Archives: May 11, 2019

Migrant removal. Whole families. Court ordered. Time to go. Get out.

London to have world-first hydrogen-powered doubledecker buses

Pentagons Top Secret Ninja Bomb Revealed, Twitter Asks If Its Really Necessary

What these wannabe Dem presidents plan for u$

My advice for Lefty not named SleepyGropey Joe.

Which Democrat politician (whose name isn't Odumbo) could draw 10k people?

Trump Moves DC July 4 Fireworks Display, Plans To Deliver Remarks: Report

US Deploying More Patriot Missiles To Middle East, Amid Iranian Threats

The Walls Are Closing In

Amid Protests, Saudi Ship Leaves France Without Arms Cargo

Anti-Zionist Imam Delivers Opening Prayers In The US House of Representatives

The Father of the Colorado School Shooter Alec McKinney is a Serial Felon and Illegal Immigrant

The Radio gods have SMILED UPON ME!!!

1MDBs Jho Low, Rapper Pras Michel Indicted Over $21m+ Obama Donation

Trump's my idea of what America should be all about. True or false?

Not Just Balloons. Helium Shortage May Deflate MRIs, Airbags And Research

Trump Dubs Buttigieg Alfred E. Neuman

A lot of defeating Trump really may boil down to name calling, unfortunately.

Father of Colorado school shooter says he/she was a good boy/girl.

Yemen Resolution Sponsor Pushes to Sue Over Trump Veto

Trump Reportedly Blames John Bolton For Embroiling Him In A Potential Venezuelan Quagmire

Who's Been Sitting in Pelosi's Chair? Democrat Ocasio-Cortez

If "Palestinians" dropped their weapons tomorrow, there would be peace.

The ringing bell it tells me when to get up in the morning now...

I don't believe

FBI's Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA

Foreign election interference?

The left can dish it out but can't take it...

Trump dubs Buttigieg "Alfred E. Neuman"

First FBI IG Media Leak, Last 3 FISA Warrants on Trump were Illegal, first looking bad also

Graham Sends Letters to Horowitz and Pompeo FBI Backtracks on Self-Serving Redactions

R.I.P. to Pua Magasiva, the Red Ranger from #PowerRangers Ninja Storm.

Logan man assaulted, dies after being accused of sexual assault on a CVTD bus

Alyssa Milano want you to know shes no longer having sex.

Judgment Day Looms For John Brennan

And lefty says a gun will do you no good....

"Whistling Death"

Does David Duke prove Republicans are the real Racists?

While Lefty seeths,..,,.

Must be a Generational thing....

Giuliani cancels investigative trip to Ukraine

Giuliani would love the house to investigate his contacts with Ukraine.

Ex-top FBI lawyer James Baker admits he is 'nervous' about DOJ inspector general

Lawfare blogger suddenly realizes that weaponizing the FBI against your political foes...

Will anyone be surprised...

Venezuelan Navy Wards Off Us Coast Guard Ship close to Territorial Waters

Backed by Corbyn, Hundreds March for Free Palestine in London

Polish Far-Right Protests US Law on Jewish Holocaust Restitution

U.S.-Iran War Wouldn't Be a Cakewalk - It Would Be Hell

Texas Boys Ranch Moves Forward as More Men Discuss Abuse

More Socialist/Marxist Success Stories Cuba begins rationing food

Illinois residents could be charged $1,000 a year to own an electric vehicle under new legislation

The most lefty American generation ever

Maybe the cops should learn judo! Hahhahahaha

My City was Gone

Who will be the first dem to drop out of the race? N/T