Archives: May 17, 2019

These are the days when you wish your bed was already made

Thanks for connecting on LinkedIn, Todd

You will not see this on lefty's news tonight.

Trump Cancels $929 Million Grant for California Bullet Train

To Tubby and the Fellers: Remember When?

A compromise has been reached on a section of Arizona border wall.

Missouri and Alabama take their chips to the Trump Taj Mahal chip counter.

Nora Dannehy hired March 2019

The second worst Kenyan the USA has ever seen

I love this "do-over" stuff from Team Trump, an enthymeme targeted at fourth graders.

If the USSC outlaws abortion it will just become a states issue.

Judge Sullivan is duping left into demanding redactions of crap Mueller pulled on Flynn

Facebook Busts Israeli Influence Campaign That Targeted Elections On 3 Continents

Black Woman Pushes Elderly White Man Off of Bus....Man Dies of Injuries.

Alabama Boycott Builds as States Retaliate Against Abortion Law

Fidels son Soyboi Justin to make list of approved media fo subsidies

Yet another Trump cabinet official is in trouble

Judge Sullivan asks for all recordings of Flynn...which would reveal FISA and date of FISA

Looks like Judge Sullivan is suspicious of FBIs assertions of Kislyak convo.


How will Trump's merit based immigration impact my granddaughter, an engineering student at a

eye witness in venezuela : a 14 year perspective

Dan Rather calls Trump the 'biggest purveyor of fake news'

Former Obama honchos are playing footsie with Iran's Mullahs to interfere with current Am. policy

Grumpy Cat passed away at 7 years old: World mourns

How many women in Ala are raped and become pregnant. How many women will refuse to take the

Ilhan Omar complains Trump is Droning Jihadis in Somalia To Death


Clearly a violation of the man's civil rights

Rachel Maddow asking why no one takes her seriously.

Quote of the Day

What makes one a person?

Trump's new immigration plan was specifically designed to at least unify Republicans.

War With Iran? Count Us Out, Europe Says

Gas-Tax Hike Is in Play as Trump Weighs Infrastructure Politics

So What if Lunchbucket Joe gets Nominated

Propaganda 101

Trump Admin Notifies 500,000+ Employers They Have Workers With Bogus Social Security Numbers

What Judge Sullivan said to & about General Flynn last December

Ilhan Omar Complains Trump Is Droning Terrorists in Somalia to Death

women love President Trump more than what fake news is alleging

Trump to target Clinton states

The Barr interview, for those who haven't seen it.

S.F. Mayor Breed Supports Police Raid of Journalist's Home While Supervisor Condemns It

Treason means long Jail Sentences

DOW 25764 for Friday 5/17/19

Super Model Poses Nude To Punish Old White Men For Alabama Abortion Law

Socialist Venezuelas Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades, Economists

This will drive the Trump Deranged NUTZ

Steven Mnuchin Refuses to Comply With Subpoena for Trumps Tax Returns

ICE to Move 225,000 Illegals Across Country; Thousands More to South Florida

Facebook Busts Israeli Companys Campaign to Disrupt International Elections

2016 Police Report: Cocaine Pipe Found in Car Rented by Hunter Biden

Democrats hold closed door

NRA members

Hey Micrometer, When the Government says you don't need a Gun, you need a Gun

China and Ukraine have Biden by the short hairs.

Just saw part of a video of a late term abortion and I want to hurl.