Archives: September 9, 2018

Ugly liberal American tennis fans ruin the show

Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers.

Panic Grips Swedish Establishment Facing an Election Beating

Feinstein v Kavanaugh on Gun Control Debunking the Nonsense

Obama was such a zero compared to Trump

Why am I not shocked?

Florence Forecast To Become A Major Hurricane; Risk To The East Coast Is Rising

Nope, still hasn't gotten old.

Wife Of American Sniper Rips Colin Kaepernick & Nike In Heated Letter: Sacrificed What?

Charges Postponed Against Unnamed White Cop Who Fatally Shot Botham Shem Jean At His Dallas Home

Its shameful what US Open did to Naomi Osaka

Hyundai NEXO- Fully Charged. Robert Llewellyn discusses H2 cars, buses and storing renewable energy

Pentagon To Present Its Own Plan Of Effective War On Terror In Syria Without Russia

Russian Marines Land On Syrian Shores In Massive Mediterranean Drills

Lefty thinks Obama crawling out from under that rock will benefit Dems.

US Army To Send 1500 More Troops To Germany Despite Trumps Calls For Allies To Pay More'

Remember when Barack Hussein Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt?

Gov. Kasich Says " McCain Was Put to Death ' .

Leftys kids can't figure out how to masterbate. They need it taught in schools to 11 year olds

Serena Williams. Another entitled pig who thought it was owed to her.

A new Axis of Evil

SuperCommie and GlassJaw Man form group to waste more money trying to take something away

the middle class?

Patterico admits he screwed up in his attack on Zina Bash.

Netanyahu: We are a Rising Superpower

This is what happens when you think voters are stupid

In the Navy!

Ooh, Obama needs some Burn Ointment!

What SJW casserole comes from mixing the words deaf, disabled, illegal, and deportation together?

Obama starting to panic

Last refuges, lame comebacks, and all those fish

Amsterdam: A City by the Sea

Going for the record no one else will ever beat ...

What determines a male or female snake?

white man proposing to white woman causes lefty meltdown

Lefty oracle put in his rightful place.

President Obama and Rev. Sharpton are 100% correct

A 'Soft coup' or 'Saving our nation'?

There's one huge problem with Kaepernick 'Sacrifice' TV Ad on now.

NYT: Noko holds military parade w/o ICBMs

Watch this, then try to let it soak in for a minute

Why Trump's Record Trumps the Media's Spin--The Media Elite No Longer Control Public Opinion

Only 750 turn out to see the former President,

Creator of TempleOS, Terry Davis, has passed away

Yeah, I remember my Antifa Club in Grammar School....

My sister took her car for free upgrade UPDATE


A Nike question for lefty...


Plenty of LIVE Football (Soccer) TODAY.

Nikes new spokesman is hob hobnobbing with Linda Sarsour

I AM SPARTACUS! Poor, petulant lefty. It's really quite embarrassing...

Twitter suspends Benghazi hero,

Obama links Trump with Nazis for deporting Nazi Obama let stay? Classic Chutzpah.

Lefty: 'Impeachment's too slow. Assassination's too messy. A coup detat sounds just

Patrick Mouratoglou admits he WAS 'coaching' Serena Williams

FBI Evacuates The National Solar Observatory & a Post Office.. Refuses to Say Why. No Comment.

Whats Happening to Sports....

Tucker Asks Leftists: 'How Precisely Is Diversity Our Strength?' And He Has a Point.

A look at Obama's BS economic claim

Should Trump circle his properties with replicas of the wall he is forcing onto others' properties?

It seems the NYT's story, the letter, may have been written by a college kid.

Dallas officer who killed man also shot a man in 2017 .. Why hasn't she been charged?

Florence taking a predicted turn more to the north, landfall prediction NC rather than SC...

Serena Williams fined $17,000 for cheating.

fisa storm is brewing

The scenic beauty of Maxine Waters district 43

Name ONE of Trump's primary opponents who would have beaten Hillary! THEN,

Oopsie, Resistance charges that Russian spy used sex was bogus. Made good press at

Teen Vogue, "hard-hitting news" per HRC, goes the anarchism route.

the tennis equivalent of Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfields ear.

Trump is cutting more aid to Palestinians

Wow surprised to see Roseannes Nuts back on tv.


Its good to see so many die-hard womens tennis fans here on DI.

Happy Sunday. 9/9/18

Our Young Solar System

Quote of the Day

Sweden election results (99% reporting)

Fields of Gold

The Left's Nazi hysteria leads them to adopt vile heroes.

Just WON ebay auction

Russia Pounds Idlib, Accuses U.S. Of Using White Phosphorus Bombs

Top Ten Recipient Nations of Foreign Aid Under Trump

New solar sail material can travel 20% the speed of light

"Bombshell report" (I thought we could make a list of all the inflationary words the "news" uses)

Detroit food truck owner refuses to serve law enforcement officers

We see a lot of Serena in DI Lefty.

Ghastly Antifa beast meets cop. Then meets pavement.

I agree with the hand symbol Zina Bash signed in the Kavanaugh hearing

Yep, the hypocrisy is quite blatant to the unbiased...........

DU is a gift that keeps on giving...

This is why you need bulletproof vest penetrating firepower in your house.

Hogg goes wild in Canada and asks for illegal donations,

The NYT "insider story" may have been a student essay at USC

HuffPo admits gender isn't a choice

Ronald Reagan tells a Democrat joke

Merkel Confronts a Defining Moment as the Global Order Realigns

Jewish Group in Germany Condemns 'Strongly Rooted' Extremism

Buchanan: Regime Change - American Style

ANTIFA: Fight the power! Cop: Okay.