fox Network)TV studio in apparent attack

This one has me perplexed

Why you can smell rain

Bob Woodward has with permission everything on tape.

Kavanaugh Day 2 Summary Ugly Lefty protesters thrown out, White Supremacist girl looking good n

I love how Trump has everyone saying 'tapes'

State Department won't confirm if Hillary still has security clearance.

The Irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife...

DIFI asking about guns now! Edited with video.

So Kavanaugh just said paraphrasing- Jeff Sessions is 100% correct and trump 100% wrong

'Why did she feel empowered' - Follow-up

US trade deficit widened to $50.1 billion in July

DIFI talks of women dying to illegal abortions

BUSTED in REALTIME: Handmaids Tale Protesters are Antifa in Disguise!

We keep hearing that the Republicans are going to do this and do that, but they really have done

I'd love to ask the Senators hung up on precedent if Citizen United is

Border patrol officer talks about the danger children are placed under by their parents, and those

Progressives are primarying (is that a word?) the establishment Dems

The World's End

If people owning lots of something doesnt mean common use...

California to Require Women Serve on Corporate Boards Progress Mandatory

So no, I did NOT try to make a $450 and a $900 and another $450 charge at a ladieswear store in...

Sights at the Stop Kavanaugh protest in the Hart Senate office building

Mueller's Written responses....

HRC's "popular vote" victory... Less than meaningless.

Kavanaugh says you better HARDEN schools.

Has anyone visited the comments section of TheHill.com?

She's hiding her OK/White Power sign under her chin today...

With no where to turn and stripped of all power lunatic libs turn on Schumer.

Alex Jones Confronts Marco Rubio and it is insane!

Why the Universe screams the existence of the Biblical God!

No, the "OK" Gesture Is Not a Hate Symbol

New mueller subpoena

Carbon 14 in Dino Bones!

Day 1 UPDATE on the violent and deranged.

Two week Cohen gofundme update.

Bad News for Virginia Republican congressman

It's all true.

Pic of the Moment

WOW! Feinstein said semi autos are not commonly used

Nike Doubles Down on Defiance of Kaepernick Criticism, Releases Full-Length Tv Ad

Detroit Bridge Inches Closer as Project Prepares to Sell Bonds

Millennials Are Sitting Out the Bull Stock Market

Hearing Interruptions.....

China's $29 Trillion Ball of Money Rolls to a Long-Ignored Haven

What drives America now?

Summer camp is over, schools back in session and my ignore list has been purged.

PEW: 42% of Facebook Users Have 'Taken a Break'...

Trust in The Military Exceeds Trust in Other Institutions in Western Europe and U.S.

Quote of the Day

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

I have an honest question for leftists.

Judge K. hearing is boring

Kavanaugh is slapping the shit out of Lefty...

Hey, Bob. The tapes don't exist until you produce them.

Does anyone find it odd that this hit piece came out right after Woodward released his book?

DOW 25974

Trump just completely lost it

Bravo to the NY Times & the Person and persons who are true patriots.

L'anse Creuse High School Controversy Over Demand for Bras at Band Practice

Alright, the Nike memes are in, friends


Trump just does NOT back down.

Groundbreaking 'spinning' wind turbine wins UK Dyson award

Sino-Russia military relations at an all-time high

Retired Navy SEAL Carl Higbee sums up Anoymous Sources

Islam's Dark History of Slavery

Dear Trojan.....

So Trump had been ranting and raving about the deep state...

'Fahrenheit 11/9': Michael Moore Plays His Trump Card: A New Movie, Modern Fascism ...

Japan evacuates major airport after typhoon wreaks havoc

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg We Use Alternative Facts to Combat Misinformation and Fake News

WAPO Book Critic Openly Skeptical of NYT "Anonymous Op-Ed"

Hurricane Florence, First Major Storm(CAT 4) Of Atlantic Season, Could Hit East Coast Next Week

This is why I voted for President Trump

Republicans going after Republicans

Colion Noir's New Mission: Tell The Stories of America's Forgotten Men and Women