Archives: May 1, 2019

Michigan Student Says Trump Backers Recruited Him For False Rape Allegation Against Pete Buttigieg

This kid is better read and smarter than every adult, credentialed SJW


UNCC Campus shooting. 2 dead.

The most ironic post ever made on DU.

John Brennen is going to need 5 lawyers

Maduro Congratulates Military On 'Defeating' Coup Attempt As Guaido Calls For More Protests

Anti-Jewish hate consuming Europe and America

Fire Up The Plane! Pompeo Tells Maduro To Flee Venezuela via CNN

I'm going to gently disagree with TrumpCO

Florida Cites Poway Shooting To Pass Controversial Anti-Semitism Bill

REAL Concern

Head of Venezuela's secret police breaks with Maduro

Should Guaido be arrested?

Is there, "..growing hate against Jews."?

Hunter Biden has split from Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother, Beau.

The Real Iran Threat to the Strait of Hormuz (Causing Oil Prices to Skyrocket)

Exclusive - Blackwater founders latest sales pitch: mercenaries for Venezuela

Swalwell is an idiot elected for idiots by idiots.

Lefty fabricating more racism.

Scotland: Tour of the Aberdeen City Hydrogen Energy Storage Station. Aberdeen to become H2 Hub

John Brennan is about to be indicted for plot against Trump, says fmr CIA Officer

the yankees vs the cowboys

Happy May Day you bleepin' commies

Hey Bernie bots, it seems the old bern isn't as well liked as one may think!

Ouch!! Pics released of Trump grabbing a p*ssy

What is this ? Never thought id see something like this on DU!

Judge greenlights homeless shelter on billionaires row,

I'd say SpaceX screwed the pooch

Illegal who killed 4 Year old in a hit and run gets only 4 years

Make America Moral Again MAMA

Bill Barr's Testimony Today :

For Iraq War, NAFTA, 94 Crime Bill, Defense of Marriage Act, Bankruptcy Act, Patriot Act

Global Warming - A lie exposed

Ilhan Omar-This is not going to be the Country of White People

Which one of you lefty broads is this?

Barr challenged Mueller to identify inaccuracies. Mueller acknowledged that there are none.

For your amusement.

Trump goes on an anti-Biden tear in early morning Twitter spree

Lawmaker: Agreement reached to have Mueller testify on Russia probe

Happy Beltane everyone

My Review of Avengers: Endgame

Kathleen Biden sobs in court as she details the collapse of her marriage to Hunter but he's no-show

How many Democrats have read the less redacted version of the Mueller report? ZERO.

Senator Lindsey Graham: "There were TWO 2016 campaigns"

Barr said Spying and he meant Spying

Mazie "Ho" Hirono is basically a Twitter Troll.

CNN drops 26% in Prime time,

Democrats Fear Trumps Winning Economy Could Spell Disaster for Them in 2020

Why didnt Trump Campaign Receive a routine Defensive Briefing by FBI?

Lindsay Graham Shuts Down Mazie "Ho" Hirono

The Gillibrand giveaway plan, WOW

Russian : Further "Aggressive Steps" In Venezuela Would Be Fraught With The Gravest Consequences

US plotters dont get how loathed it is south of the border: Looks Like Another Failed Coup Attempt

So, I'm guessing lefty is eager for Mewler to testify because they think

DOW 26430

"Why should you?"

Cons, are you frustrated with the way FNC is changing and that it's actually becoming that which

How many porn stars did family values Donnie pay off?

LOL salaami is in full meltdown

Trump Preaches Family Values, Gun Rights at Alabama Campaign Rally

Lefties war hero DA NANG DICK put in his place by AG Barr ( VIDEO)

Quinnipiac University Poll: Democratic Candidate

Damn those Russians

It doesnt matter how many porn stars family values Donny paid off

ICE will bust illegals with dna testing.

Barr tells House to eat a dick. He aint going.

Uh Oh, looks likely there was some Collusion with Russia

Oh hell yes!!!

Hey Lefty!

Assassin, the kitten version. There is NO escapeing the Kittens!

Nick Sandmann sues NBC for 275 Million

Beehives in Texas attacked, set on fire.

Zach Effron says his Ted Bundy movie doesn't glamorize him; just exposes his white privilege? nm

US Military Stops Releasing Afghanistan War Information

Ever have a pet Grissly stomp on you ? I have.

US Hopes For Venezuela Change Fizzle For 3rd Time This Year