Archives: May 26, 2019

Fred sees the liberals here getting more agitated and fraught with emotion.

North Korea Warns U.S. Nuclear Talks Will Never Resume Without 'New Calculation'

Gillette releases ad with trans man shaving for the first time (more Lefty nonsense)

Tens Of Thousands Israelis Protest Proposed Netanyahu Immunity Bills

FBI tapes reveal Martin Luther Kings affairs with 40 women

Russia Floats Third In Class Of Nuclear Icebreakers Set To Guide Ships Through Arctic

Russian Army Helping Venezuela Amid US 'Threats': Moscow's Ambassador

AG nominee Barr pledges to look into handling of Epstein case

Dark Photos: The Only Photo of a US Navy Supercarrier Sinking

800+ mile broadcast band d.x. just now

Hate Makes A Comeback In The Pacific Northwest

She drove a Plymouth Satellite

LAPD officer ambushed by ghetto scumbag, ends up in point blank gunfight

Donald Trump defends dictator Kim Jong Un, bashes Joe Biden from Japan

The Rage Less Traveled An interview with a survivor of Palestinian terrorism.

You Can't Be A Beacon.

Nancy is batty.

tornado levels El Reno, Oklahoma; fatalities

Hilda getting all fired up for presidential run; raring to go

Federal judge who blocked Trump's border wall donated $20K to Obama

Left Outraged over Trumps Declassification Order (Scared Shitless!)

FBI Lawyer Squeals Like a Pig: Implicates Comey, McCabe, and Yates for Mishandling of FISA Warrant

''We Are Tenants on Our Own Devices''...very interesting (and concerning) read...

Armed Counter Protesters At KKK Rally in Dayton......your thoughts....

Not real smart for Drudge to have posted this on its headliner. Denigrating the dead makes no sense.

Remember when Michael Avenatti saved the border children?

Alabama finds itself in the company of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Palestinian territories


Books to Be Banned: Huck Finn, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Br'er Rabbit Collection: 70% Dems Support

RIP Bart Starr.

ACDC Vs Iron Man 2

Judge Suspended without pay for anti Trump Comments in Court, Social Media

Macron Humbled in France as Exit Polls Show Le Pen Win

Iraq Pledges Support to Iran Amid Tehran-Washington Tensions

Buttigieg Says Trump Slandering Troops by Mulling Pardons for Those Accused of War Crimes

Cops tried covering murder by fellow Islamacist cop

2024 President Ron DeSantis leads Florida contingent

Muslims fearfully tremble in the dawn of a new India

There is no doubt that Pence is right when he told West Point graduates to be ready for war. Look at

Brennan Security Clearance NOT Revoked...

Memorial Day Greetings

This desalination device delivers cheap, clean water with just solar power

So called journalist makes up a Trump quote, watches as MSM retweets him and laughs at the brouhaha.